So, you are living life on the leading edge already? – Good! If you really are, you know that your journey isn’t over yet.

There are moments in anyone’s journey, where going it alone from the leading edge into the unknown toward true enlightenment can present a plethora of beautiful challenges. With one foot in the non-physical, as the spiritual savant I have come to be this lifetime, I know that I am here to coach leaders and teachers to go beyond that which they have so beautifully achieved already.

I can serve you on your journey by traveling with you for a stretch of the way. This means that with your approval, I will join your path for a bit and help you maintain course. There isn’t just one way to travel. I am not offering a single method that works for all. My service is highly specialized, personalized, and privileged. Check in with your emotional guidance and see if it feels good to you to benefit from my presence, my guidance, and understanding, as well as my many gifts. Where applicable, I have the tool of homeopathy to gently dissolve various roadblocks on any of the levels, be they physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even genetically handed down from your ancestors. When it comes to spiritual teachings there cannot be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every path is individual and my coaching style reflects this truth with great flexibility. All coaching sessions are individual and personalized, picking up the thread of your personal spiritual development wherever it is at. 

Don’t wait to get in touch with me through the contact page, we’ll take it from there. I look forward to sharing with you. (I offer sliding scale. $40 – 150/session).


You can reach me through email:



3 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Thank you Alaniya. You are a beautiful soul and your words are as soft as a pillow. I wish you well along your journeys…namaste

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