Victim of Circumstance (part 1)

The focus and overt attention we give to something, be it positive or negative in our experiene, creates an energetic pattern that will bring more of the same into our experience. Cool! – now I have this “thing” in my experience I don’t want. I’ve experienced it over and over and obviously, I’ve complained about it and gotten used to focusing on it, so it shows up and greets me every day anew like that old pal I would love to ditch. Oh, I’ve tried to ditch it – believe me! I’ve tried to run from it, I’ve tried to fight it, I’ve struggled against it and resisted it with all my might, yet here it is again, day after day. The habit of focusing on it has created this seemingly endless pattern. A loop, where I revisit this “thing” and therefore experience it. It seems there’s no escape from it at all. So what’s the hype with positivity ? That stuff surely can’t make that monster I apparently have created (have I?) go away! I can’t just paint a smiley face on this and pretend it’s not there, since it keeps showing up. Perhaps I have been fated to experience this ugly monster day after day, it’s must be just my burden to carry – so my thought patterns. There it is – the ultimate thought that slipped in through the back door: “I’m a victim of circumstance!” – Of course I don’t know this ultimate thought in word form, but I feel its power. I feel it, yes it is true, look around – it’s everywhere, circumstances abound and they victimize me and keep me hostage! – The cycle has found it’s low point, or has it not?

If this scenario sounds remotely familiar, I have perhaps some news for you. First off, you are correct. You are experiencing yourself as a victim of the circumstances in your life. You have proof of that. It feels real. I get it. I can easily acknowledge this and nod. Yes indeed, it is so. However, the query does not end here! “Why is this experience the way it is and repeats itself over and over in variations?” That is a question that will have undoubtedly an answer akin to: “because I believe to be a victim of circumstance”. And there you have it…

Now on to the perhaps rather unconventional part of this scenario. You’ve tried to move on from this state, I’m sure you have. You’ve tried to escape, you’ve tried to meditate perhaps, you’ve tried that darn positive affirmation thing and it failed – You want to simply give up, flop over and let it all be, yet there’s that spark in you that fights again and again. Two things happen here. The fight against this brings more focus to it and therefore elicits more confirmatory experiences and it firms up the very belief you are trying to expunge. The other thing is this – the sense of having exhausted all your fight and all possible actions and the feeling of giving up is actually your source input trying to guide you toward the one thing that will bring you the relief you are seeking. Flop over – let it all be! – that’s the call of source!

Have you tried following that call yet? – If you have, you know where I’m going with this. If not, then I feel it may be time you did. Allowing is a magical thing. Allowing can heal so much. Allow that you have this core belief. (You are not alone, it’s a core belief you share with mass consciousness). Allow that things are as they are. Allow it like a farmer who just lost his crop to bad weather would sigh and accept. Shrug and say “oh well” – just for a moment. Let the relief that follows this acceptance flood through your very being. Let go of the fight, even if it seems counter-intuitive. Let go of the struggle that only creates more focus on the undesirable thing.

Don’t try to run from that, don’t try to immediately shift away, try to fully embrace that thing that caused you to feel victimized. Get me right, it’s not about forgiveness here. It’s about acceptance and nothing more. This is the first step. Give this step enough time to feel what it means to be in a state of acceptance of what is.


(Since there is need for time between the first and the following steps, part 2 of “Victim of Circumstance” will follow a bit later – stay tuned!)


There is no Way…

Life is expansive, there are no conflicts in nature. It is only the illusion of separation that brings the contrast of conflict… We keep seeking for a solution to find the way, but there is no real way, because we already are what we are seeking to become!



It takes repeated attempts of consciously observing this truth while life unfolds before you and a genuine desire to honestly take responsibility for the creation of everything that is experienced, before the paradigm shift takes hold. The reward lies in the joy of newfound clarity about life and in the self-empowerment of leaving victimhood behind.

Fabrication, Drama, and Illusions

I’ve noticed lately, that “problems” that have been created and aren’t really a problem have a vibration that is akin to having an itch and not being able to scratch it. These drama-related little tid-bits seem to be brought to my attention at the most inconvenient hours and are so far fetched that my mind ceases to be able to support the stories these little “problems” are wrapped in.

Were they really something important, it would have a totally different feel and I’d be all ears and never falter in being there for the one who brings the problem to my attention. In this little example lies a kernel of truth that has to do with the paradigm shift within humanity in my opinion. It just seems not possible any longer to entertain, support or prolong (through giving my energy to it) something that isn’t really truth based. I dare say these fabricated stories are cover ups for some deeper issue and my sensory perceptions are all going haywire if they are being sold as “real” to me.

I think times are such that we are required to be as authentic as we possibly can and in turn we react to authentic things in a much different fashion as well. Fabrications, drama, and cover-up stories, illusions so to speak, just don’t have a hold any longer and I feel unable to “buy into” them anymore, even though I do recognize their makings, sometimes see their deeper cause, and most of all (humbly) recall having had my own share of them. However, in the experience of higher consciousness, of a thinner veil, we are required to stick to the truth as closely as we possibly can, for the illusions are but soap bubbles that will have no long term existence and can be as irritating as a buzzing insect, if we don’t realize right away what we are dealing with.

Love of Life

We are on our individual life journeys only because being on them is delightful. Being alive here on Earth only means one thing – we’ve found a place where journeying is even more delightful than staying where we were. It’s a good moment to rejoice in this delightfulness. 

Our Natural State of Being

So many voices have said the same thing over the past few thousand years. You just got to love yourself. Easily said, yet so difficult to accomplish, isn’t it? Or is it?

I believe that we have received many conditioning instructions over the stretch of time we have incarnated in these physical bodies here on Earth. Among them are instructions to be humble and discrete and all that nice manner stuff etc. Frankly, I find that manners are well and wonderful, but they do keep us from the audacity to be bold enough to extend the love to our Selves. It is through self-love that we can enter a state of liberation that allows us to function compassionately within the societies that we call our own. Manners are then a matter of awakened consciousness and not “training”.  Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult to reach this place of self-love? I would say we ALL are very loveable beings. What’s so loveable about us, us humans who are doing such unloveable deeds at times? It is our essence, our souls that are made of unconditional love that are so infinitely loveable.

There are ways to reach a place of activating the heart to experience true unconditional love, away from any condition, purpose, intent or desire – there are these souls who come in cuddly, cute infant bodies you know, they are so easily loved. The wee ones, yes the babies (of all species) have this uncanny knack of opening our hearts and love them no matter how loud their cry or soiled their diaper. Other things make us love unconditionally too. Encountering soul-companions or members of our soul groups for sure will trigger this uncanny emotion of “just love”. All we have to do is pay attention to when this sensation pops up. We can also remember when it did pop up some time in the past and go back in time to re-experience that rush. Then, (I dare you to try it) experience that love for yourself – give it to your soul, to your physical body, to the lower self, to every little bit that is YOU. Just because – You deserve it – Period.

If you exercise and practice this state of self-love, more and more (make sure it’s not attached to any condition or desired outcome – remember, “just because”)…. it becomes the natural state of being. In this natural state of being, something rather natural happens. The experience of passing time falls away – which means nothing other than that you’ve found the NOW. To top that, you’re most certainly “Here”, wherever that is. To be in this state of unconditional love, here and now is exactly our natural state of being and we don’t really have to practice that at all. We just have to remember how it feels and how to get there should we (by silly chance ?) have found ourselves to be not exactly there.

From this focal point, this natural state of being, there is no halting the wave of love, there is no dimming the light that we are.


Life’s joy and deliciousness isn’t necessarily the achievement of what we set our mind to, but the unfolding of the creation in the surprising manner that we haven’t been able to fathom ahead of time.