A Joyride

By paying attention to your emotional state and seeking methods and ways to think of something that makes you feel happy and by doing so taking focus away from the energetic grids and constructs that pertain to your personal human belief system, you invite vibrational alignment with your source.

The experience of life on Earth then shifts from a sense of it happening to you while you are powerless and immersed within it, to understanding, that it is a mere reflection of who you are. In fact, it already is that – a reflection of who you are, of your thoughts and beliefs and emotions. The so-called negative emotions just signal that what you experience and see is the reflection of the beliefs you hold and the positive emotions signal that you are experiencing and seeing a reflection of your own source.

The choice what you wish to experience and see is always yours. To me it  takes the form of a joyride, a prospect filled with exhilarating joy to align and see and experience the source through my human eyes and body, reflected back at me through my earthly experiences.


(Original post: http://www.quantumperceptions.blogspot.com    Dec, 2012)




Creating Change

It is of course allowed to stay in the dream of your own experience, even if you are not happy with it. This is but a reminder, that the energies on Earth have reached frequencies where change and even the new creation of a totally different reality is almost instantaneous. It might be time to take advantage of this and stop re-creating that which does not bring happiness. The decision for change lies with every individual. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and patterns are the building blocks for the many wonderful creations. It’s that easy!



Full Acceptance of What Is

It is a step outside the perception of linearity to fully accept and appreciate the current experience of now. By gaining the perspective that this current now experience is as much a valid and perfect creation of your reality as any of your many experiences, you will be able to treasure it much easier and cherish it as much as the next one that will flow into your experience as your new manifestation. The current now deserves the honor, respect and recognition of being the birthplace of the new now and all subsequent nows.


(Original post: June 26, 2012)

Doing What I Love

Isn’t it so, that at least once or twice a day, we have to do something we don’t love doing? There are things that just need to get done. We have been conditioned that that’s what life is all about, gritting your teeth and doing that which has to be done.

That premise has held true for me for way too long. For a very long time, I didn’t even know what I would love doing. I’m not only speaking of vacation or free time events and activities, but also professionally. I add the word “profession” to the mix and feel the bitter juices flow. There is no profession that allows me to do that which I love doing – all day long. That has to do with my nature. I don’t like repetition and I don’t like doing the same thing for a prolonged amount of time. I like diversity, ever changing things. I like this and that and that and that other thing too. I want it all. It took many years of searching to find that which I love doing most and turn it into a “profession”. Turned out that the moment it became a profession that was marketable, it took something out of the mix and it almost turned sour for me. I’ve pondered on what it would take to make a living with that “profession” of mine and to this day, I can’t say I’ve been successful. There have to be other sources of income for me, in order to keep doing that which I love.

I’ve taken it a step further. Now, I’m disengaging from the word “profession” and what it means to me altogether and I’m just simply doing what I love. As often as I can manage. I have stopped worrying whether it would eventually pay my bills. I have stopped worrying whether I would ever gain professional status or anything of the sort. It has become quite simple and with a renewed gusto, I simply do what I love and if there is money flowing my way or any other ways of balancing out the giving and taking aspects of the exchange, I gracefully accept. Only now does it feel like I’m in the flow of abundance. Any and all thoughts on “how to make money” have been replaced with “I will always be provided with what I need”. The worry factor has never been this low!

I understand that doing what I love seems like a privilege. It is perhaps a hard earned privilege. Most certainly, I feel, it’s natural. Why would I incarnate to go do something I don’t love ? That makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand that financially, certain bases have to be covered. So if a “mainstream” job that isn’t so lovely needs to be held, I’m all for common sense (for a time). However, I also feel that it is very important to nourish the soul by at least spending some time each day doing what I love. It is something that we can all do at least 10 minutes of doing something we love. Until that becomes a habit. I feel that we need to re-establish the flow of that as best as we can in order to make it a reality. I feel we owe it to ourselves to spend at least some time doing that which we love doing hopefully without judgment of ourselves or worse yet, guilt. Just because! Doing what we love is not just a privilege, it is our birth right and I think it’s high time we claim it.

(Original Post: August 3, 2011)


The Art of Giving … and Receiving

It is so easy to make oneself feel good. The act of giving, also called generosity, will easily propel one into an experience of joy. It doesn’t have to be a material thing that we are giving, but just to know that we’ve made an impact on someone else with that gift  makes us happy. Furthermore, if that gift is accepted and taken with gratitude, we feel something else, we feel accepted ourselves. If a gift we intend to give is not accepted, then the first impression is one of being rejected (in most cases). In this dance of giving and receiving, we can see that both ends are equally important for a “successful” transaction.

This applies not only for material gifts, it applies for emotional gifts and of course as well for the mental gifts of new ideas and the spiritual gifts our Higher Selves, the Creator, the angelic kingdom and all helpers have in store for us. There are countless gifts out there, I visualize the crystal grid hanging full of them, for each individual who cares to ask for help, their special and individual gift will activate and ease the way no matter where the ailment lies. What is most important in my view, is that if you do take advantage of that offer that is available for all of mankind, it is but a matter of courtesy to have an open heart and fully accept that gift. Receiving it is equally a conscious choice as is asking for the gift. The quality of receiving this gift will bring not only the gift, but also the quality of accepting the energy of the gift giver into your energetic frequency. Be this the energies of your Higher Self, the One, the Angels, the Archangels or your personal helpers, it will create a deeper understanding of oneness, of unity within yourself, being connected thus with all that is in a very deep and meaningful, conscious manner.

(Original post: January 25, 2011)


Done Judging

Only when we are open enough to laugh loudly at who we are, what behavior patterns we still follow regularly, can we find that place in our hearts, where we find it easier to embrace each and every ounce of who we are, regardless of whether the things we find are especially enlightened, pretty much the lowest points of our lives, the glorious achievements in the outside world, or our quiet, unseen personal triumphs.

When we have truly reached the point, when we can fully accept the totality of who we encounter when we observe ourselves, then I foresee a wave of relief to wash across the whole of humanity, cleansing us from every little bit of judgment that we experience. This in full knowledge, that we have ceased to judge ourselves and the reflection of judgment that we encounter in our realities just isn’t there any longer. When this happens on a broad spectrum, we will find more and more humans in awe of their fellow man, in awe mainly because of the incredible amount of diversity and varied expressions that exist and can be shared. When this happens, fear of being judged can be an experience of the past that does no longer need to be re-created.

We all have the power to begin with a very simple step of stopping the inner critic from spewing forth his or her continuous stream of judgment at every twist and turn of our earthly experience. The more we are able to accept ourselves fully as we are, the more we will experience acceptance from others, the more we will accept them in turn… the avalanche is ready to sweep the world. Who’s with me?


(Original post: July 30, 2011)

Appreciating the Current Experience of Now

By gaining the perspective that the current now experience is as much a valid and perfect creation of your reality as any other of your many experiences, you will be able to treasure it much easier and can cherish it as much as the next one that will inevitably flow into your experience as your next manifestation. The current now deserves the honor, respect and recognition of being the birthplace of the new now and all subsequent nows.

(Original post: June 26, 2012)

Resolving Remnants of Resistance

Ever so often, I find myself resisting. It’s human nature still to push against that which is experienced as unpleasant, in an attempt to make it go away. We are all pushers to a certain degree. I count myself easily belonging to the league of the mighty pushers actually. After many attempts of pushing away the unwanted stuff, I have to admit that no matter how strongly I have pushed against the unwanted, I have not managed to make it go away. I haven’t managed to fully forget either. Even the greatest and most noble attempts of living in a sense of active forgiveness have only produced mediocre results. I found that even in the best efforts given, there comes that moment where the old, unwanted moment, the old memory or what have you, pops back up to grin at you with that wicked smile. It’s just not gone altogether. When something is attempted a number of times in various ways and it does not produce the wanted result, it is time to shift. I have a tendency to shift 180° and try out the opposite of what I have been doing. It seems to be my nature. Hence, I’ve gone all out and decided that that which I have been trying to forget, get rid off, or simply deny, is a part of me. It’s an experience that has caused me to be the me I am today. It’s an integral part of me that I had been trying to push away just because it was unpleasant. It goes without saying that pushing away a part of who I am, just isn’t going to work. Instead, I’m finding it rather easy to view the unpleasant events as something that needs to be integrated, embraced, allowed to exist within the totality of who I have become because of it. This thought relaxes me deeply. I yield, I allow, I embrace, I accept and I become whole through it. The cramping energy of wanting something to go away can relax along with my embrace and I feel myself expand to become that which I already am. I become that which I have previously allowed plus that which I have erroneously tried to do away with. Through this act of allowing, I release remnants of resistance and embrace myself in the totality of who I am – I touch upon my true self and that always feels good.

(Original post: February 10, 2013)

New Ways

Letting go of old ways in favor of new ways is always a very difficult thing, especially if the old ways were actually quite suitable and got the job done.

Sometimes, I catch myself not being able to switch to a new version of doing something. It’s like that computer or software upgrade that you never wanted, because it entails learning new ways of doing things that were done just fine the old fashioned way. I don’t really know why I see within me this reluctance to change in some ways, when I have made the experience over and over again that the new way is indeed preferable to the old way. It is also strange to see that there are folks out there who insist that only the old way, following the old masters for example in science etc. is the “right” way or even the only way.

It goes without saying that logic dictates that new explorations are fun, can lead to ever improved ways and are to be pursued. Every ever so slightly bigger company has an R & D department after all. It is like stepping stones, we build upon that which we have done for centuries. Yet could we fathom doing certain things like they were done 200 years ago? In fact there are people who insist that this is the only really classical way of doing things and they keep insisting even when faced with proof of a new way doing the same thing. That kind of stubbornness is admirable in a way, as it shows the faith one has in that which is tried and true. However, it also shows a great deal of fear. Fear perhaps to have invested decades of one’s life to study the classical way of doing things, just to find that now, whoops, someone has figured out an easier way that brings greater or more accurate results? Why is it so difficult to make a switch and follow that which is new and perhaps let the old base knowledge filter in as well? Why do we (or some of us – in different circumstances probably all of us) feel so reluctant to jump into the new?

If we look at the new things that have popped up in the past 20 years, I dare say, those who had the courage to jump, untested or even just blindly are now recognizably successful in their own way, aren’t they? It is innovation, inspiration and execution of that which we dream of that brings these new ways into reality. If we could see that the person who had the greatest idea since the beginning of time is actually just an energetic part of the whole that we belong to as well, we could possibly let go of our fears, of any sense of competition that may cause us to poopoo that new idea. If we were instead cheering for the great minds that bring about all this change, we could send our egos back to their vacation islands and be happy for the one who had the grand idea. We could even be brave and follow one idea or the other – or, we could even be more daring and begin developing our own ideas. Free from fear, free from competition. What if we would all succeed to do things perfectly, easily and most of all individually suited to who we feel we are? What if all these different ways were equally cherished, recognized and appreciated? I think we’d have the most joyous innovation-fest one could ever imagine. How fast and easy would evolution be then?


(Original post: August 14, 2011)


It’s been a really long stretch of exercising my patience. I have been waiting for a very long time. The cocoon that was so visible, where people kept to themselves, where suspicion and fear won out over trust and love. That cocoon has kept people from recognizing each other on the soul level. The veil of forgetfulness that had such a Divine purpose in the old paradigm has thinned out a great deal. It’s beginning to be quite see-through.

As I was walking along the river, my mind on its water and the waters in all things, it was very noticeable how people recognized each other, how the greeting was sincere. In that moment of walking past one another, time seemed to expand, the whole image of who that soul is was clearly visible, while walking on that same path along the river. That expanded moment was all that needed to exist for a bit, there was no need to follow-up, there was no need to attach anything to that moment either. These were special little moments of absolute perfection, where the eye contact was made, the other’s presence here on Earth honored and recognized and that was good enough to stand in it’s own beauty.

After many of these brief encounters of recognition, the question came forth: “What do we have here?” and the answer was available right there as well: “Metamorphosis!”

It became clear in an instant that what I had witnessed today was the emergence of humanity in its new consciousness. Gone were the fear and suspicion, replaced by love and trust filled recognition of our true selves respectively. It is truly a form of metamorphosis that humanity is going through and the first ones are emerging now. It all culminated when at a grocery store after the walk, a clerk got a bar of chocolate and began offering it to everyone around. He was young, very handsome, tall, his eyes sparkled and his heart was wide open. He said very fittingly: “That’s how I make friends – Hello Friends!” Some were happy to share in the offered chocolate, others were more reluctant, but their choice of “no thanks” was respected with a smile.
We all had a great time and left each other with the ease that only absence of fear and attachment can bring – we left with our hearts wide open. The unspoken understanding was, that should there be need and like energy patterns, we will most certainly meet again.

(Original Post, 31st March, 2011)