The body is a vessel that with its genetic disposition and family story delivers the perfect base for the lessons and adventures a soul has set out to go through. It is therefore a good idea to meet the challenges our genetic history, disposition and patterning is presenting us with, straight on. We can choose to dilly dally along and avoid this set-up by giving in to what the family patterns seem to dictate, or accept the challenge and begin to consciously defy the family patterns and beliefs.

If we are familiar with the back-story of our parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents, we can most often find ourselves to be facing the very same situations in a slightly more modern version (the issues remain the very same).  We can go down the well-trodden, pre-paved path of our ancestors (recommended for the great and wonderful achievements and traits) or we can make a conscious choice to actually turn away from the draw or pull of our ancestors’ patterning. We can then embark on our own individual path, make our own individual choices and by thus defying old outdated family traditions, we immediately become the self-empowered conscious creators of our own personal stories, brand new, fresh start, much more exciting and way less boring than all the re-runs !


2 thoughts on “Re-runs

  1. It is unfortunate that for most, the “following of the same path” happens automatically without conscious thought attached.

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