The Cause of Emotions

So what’s the deal with emotions? Does source experience emotions like we humans do? – Is source actually sending emotional signals to us in physical bodies? 

These questions have recently formed in my head and as always, any question that is being asked immediately comes with an answer. The one that came from my source is this:

Source is love. Source does not feel love like a human being would. Source emanates this kind of love energy perpetually, for it cannot do otherwise. Source experiences any deviation from love only through incarnations in the lower dimensions as human beings and other projections. The process for this feedback loop is as follows:

Any deviation from unconditional love is a frequency upon which the everlasting stream of unconditional love that perpetually emanates from source shines regardless of circumstances. The love that flows out onto the experiencing human being is the contrasting frequency to the vibration the human is finding him/herself in at any given time. It is not only contrasting this frequency, but highlighting it by the flow of unconditional love. This thus highlighted frequency that is something other than that which source is, is interpreted by the human being through the emotional range. That frequency, that emotion which is perceived by the human being is a perception that source can focus on and experience as well, and thus experience itself as something other than unconditional love, while simultaneously never losing the focus of its essential frequency.

By being aligned with source energy, which is nothing other than being in vibrational vicinity of the essence of source energy (love), a human being not only allows more source energy to flow through the physical body and all systems, but also adopts potentially a point of perspective that is closer to that of source energy. Therefore, an aligned human being is able to experience source essence emotionally, as well as him/herself as well as other incarnations by the same source energy and their state of alignment.

Sages of old have cried tears for the world. That would be the case when full or near full alignment with source energy is reached and humanity at large is being perceived in its various stages of vibrational alignment or misalignment. These tears are not personal tears, they are the body’s natural response to the overwhelming misalignment energies, the response to the deviation to unconditional love that is being perceived. They are not personal in nature and the wise one is in full awareness that this is so.

Source does not cry any tears, source remains in its frequency even when experiencing the most dreadful (from the human point of view) misalignment.

By shining the unconditional love onto the misalignment that brings forth the emotional response within the human being, it feels as if “source is calling you”. Source does not even do that. Source just is and focuses on experiencing itself. However, when we feel very bad about something, it may help to know that source’s unconditional love that shines upon whatever frequency  we are in provokes the emotional interpretation of that frequency for us to know where we are at.

If you are unhappy in any way, know that it is merely the chasm between your frequency and that of source that you are experiencing and translating into emotional signals. If you are happy, that gap has closed and you are in the vicinity of source energy. If you are in bliss, know that you are in alignment. If you are in true bliss and simultaneously feeling other emotions that are less than blissful, know that you are touching upon source perspective of oneness, where all that is in your focus can be experienced simultaneously.



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