As a classically trained Homeopath in practice since 2003, I have treated many patients successfully for a wide array of ailments in my world wide practice. By now it is well known to many that homeopathic treatment can heal the body, behaviors, even emotional and mental disorders. My definition of health is equal to spiritual alignment. Spiritual alignment means that the vibrational frequency of a person is equal to that of their non-physical self.

Lately, a trend has shown itself and a niche has opened up. Clients whom I coach along their personal spiritual journey, had moments when seeming insurmountable obstacles or even genetic blockades melted away with a well chosen homeopathic remedy. It turns out, that this healing modality is exactly what can help overcome obstacles to spiritual development.

I work as a Classical Homeopath with the Sensation Method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran and will gladly communicate more in detail  via email. If you do not live in my town, we can consider consultations by video conference (Skype).

For further information, visit www.quantumperceptions.com or contact me via email:


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