A Joyride

By paying attention to your emotional state and seeking methods and ways to think of something that makes you feel happy and by doing so taking focus away from the energetic grids and constructs that pertain to your personal human belief system, you invite vibrational alignment with your source.

The experience of life on Earth then shifts from a sense of it happening to you while you are powerless and immersed within it, to understanding, that it is a mere reflection of who you are. In fact, it already is that – a reflection of who you are, of your thoughts and beliefs and emotions. The so-called negative emotions just signal that what you experience and see is the reflection of the beliefs you hold and the positive emotions signal that you are experiencing and seeing a reflection of your own source.

The choice what you wish to experience and see is always yours. To me it  takes the form of a joyride, a prospect filled with exhilarating joy to align and see and experience the source through my human eyes and body, reflected back at me through my earthly experiences.


(Original post: http://www.quantumperceptions.blogspot.com    Dec, 2012)




Human Relationships

Recent (world wide) events have allowed me to observe human behavior in the raw. I’ve seen the correlation between events and peoples’ reactions to them. I’ve also seen very clearly that all is in relationship with each other. Relationships – that is a very loaded word. It holds so much information, good and bad, depending on anyone person’s experiences with other people. Personally, relationships and especially the romantic variety have been somewhat of a mystery to me. After many years of experiences and observations,  I’ve seen a common denominator in all human relationships and now, I feel that I may be hitting upon an underlying truth that could turn out to be just be one of those gems, a universal truth, a truth that holds true, whether one believes in it or not.

As I understand it, it’s all about energy currents. All of life in fact is about energy currents and how they are in relationship with each other. The universal law of attraction says that that which is like is drawn unto itself. This is a universal law. It is true for the smallest particles as well as the largest celestial bodies in our universe and probably in multiverses as well, although that is beyond my scope of personal experience. In the subject of human relationships, this law brings people together that have something in common, people who vibrate in a close enough frequency for the automatic attraction to happen. Love filled people will find other love filled people for example. Whatever we focus on is what we draw into our experience. I have experienced this consciously for years, and to me at least, it is true. I have seen it around me as well, and I think it actually is true for anyone.

So we meet – say it’s the romantic kind of relationship that we observe here. One person is drawn to another. The gender and orientation are a match (in whichever diverse expression matters not and ought not to be judged). Both look at each other and at the very least like what they see. Perhaps it’s instant love. Perhaps it takes a bit longer to yield to the magic of the source perspective. Yes, source perspective is what happens when we “fall in love” with another being. We observe that person through the eyes of source and source always loves unconditionally. So we love, and usually in the beginning at least, get a positive response back. (Let’s for a moment assume, that the experience of falling in love is mutual, shall we?) – Both people decide to embark on the path of romantic love and the relationship becomes conscious (it was always there, just nobody was aware of it before they met or agreed to allow love to flow.) In the ideal scenario, this blissful period (the honeymoon phase) lasts up to 2-3 years, sometimes even longer and I’ll get to that, but often just a few months before things become more difficult. Issues tend to show up. Things that didn’t bother either of the couple suddenly begin to matter and are being observed and most importantly verbally complained about. Soon enough, there are problems, quarrels, fights even and only one thing is clear, the honeymoon phase is over and, how it is often termed, “the real work begins”.

I have of course simplified things a bit here, but the standard development of a romantic relationship unfolds like that or similar. It depends on the awareness levels of the couple how they deal with their issues and what can be solved and agreed upon etc. So what happened to the honeymoon phase? To those romantic moments of bliss and connectedness? Are they forever lost? Does one have to just “get real”, come down to Earth and work through the stuff? Most professionals in the counseling field would probably see it that way.  I do not. I see a pattern that is most common in such a relationship scenario. I see that there was a current that brought both together, meaning, both people ran a current that was similar. Most often it was a current of not really loving themselves but wanting and being able to love another.

In the beginning, they gazed upon each other and bucked that current, perhaps simply because they were glad to have found a suitable mate. They bucked the current of their partner’s inability to love him or herself and loved him or her despite that forbidding current. It’s what source does – they did indeed look upon the partner through the eyes of source and achieved something incredibly difficult to maintain for a while.

The reason they could not maintain this bucking of that perpetual current of lack of self-love is simple. Human beings are not meant to buck each others’ currents forever, like source does. It’s near impossible unless one is in such perpetual alignment with source that source is who is acting through the human body (or in other words a living saint). Humans are actually meant to mirror each other, to reflect and act out what the currents of those around them are.  Now imagine! This couple – they bucked each other’s current of lack of self-love successfully for months, or even years. They shored up that lack for each other and the lack was not (always) felt. They filled the other’s heart with source love, which is nice, but it is also a classic scenario of co-dependence that has developed through this. The result is that one partner cannot live without the other’s love, and vice versa, for then one would fall back on the lack of self-love and that would hurt. So there’s a number of “co-ing” behaviors that develop around this pattern, just to uphold this energy pattern of co-dependency. This can become very stressful and draining over time. That’s because it is not how things are meant to be here in this human adventure. We are meant to show each other what currents are being offered to the world. (Yes, even the ugly bits).  It is a far greater act of love to show an unadultered current to a partner than to buck a current that is offered. Only by showing the true nature of an offered current, is the other able to see and grow through it to a greater point of awareness and ultimately independent self-love. The work that has to happen in this relationship scenario is one of training oneself into loving every little aspect of oneself and to integrate self-love. However, both partners would have to do that in order to remain attracted to each other, or the vibrations would be very different and the law that brings people together will seek other matches that are more harmonious.

Let’s assume for a moment that there is a couple who as individuals have found self-love and are offering that current to the world. Then let’s also assume that their interests and desires are a match and hence they meet. Their relationship will begin with a huge glow of the amplified energy of both hearts that join in love that is already flowing individually. Love that is not born from a sense of need, but from a sense of fulfillment within each of the partners individually. This kind of love can amplify and dance together with incredible intensity. Following the natural movement of love energy, only expansion is possible with this joining of open self-love filled hearts, as they share personal and source love in their relationship. What’s better still, neither of them has to buck the other’s current even for a moment, they can both reflect the self-love back to their partner and be in harmony with their human purpose of being a mirror for each other. Such love will last for a lifetime and beyond. It is effortless and all problems and issues that may arise will be solved through that focus of self-love and open hearts. There will be loads of fun moments, shared humor and perhaps long periods of silence, during which in mutual understanding, there is nothing to say, but only love to feel.

Some people meet in the first circumstances and through the bucking of the non-self-love current are inspired to find self love. Those are the ones where it may be blissful, then wobble but lead to a more aware form of self-love within each partner, thereby untangling the co-dependent nature of their relationship and the experience of such an untanglement will always be a sense of incredible relief and appreciation for each other to have been an invaluable catalyst in the growth journey.

Be it as it may – all scenarios (and there are definitely variations I have not mentioned here) are valid. None are better than the other. All are an experience worthy of having gone through. Ultimately, it all depends what an individual desires for their relationship(s). That sets the tone for the unfolding of the experience. Whether relationships are romantic in nature, or simply human interactions, one thing is certain. When we are independently free and self-sustaining with our need for love, we will as human race evolve into a more peaceful society, in which the basis for mirroring that which we have evolved into is love and not war.

This brings me back to the current worldwide events of war, terror, fear, and more. These are but a reflection of the currents we offer to the world and each other. Sure, there is potential for love and sure, many reports speak of this love for their next “neighbor”. However, does it not suggest to love the neighbor like we love ourselves? – that part gets forgotten too often in my opinion. True change in the world happens within, for when change comes in form of a changed current that we offer to the world, the reflection thereof will naturally be different – for that is how it works.

In short, if I want to experience love, I must love myself. If I want to experience peace, I must be at peace with myself. Humanity has been at war for a very long time and it did not stop with the end of WWII by the way. We humans are at war within our hearts. The perpetual focus and need to share what bothers us is still too strong. The focus on what is good is unpracticed as of yet, but more and more, I see people tired of complaining and pointing to the obvious negative. Instead of asking, “what would be the worst that could happen?”, which comes so easily to our minds, we can train ourselves to ask instead: “what would be the best that could happen?” – and to me, the best would be a world filled with peaceful, self-loving individuals that strive to learn, and evolve in the arts, science, and technologies for the sheer joy of evolving, which would eliminate any and all competition but support each other’s dreams to the full extent by simply being natural reflectors for each other. I may not live to see this kind of humanity in this body, but one day, I trust it will become reality.



Whomever you Meet

At any new encounter, meet your family, your friends, your acquaintances without a preconceived idea. Meet them without prejudice. Meet them with an open mind and an open heart as you would meet someone you have never met before and you may be surprised to observe how different they can (and often want to) be if you offer no current as to who they were before.


Perhaps you have felt it too…. a big energetic surge has hit the planet, culminating at the time of the Cardinal Grand Cross in April. The wave that ensued has swept that which was hidden and needed attention within each person to the surface. For some, riding this wave has been exhilarating and others found themselves in midst of the “muck” that they were perhaps not even aware of. The “muck” being flawed beliefs and learned behavior patterns that serve no longer in the new energies on Earth. Some say, this energetic burst was an opening, others call it a cleansing. For some it was a boost of epic proportions that propelled them into new understanding of how the universal forces are part of this creation and for others, it was a time of grieving losses, letting go and regrouping. I am certain there are numerous other ways this energetic wave was felt as it swept through the energies of our planet and is still rippling out. All I can say from my point of perspective is this: a new energetic frequency is in play now and this is interpreted and felt differently by each individual, similar perhaps, but ultimately the experience of it is very unique.

This change can also instill fear. The fear of change comes from the flawed belief that creation and with it the experienced reality is a static sort of thing that must be held onto, or it will all fall apart (or some such). From my personal journey’s point of view I can wholeheartedly guarantee that even if it feels like change and falling apart, it’s always just a metamorphosis and a new beginning. It is never an ending. It is never a loss and it is never the destruction of our innermost essence. It cannot be.

When fear of change hits, know that there may be flawed beliefs at play that suggest the loss of structure or your demise. These sort of beliefs are so far removed from that which source (your essence) is, that it takes only one look and a giggle to set the record straight. Know that you have bought into the illusion of being “finite” and reassure yourself that you are indeed infinite, pure positive energy at play. Ride the wave as it presents itself to you, it’s a personal thing, even if there are voices who say otherwise. Your journey is yours to experience and it is a glorious one.


When we experience that someone close to us dies or otherwise leaves, we humans usually follow the belief of mass consciousness that suggests that we have experienced a heartbreaking loss. The emotional response to such a belief is infallibly grief. Grief is the signal from source that we have distanced ourselves from source frequency by quite a lot and are buying into the illusion of separation.

This whole planet seems to groan from this steady stream of grief that so many people experience world wide. When I observe this grief feedback that is ongoing on a daily basis all over the planet, for surely every day someone dies or experiences a relationship break-up, my physical body sometimes reacts with tears.

Surely, everyone has had (or will have) an experience that resulted in grief. Some people seem to never get out of that experience. In truth, and do check in emotionally as you read, there is never a separation between anyone be they dead or alive. In truth, the connection that we all share is ongoing. In truth, any thought in the direction of separation will bring negative emotional feedback. As if initial grief wasn’t enough, humans have a tendency to keep focusing on it and therefore keep experiencing it. There are grief support groups that focus on the grieving process and keep it alive and well; there are therapy forms that harp (well meaningly) on getting over someone by insisting you cut off any and all connection to that person (how is that ever going to work?) – All that is clearly just an attempt to make yourself feel better. However, feeling better never happens when you look at anything that source sees differently. Source does not see separation. Source only sees oneness and connection. Ultimately, we cannot “unknow” (the person) and we cannot “unlove”.

Here’s my take on how to deal with grief:

First, take the “hit” – feel the grief (as briefly as possible). Then identify that emotion as emotional feedback from source. Identify further that it signals you that you are thinking thoughts of loss and separation, which are in opposition to how source sees the events. Don’t ever try to “unknow” or “unlove” the departed, for that is futile and will always feel bad. Instead, find pleasing things of general nature to think about and distract yourself a bit. Be easy on yourself, you’re probably still prone to buying into the mass consciousness belief of loss and separation. Allow yourself to focus on different topics, rather than the one that screams “loss” at you. Tell yourself that the physical connection may be a thing of the past, but that the non-physical connection is alive and well and will never (NEVER!) cease to be. Take solace in the time spent together and avoid thoughts of regret (they’re a literal waste of your time). Remind yourself that all is as it is supposed to be. Remind yourself that the universe always operates in absolute perfection and that all parties involved are benefitting from the experience in some ways, even if you cannot identify what those ways are (just yet). Spend your time focusing on things that you can appreciate. Tip toe with your thoughts only sporadically into a place of remembering the times spent together in physical that were special, but always strictly pay attention to how you feel and at the first sign of “missing” the other, or renewed sorrow and grief, find those general thoughts again that pleased you earlier.

Very specifically, become conscious of your emotional cues that way and dance your way through the maze of your thoughts. (Therein lies the opportunity for expanding consciousness through this experience.) Meditation will bring relief, as it stills the mind and ceases the thought patterns that have a hold on you sometimes. Make it your intent to seek thoughts that feel good and bring relief. Allow yourself to stay connected with the “departed”, for you already are connected and know that any struggle against such a connection will result in negative emotion. Be easy and patient with yourself, kindness towards yourself goes a very long way.

On the global perspective, I find that it is time that humans slowly begin to see that there is no separation, there is never loss of another, (be they alive or dead) – EVER. In my vision, I see more and more humans beginning to react differently to “loss of another”, until eventually mass consciousness will be affected as well and with that, the wave of grief going around our mother Earth can become less and less and the cloud of this lower frequency wave can lift and be replaced by a steady stream of joy, connectedness, unity and understanding of oneness.

Personally, there are a few that I’ve seemingly “lost” through death or otherwise, but I want to let them all know that the connections are alive and well, that I feel them in my heart, each and every one of them. I am able to fully recognize them by feel according to their personal energetic signature and I cherish those contacts and their ongoing presence in my life. I am enriched by having known these people, having shared experiences with them, and I revel in the absolutely delicious appreciation that I could not be who I am today, had they not traveled with me for a bit of the way.


Source always adores. Source adores all of creation perpetually. Adoration of something or someone always connects us with that source point of perspective and initially always makes us feel good. I imagine that it is perhaps this idea that propels so many humans into a state of adoring something or someone, alive or dead. The issue isn’t with adoration per se, as it is pure in and of itself. The issue lies more in forgetting to adore oneself (seeing oneself through the eyes of source). Or forgetting to adore another and only adore oneself (as it would be in the opposite state of it.) These two extremes are not source perspectives, as source does not distinguish or measure out adoration. It gives it freely to all that is, including itself. Adoration is very much akin to unconditional love. I experience it as having a more active, a more outgoing energy current than unconditional love, which in my perception flows more passively, as it just is.

I perceive adoration as an avenue toward unconditional love. While meditating on adoration, I find that when I hold someone specific as the object of adoration, source shares that point of view and my emotional feedback is positive, as I am more and more vibrating in the frequency of adoration itself. I can easily say – pick something/someone – anything/anyone that you can adore and adore! Just for the sake of adoring. Then know however, that you are adorable as well. Do not separate yourself from being adorable, just because you are the adorer. Know that as much adoration that you are able to send forth comes back to seek you as the object of adoration, until the energy cycle completes onto itself and adoration just IS.

During such an exercise, always remember that true adoration is not the kind of worship that puts a worshipper in a lesser place than the worshipped. The balance of equality must be maintained for adoration to flow healthily and of course to avoid any kind of state of emotional dependency. Know at all times that whilst you may be projecting adoration out onto another, that this other is a cooperative component in your creation and represents a reflection of yourself and that ultimately, what you experience is the beauty of a joyful reunion of you with source essence, within yourself.

Adoration is as much a valid path toward alignment with source frequency as are appreciation, positive thoughts, and simply just anything that brings about joyful emotions. There are plenty of suitable, adorable objects/subjects that can serve as a “target” for adoration. Give yourself leave to pick the one that makes you the happiest!

Tuning into Love

Everything is made from the same original energetic essence, that is termed unconditional love. Everything that is you, in physical or non-physical form, is made from that same essence. Everything you are observing and experiencing is made of that essence. It surrounds you and flows through you at all times.

There are many ways to tap into the alignment with that essential energy and allow the feeling of that unconditional love running through you. There is a moment while tuning in and experiencing alignment, where the universal truth of these statements becomes who you are in your mind and body (you already are that in non-physical consciousness). While in that full alignment, you are being that essence in an unadultered way while in human form and you then cannot help seeing that everything is love, everything around you, everything you observe, everything within you. You are then, while in physical form, being as authentically that source essence of unconditional love that you can possibly be. Anything less than experiencing and also being this full bliss is just the illusion of a deviation from your true self.

The Cause of Emotions

So what’s the deal with emotions? Does source experience emotions like we humans do? – Is source actually sending emotional signals to us in physical bodies? 

These questions have recently formed in my head and as always, any question that is being asked immediately comes with an answer. The one that came from my source is this:

Source is love. Source does not feel love like a human being would. Source emanates this kind of love energy perpetually, for it cannot do otherwise. Source experiences any deviation from love only through incarnations in the lower dimensions as human beings and other projections. The process for this feedback loop is as follows:

Any deviation from unconditional love is a frequency upon which the everlasting stream of unconditional love that perpetually emanates from source shines regardless of circumstances. The love that flows out onto the experiencing human being is the contrasting frequency to the vibration the human is finding him/herself in at any given time. It is not only contrasting this frequency, but highlighting it by the flow of unconditional love. This thus highlighted frequency that is something other than that which source is, is interpreted by the human being through the emotional range. That frequency, that emotion which is perceived by the human being is a perception that source can focus on and experience as well, and thus experience itself as something other than unconditional love, while simultaneously never losing the focus of its essential frequency.

By being aligned with source energy, which is nothing other than being in vibrational vicinity of the essence of source energy (love), a human being not only allows more source energy to flow through the physical body and all systems, but also adopts potentially a point of perspective that is closer to that of source energy. Therefore, an aligned human being is able to experience source essence emotionally, as well as him/herself as well as other incarnations by the same source energy and their state of alignment.

Sages of old have cried tears for the world. That would be the case when full or near full alignment with source energy is reached and humanity at large is being perceived in its various stages of vibrational alignment or misalignment. These tears are not personal tears, they are the body’s natural response to the overwhelming misalignment energies, the response to the deviation to unconditional love that is being perceived. They are not personal in nature and the wise one is in full awareness that this is so.

Source does not cry any tears, source remains in its frequency even when experiencing the most dreadful (from the human point of view) misalignment.

By shining the unconditional love onto the misalignment that brings forth the emotional response within the human being, it feels as if “source is calling you”. Source does not even do that. Source just is and focuses on experiencing itself. However, when we feel very bad about something, it may help to know that source’s unconditional love that shines upon whatever frequency  we are in provokes the emotional interpretation of that frequency for us to know where we are at.

If you are unhappy in any way, know that it is merely the chasm between your frequency and that of source that you are experiencing and translating into emotional signals. If you are happy, that gap has closed and you are in the vicinity of source energy. If you are in bliss, know that you are in alignment. If you are in true bliss and simultaneously feeling other emotions that are less than blissful, know that you are touching upon source perspective of oneness, where all that is in your focus can be experienced simultaneously.


Love is the Answer

So many times have I heard the cries for “Love” – there are countless songs, poems, books written on the topic of love, written by all sorts of people, including myself. We must love each other, we must send love here or there, especially to all those who seemingly are in the darkness, to them, we must open our hearts and love them into the light.

Yes, love is great. Of course it is. Love makes us feel amazing when we are held as the object of loving attention. Yet, what is love really? I cannot speak for anyone else. I can only share my own experience of love. Love is… – yes, Love IS. Love IS the state of being when I am in full alignment with my own essence, when that which is termed “physical” lines up in the same frequency as that which is termed “non-physical”. That’s when the two frequencies merge and vibrate as one. That is when love is experienced, for my essence (and everyone else’s for that matter) IS love and it is up to me how much I allow my own point of perception to align with that of my essence that holds this love steadily, forevermore. It IS love, and it will always remain love as it is unchangeable in essence. Any experience outside of love is an experience of contrast that sends the signals of yearning to be back in the state of love. Source will never come and meet the frequency of contrast. It will hold the frequency of love steadily until my human excursions are done and I return to the vibration that I call “home”.

It’s therefore never up to anyone else to give me love, nor is it up to me to give them love. It’s always a matter of full vibrational alignment with my source essence that brings waves upon waves of love to flow through my physical body, my emotions and my mental faculties. Only from such a point of alignment can I BE love and emanate love to everyone around me, regardless of their choices, for that kind of “being love” is nothing other than to love unconditionally.

Love IS the answer, for Love IS alignment with source, and alignment with source (your inner being, your non-physical self, or whatever else you wish to call that energy) is the basis of who I am, who everyone is and it is Love.