“I feel blessed to continue to benefit from Alaniya’s insights, writings and work.  Visionaries are treasures in our world, and she is one.  Being highly attuned to source and the truth of our nature, she fulfills the role of guide and helpmate for souls who seek to discover a more enlightened way to live, grow, understand, deepen, and connect.  She has helped me enormously on my own journey.”   – Myrrh S.

“What Alaniya speaks of, with regard to personal evolution, alignment with source, truth, (and most of this is very well elaborated on in her book – of which I have a copy and is perhaps currently my most treasured possession….) has been an absolute revelation for me. Alaniya has shown, what is possible for me… and I embrace each new day with joy and wonder as I see myself evolving and expanding. Perhaps the simplest and most significant event throughout all this is that by using what Alaniya teaches or promotes – I have finally learned how to love myself – and from that everything else flows.” – Tim Y.


Aside from testimonials, how can I back up the claims I am making? I can’t really. There is no degree in coaching for enlightenment. I have gone through countless lifetimes and have been born a spiritual savant this time, without the veil that hides a large part of the non-physical planes of existence. Here some FAQ’s that I am willing to answer very honestly:

Can you tell the future?

– Not really, for the future is not set in stone and very dependent on anyone’s decisions in any moment.

Can you prophesy a trend?

– Sometimes, when it is important for the person I am in contact with.

Do you know everything that is going on?

– Of course not, I find that I have access to information on a “need-to-know” basis and perhaps a bit beyond. Answers flow forth to anyone who is in alignment the moment a question has been asked. All I do is translate the energy from the non-physical source into words.

Did you have a cushioned life, given that you were born without a veil?

– My life was materially secure and I always understood that the Universe will provide. Growing up with no veil and no guidance as to what I was experiencing was a great contrast for me and propelled me onto my own journey very early on. My gifts did not shield me from further unwanted contrast, on the contrary, I often had foreknowledge of things that were about to unfold and was unable to change them.

Can you prove any of your claims?

-Scientifically, I cannot prove a thing. Those who chose to allow me to walk with them for a while on their path can only attest from their point of view, the impact my presence and my gifts have made in their lives.

How can you say that you are a spiritual savant?

– A savant is someone who has extraordinary access to a specific field of interest – mine happens to be the perceptions of the non-physical worlds  and the energetic connections that be, i.e. the spiritual planes of existence. The knowledge has always been available to me, but I had to learn to navigate my perceptions and understand them properly before I could use them in a manner that is beneficial for others.

Do you sometimes fumble through life?

– Absolutely 🙂 Quite often actually, as the physical plane is more difficult for me to navigate than the non-physical ones.

Do you have any credentials at all?

– I have a 4 year college degree in Classical Homeopathy from the School of Homeopathy in the UK and have been trained by Misha Norland, one of the most renowned Classical Homeopaths in England.

– Bachelor’s degree in Business Business Administration.

– Associate’s degree in Sciences for Hotel Management from L’Ecole Hôtélière de Lausanne

Feel free to email me further questions, and I will add them to this list, as I feel it is important that I don’t just claim something, but back it up with honesty, integrity, and vulnerability.


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