Me, My Brother, My Sister

By Hailey Berry

For Nathan

My sister can swim laps and learn drills.
My brother does hip-hop and various sports.
They’ve both been in plays.
I am content but,
What am I missing?
Don’t be mad when I’m not a team player.
I do best in the spotlight, a star actor.

My sister can drive and create essays.
My brother makes posters for his class.
They both use cursive.
I am content but,
When can I do these things?
Don’t be mad when I refuse to sign or type.
Hand cramps are inconvenient when I need them so.

When angry, my sister writes, my brother takes deep breathes.
They’ve both yelled (often at each other) before.
I am content but,
How should I express anger?
Don’t be mad when I pull film out or tear my books.
I can’t journal; I won’t pretend I’m not angry.
I can’t even yell how I feel at you!

Don’t be mad when I don’t sit still for pictures,
or don’t give you a hug,
or become loud during a movie.
I hate the flash; I may not like your perfume; I thought you like this scene, too.

My sister goes to college, but I’ll never have a class with her.
My brother builds grand things with Legos, but I don’t have the patience.
Then again, I am not my brother or my sister.
Treat me ( and accept me) as a person, like you would anyone else.
I am mentally retarded, I have autism, but I am still human.


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