Nothing is Ever Lost

Time is ripe for sharing my experience of reality threads, also called “parallel realities”, although I do not perceive them to be parallel at all. There are an infinite number of realities altogether and each source point (the term “source point” means to describe a specific frequency point within the totality of source energy) creates new reality threads with every single decision, thought, desire. What we attract and experience as human beings in what we call “reality” depends entirely on what we focus on. Most people focus on that which they are observing around them and therefore the reality they experience looks very smooth and linear, giving the illusion of a continuum out of which there is no “escape”.

For a number of years now, I have had experiences that are somewhat different and at first, they were very difficult to identify and navigate through. These experiences consisted of what for me looked like almost abrupt changes in conversation topics, behaviors of those around me and myself, all within the framework of what I was used to, i.e. my home, my family, the same people, the same location and so on. At first, these shifts in reality threads were random, they appeared to happen “to me” and I had no idea on how to navigate within them or how to shift back to the one I had been in at the start of the conversation, nor how to find my way into a new thread. What I did notice was that true to my human nature, the first instinctive reaction was to push it all aside, not take responsibility for it, and deny the existence of these many threads and with that negate my shifting from one to the other. Then came the phase where I did take responsibility for them, but used them a bit as an excuse for my own behaviors, still feeling a bit at their mercy. After a few years of such roller coaster experiences, things calmed down for me and today, I understand that wherever I place my focus and intentions, that’s the thread I attract into my immediate physical experience.

Reality threads don’t happen to us. As beings with creator status, we are the creators of them. Each decision, major or minor looks to me like a fork in the ongoing reality thread. That does not imply that the other thread isn’t experienced. We are multidimensional beings of pure positive energy and have far more power than we can fathom. Just like anyone else, I have made many decisions and have been at the receiving end of decisions made by others that involved me as well. To this day I continue to still get impressions and understanding from the “other” reality thread that seemingly stops to exist once the decision has been made to move into a different direction.

Once, someone told me that I had evidently trouble with “closure” and I wholeheartedly agree. I do have trouble with closure, as I have trouble buying into the finality of anything. I understand too well that all of this creation is ongoing and nothing ever really demands closure, even if sometimes, I still have moments when I wish for my perceptions to be a bit less “leaky”.

Perceiving more than one reality thread at any given time can be very confusing, but I dare say, it happens every day to all of us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In physical, there are experiences that can be very scary, such as near misses in traffic. Quite often, I observe cars coming seemingly out of nowhere, materializing before my eyes in an instant, when they weren’t there before or the other way around in perfect “now you see me, now you don’t”- style. At first I thought to pay better attention to the road and the cars, but soon enough, after paying really good attention to traffic, I kept experiencing more and more of such near misses. All I can do today is fully trust the forces that be to keep me safe throughout my travels, and they do.

Other experiences consist of shifting reality mid-sentence in a conversation, which results in communication that suddenly takes on a very weird twist and doesn’t make sense anymore. Again, at first, I doubted my concentration, language ability even, but I can’t possibly claim any longer that German is my mother tongue and that my English isn’t as good as that of the native speakers. More extended experiences of parallel realities consist of alternate scenarios of my life in the reality thread that had forked at the decision point. Those experiences are comforting and unsettling at the same time.

I had for example made the big decision to move away from Switzerland to the US nearly 20 years ago and sometimes wondered what my life would have been like had I stayed in Europe. In the very broad sense of “ask and it is given”, I became aware of what it had been like for my alternate self in the alternate reality, for whenever we make such major decisions, the “other choice” is also being experienced by source and keeps on existing and unfolding. Again, we are multidimensional beings and to me that is an experienced fact.

The soothing part in this is that no decision will ever snuff out that which we have decided against and therefore I can wholeheartedly say “nothing is ever lost” and know that it is really so.


The Cause of Emotions

So what’s the deal with emotions? Does source experience emotions like we humans do? – Is source actually sending emotional signals to us in physical bodies? 

These questions have recently formed in my head and as always, any question that is being asked immediately comes with an answer. The one that came from my source is this:

Source is love. Source does not feel love like a human being would. Source emanates this kind of love energy perpetually, for it cannot do otherwise. Source experiences any deviation from love only through incarnations in the lower dimensions as human beings and other projections. The process for this feedback loop is as follows:

Any deviation from unconditional love is a frequency upon which the everlasting stream of unconditional love that perpetually emanates from source shines regardless of circumstances. The love that flows out onto the experiencing human being is the contrasting frequency to the vibration the human is finding him/herself in at any given time. It is not only contrasting this frequency, but highlighting it by the flow of unconditional love. This thus highlighted frequency that is something other than that which source is, is interpreted by the human being through the emotional range. That frequency, that emotion which is perceived by the human being is a perception that source can focus on and experience as well, and thus experience itself as something other than unconditional love, while simultaneously never losing the focus of its essential frequency.

By being aligned with source energy, which is nothing other than being in vibrational vicinity of the essence of source energy (love), a human being not only allows more source energy to flow through the physical body and all systems, but also adopts potentially a point of perspective that is closer to that of source energy. Therefore, an aligned human being is able to experience source essence emotionally, as well as him/herself as well as other incarnations by the same source energy and their state of alignment.

Sages of old have cried tears for the world. That would be the case when full or near full alignment with source energy is reached and humanity at large is being perceived in its various stages of vibrational alignment or misalignment. These tears are not personal tears, they are the body’s natural response to the overwhelming misalignment energies, the response to the deviation to unconditional love that is being perceived. They are not personal in nature and the wise one is in full awareness that this is so.

Source does not cry any tears, source remains in its frequency even when experiencing the most dreadful (from the human point of view) misalignment.

By shining the unconditional love onto the misalignment that brings forth the emotional response within the human being, it feels as if “source is calling you”. Source does not even do that. Source just is and focuses on experiencing itself. However, when we feel very bad about something, it may help to know that source’s unconditional love that shines upon whatever frequency  we are in provokes the emotional interpretation of that frequency for us to know where we are at.

If you are unhappy in any way, know that it is merely the chasm between your frequency and that of source that you are experiencing and translating into emotional signals. If you are happy, that gap has closed and you are in the vicinity of source energy. If you are in bliss, know that you are in alignment. If you are in true bliss and simultaneously feeling other emotions that are less than blissful, know that you are touching upon source perspective of oneness, where all that is in your focus can be experienced simultaneously.



It’s been a really long stretch of exercising my patience. I have been waiting for a very long time. The cocoon that was so visible, where people kept to themselves, where suspicion and fear won out over trust and love. That cocoon has kept people from recognizing each other on the soul level. The veil of forgetfulness that had such a Divine purpose in the old paradigm has thinned out a great deal. It’s beginning to be quite see-through.

As I was walking along the river, my mind on its water and the waters in all things, it was very noticeable how people recognized each other, how the greeting was sincere. In that moment of walking past one another, time seemed to expand, the whole image of who that soul is was clearly visible, while walking on that same path along the river. That expanded moment was all that needed to exist for a bit, there was no need to follow-up, there was no need to attach anything to that moment either. These were special little moments of absolute perfection, where the eye contact was made, the other’s presence here on Earth honored and recognized and that was good enough to stand in it’s own beauty.

After many of these brief encounters of recognition, the question came forth: “What do we have here?” and the answer was available right there as well: “Metamorphosis!”

It became clear in an instant that what I had witnessed today was the emergence of humanity in its new consciousness. Gone were the fear and suspicion, replaced by love and trust filled recognition of our true selves respectively. It is truly a form of metamorphosis that humanity is going through and the first ones are emerging now. It all culminated when at a grocery store after the walk, a clerk got a bar of chocolate and began offering it to everyone around. He was young, very handsome, tall, his eyes sparkled and his heart was wide open. He said very fittingly: “That’s how I make friends – Hello Friends!” Some were happy to share in the offered chocolate, others were more reluctant, but their choice of “no thanks” was respected with a smile.
We all had a great time and left each other with the ease that only absence of fear and attachment can bring – we left with our hearts wide open. The unspoken understanding was, that should there be need and like energy patterns, we will most certainly meet again.

(Original Post, 31st March, 2011)

A Different Kind of Light

The journey through the energetic vibration frequencies continues and as we are finding ourselves in ever higher frequencies, we experience that the veil of forgetfulness, that is one of the most amazing creations by the way, is thinning more and more. This thinning of the veil has the effect that the illusion of duality and the forgetting of the true light, is beginning to drift apart and dissipate, just like smoke would dissipate in the air after a while. The truth of our light, that which we are, is beginning to show more and more.

I’m so very happy to be a witness to this process. To observe the thinning of the veil is indeed a clear sign that the Earth’s vibration is rising.  For a long time, it was up in the air, whether humanity would be able to travel along with the Earth and for this journey to be successful. For quite a while now, deep in the innermost corners of my intuition are feelings of celebration that I’m still holding back. They are projecting the following: “we’re going to make it!” and there is a happy dance that wants to be danced. However, I’m waiting still. One cannot be certain yet, but the signs are such that it really does look like we are going to make it in one piece, bodies, Earth and all.

There is one other thing that has crept into my awareness patterns and that is the notion that as long as we are still pointing towards the light, the good, etc. then we authorize (and create) the notion that there is darkness and evil… This notion alone keeps the duality in us and around us alive. I do know how hard it is to step outside of duality. It is easier and easier however, the closer Earth gets to the 5th dimensional vibration. It takes stubbornness and some sense of rebellious defiance to deny that which for thousands of years has been our experience and “reality”, our modus operandi. I am making a choice, I wholeheartedly deny the illusion of duality on the basis that there is only one light, one different kind of light that does not require nor call into being its opposite, “darkness”. This different, true and divine light is the light of unity, the light of all that is- the light of all encompassing and unifying unconditional love. That is the place I step into whenever I am stumbling back into the old ways of thinking along the patterns of duality. I just do this as a practice run for myself. The more I focus on this one light of unity, the less any duality patterns are visible in my own reality. Thus I’m dreaming on, dreaming into reality a new way of thinking, a new way of experiencing and a new way of creating my every day experience. All lit up in a different kind of light!

The Importance of Ego

Let’s face it, ego has a pretty bad rep these days. There are countless opinions that strive towards doing away with it altogether. There are methods praised for eliminating the ego and laments criss cross the vast (spiritual?) blogosphere of the internet commenting on how we need to battle the ego, fight it, crush it perhaps, and so on.

From my experience, and I have tried the above as well during my meandering journey through the different stages and opinions, ego hasn’t left me yet. Ego is here to stay. I would have possibly been even able to deny its existence altogether (or thought that I did), but it has that uncanny knack of popping up when you least expect it and if it’s been suppressed long and hard enough, it will wreck havoc upon return. I say this, because I have lived it, experienced it and know it to be so – for myself anyway. (and that’s ego speaking right here).

Ego is brilliant. Ego pulls us out of the depth of despair, helps us survive the most atrocious events and relentlessly puts us out there onto the stage of life time after time. I have gone through many stages regarding ego and found one place, where I am truly at peace and happy with it. That is in full acceptance of my ego’s worth. Ego too wants to be loved, like everything else. Ego is not just some silly, useless thing that we bring along into our incarnation and that needs to be removed like an ugly wart or something.

Ego is our helper. Ego allows contrast to be fully believed and completes the illusion of duality in the most precise and perfect manner. How else would we, limitless energetic consciousness or pure positive energy incarnated, be able to fully believe that we are limited? How else could we buy into the illusion that somebody is doing something to us? How else would we navigate here on Earth and be practical duality focused human beings having an amazing contrasting experience that gives rise to brilliant and marvellous expansion in non-physical? Ego makes all this possible and it is time in my opinion to debunk the belief that ego is something to be feared, something to be eliminated or something to wish away.

I embrace my ego in full awareness of its amazing service to my source. Every person has an ego and every person has that ego for a reason, or it would not be there. Non-physical’s creations are always precise, necessary and perfect for the intention at the basis of that creation. That is of course only a belief I hold, and you may not hold that same belief, but since I have come to hold this belief, my ego has calmed itself down to a level of companionable friendship, which works very well for me and my journey.

There are moments, when it tries to puff up and rear its head. That’s the moment when I feel prideful beyond that which is necessary. When I sense the twinge of “off” as my source’s feedback to such a moment of self-aggrandizement, I grin in appreciation for the emotional guidance and send my ego off to a beautiful island, complete with hammock and umbrella-drink, to take a vacation, to go rest a bit; but I allow it to check back in later. Ego is usually very happy to go there, for after taking on the whole navigation and management of my incarnation in the early years of my life, it is pretty tired of it and mighty glad not to have to do that anymore.

I guess what I am saying is this: ego is an integral part of you in human form, love it, accept it, treat it well, as that is always a gesture towards alignment and self-love, which in turn, will always feel good.

We are All Here

A Parable by Alaniya Patton (written in 2007)

There was a time long, long ago when the people of this earth were awake. They saw the world around them with their real eyes. They saw the world around them with their inner eyes too. They were very gifted and saw many different worlds at once. This did not confuse them, as they saw it as natural, because everyone could see what they saw. They busied themselves with their regular lives and talked and played with the many other species that they saw. It was quite normal for a young one to play with an elfin child, or a gnome kid. In fact, they played many games, because the kids of each different race brought their own games to the playground. During those old times, the playgrounds were the meadows, the forests, and the wide open spaces; in short, nature itself.

Each race had a different way of knowing nature and they shared that knowledge freely and peacefully with the human children, who in turn shared their knowledge of cultivating the earth, of farming, and growing things in a garden. That was something the others did not usually do and they were very curious to know more about it. How lovely it was when the human kids shared their crops of berries, nuts, and tree fruit, freshly pulled carrots and beautiful bunches of grapes. The elfin children know so much about the bees, the butterflies, the dragonflies and all the other insects, for their race are the guardians of the insect world. They take care of plants as well, especially the many flowers and of course the plain grasses too.

The gnomes know a lot about the crystals and the other precious stones of the earth. There is nothing they cared about more. To an outsider that may look as if gnomes are greedy for gemstones, but that isn’t really so. Their cousins, the leprechauns have lots of knowledge about metals and minerals too. There were centaurs, running free and frolicking in the sunlight during the wonderful summers without a care. They ran wildly across the large meadows and rested peacefully under big shady groves of trees. The centaurs are a bridge between the realms of humans and animals and still guard the gates between these two kingdoms. Today, we only remember centaurs from fairy tales and legends, but back then, everyone knew them. Although they tend to keep to themselves within their herds, they are a very noble race; they are kind and caring. They are keepers of important knowledge, which serves to keep peace between the kingdoms.

Many more species were living all peacefully together in one world until the humans grew ever more skeptical. Over the course of some thousands of years, the humans started to deny that these other beings were real. Since their world is their creation, they were allowed to do that.  They said,“There is only one human race, and that is us.” Since every word that is thought, every word that is spoken, every belief that is strongly held, creates the world we see, it was natural, that with the repetition of these words, there had to be the creation of a veil between the worlds. A veil that separated the world of the humans and that of the “others”. At first, this veil was very thin, but the people insisted and said, “There is only one human race, and that is us.”

So it came that the veil increased in thickness until the grown-up humans could not see the elves, the gnomes, the leprechauns and the centaurs and many other races anymore. Then they grew quite content by being the only human race on earth. However, the human children saw right through the veil and until about age 7, each child was still seeing the fairies, the elves, the gnomes and whomever they chose to play with. One could see many a child sitting seemingly alone, but playing intensively with unseen people. To this day, children can do this, but they have also learned not to talk about it to anyone, because talking about it may sometimes lead to their parents saying, “No, no, we are the only human race on earth” and these children after hearing this over and over would also only see their own people. It came that children all over the world, just choose to enjoy playing with the “others” and they choose not to tell anyone about it. Thanks to the human children who are still seeing the “others”, the veil never grew dense enough that the worlds separated completely; and for this we are all grateful to this very day.

The years passed by and the human beings made many choices and created their world according to their thoughts and beliefs. The earth herself had her own plans and over these many, many years, she grew in awareness and beauty.The earth had a big goal. There was a time when the spirits governing the earth made a decision. In a time far into the future, another far away millennium, the earth herself would travel into a higher energetic vibration. The sound of the melody of the earth’s vibration would grow to higher tones, everything would vibrate much faster, and even the feeling of time passing would be faster. The most exciting thing would be the point where the earth would actually travel from one level of lower sound to the level of higher sound. That would be the greatest celebration the earth had ever seen.The original plan was that all races would celebrate this together, but the humans had decided so long ago, that “they are the only human race on earth,” that what they see today is only one human race on earth, because this is what they had created their world to be. How is it possible then, for all the human races on earth to celebrate the big moment when this beautiful planet would graduate to her new melody? The elves with their eternal wisdom came up with the answer.

The Elfin Queen was very wise, because elves live much longer lives than humans do. She is still very beautiful, ageless almost, but her eyes have seen so many things and her heart has grown to be the most compassionate heart one could imagine. In her wisdom, she decided for the elfin people that it was allowed for elfin spirits to embody a human body. She warned her people that such a lifetime would be very, very difficult, as the way of life for the elves is so different from that of the human people and their own lifespan so much longer. However, some very brave and extremely curious and excited elves decided to jump into human form and be born as human babies. Soon, the many other races had very brave souls who also decided to take on human form. This is how it came that human babies were born who faintly displayed the features of the other races. There are humans now, who look like humans of course, but with a trace of elfin faces, others with traces of gnome, ogre, troll, centaur, fairy faces, body structures and character traits. They also came with memories from their past existence among their own peoples, for surely they did not wish to forget everything they know.

Among themselves, these people were drawn to each other whenever they met, at school, at work, at the movies or even at the grocery store. It was something in their eyes that made them recognize each other and made their hearts glow with love for one another.

As Mother Earth is about to celebrate her new vibration, her new melody, it is obvious that nobody wants to miss that party. We move along with the song of the earth, as time passes quicker and quicker, as worlds create themselves faster and faster, we experience that there are very many people on the planet today, all have come to witness the great event, we are ALL here to see and celebrate the excitement. Look around you, among your friends. You can tell whether they have a wee bit of elf in them, a little gnome, or even troll. The noble centaurs have a very hard time in a fully human body, for they miss frolicking and running over the meadows very much.

If we all embrace who we are inside, let go of the belief that “There is only ONE human race on earth”, the veil can thin out again and thanks to all the children, the veil never fully closed and thus, the work of children worldwide over many thousands of years time has shown its importance. If we truly believe that these “others” are just as much part of the many human races, then the veil can thin once more and over time, we can all live peacefully together again, sharing all knowledge and wisdom, as we used to do so long ago. All we have to do is remember who we are. It is this time on earth that we all came here to see.

Life in the 5th Dimension


A pioneer’s reward is the deliciousness of discovery.

The big hype about Earth’s transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension has fizzled away lately. 12/21/12 came and went like so many other dates we thought were special. Well, this ominous date denoting the last winter solstice was an important marker. Earth’s energies reached and anchored into vibrational frequencies of the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension, this wonderful new place. Anyone holding the idea that we would suddenly experience a brand new Earth with fancy new stuff happening to us, has no doubt gone through a bit of a sobering up period by now. The reason for that sobering up is, that we have not lost free will choice. We are still creating based on what we knew for so long. We are still creating 3rd dimensional experiences, just because it’s easy and we know how. Earth frequency being at a 5th dimensional level doesn’t mean that the 3rd dimension is no longer available! –  The 5th dimensional level includes the 3rd dimension. It’s just that we now not only manifest and experience within the 3 dimensions of length, width and height, but have 2 more dimensions available to us for exploration. These 2 new dimensions are time and space. I have had personal experiences around space and time that confirm to me that these two dimensions are freely available now for exploration, that means they are no longer locked down to ensure the linear progression and duality experience of the 3rd dimension. That’s the upgrade our playground has received!

It is up to each and every one of us to explore this new playground; to find out about the new rules, the possibilities and the experiences contained within the new parameters. If you had the idea that all of a sudden, the world was going to change and you would be in paradise and be done with contrast or anything of the sort, you might find yourself experiencing the emotional feedback of disappointment. Unless…. unless you realized that you too are a pioneer; one who steps foot into the unknown, just for the sake of the newness of the whole thing, then you will know that you are indeed in paradise, you know that your world has most certainly changed and pretty suddenly too.

If you find yourself with the belief anchored in your awareness that we do have the additional 2 dimensions available to us to play in, but you haven’t experienced any direct evidence of it yet, it may well be, that you are standing at the edge of the playground and haven’t set foot into it yet. Rest assured, the 3rd dimension isn’t lost if we commit to the 5th dimensional experiences. I go back to linearity sometimes, just to see how (limiting) it was and to delight in the contrast of what is possible now. True, you will never be able to “unknow” that which you know in this lifetime, but we have unlimited creative abilities and as you may be able to recall certain events from your past with fondness, you can also relive that which up until last December was the norm for playing on Earth.

It’s a new day, it’s actually a new dawn, a new beginning, a new paradigm – and it’s up to us individually to go explore the makings, the results, the gifts, and the peculiarities of our new world. We are pioneers who pave the way for all that follow and our reward is the delight of discovery.