Lured by Drama and Fear

It is curious to see what the attachment is to fear. I see people who manage to realize that they are in a state of perpetual fear and I see them courageously step out of that state of fear, into a state of now and love and the fear dissipates. Then, just when I believe that things are steady, that person will express again from a point of fear. It is as if fear is the main focus. It is as if fear is where the most drama can be had. Of course, it is not a conscious choice to return to a state of fear, but isn’t the sweetness of love much more preferable ? One would think so. Yet there is attachment to the bitterness and the shaky ground that is paved with fear.

Usually, people are reward based, so returning to a state of fear must give a greater reward than staying in a state of love. There must be some strange sort of pay-off that fear delivers and love does not.

I can only speculate here and coming from my past experiences, this pay-off is excitement, feeling alive. I felt most alive, when a drama would unfold. When centered in the love energy, drama falls away. It just simply becomes superfluous. Its fuel, fear, isn’t available so drama becomes quickly an unsuitable expression for a person residing in their heart.

The question that remains is how to solicit an experience of feeling “alive” whilst being in the state of love. For those of us, who reside mainly in a point of love, the answer to this question is clear. Love is the base of all life and we do feel so very much more alive than when fears paralyzed us in the past. The love based experience is however really quite undramatic. Sensations of being alive are quiet ones. There is one other thing that helps very much with the adjustment of the new “alive” vs. the old “alive”. What I am referring to is the heart based choices that lead a person to become fulfilled. These choices will lead one to one’s passion and also mission in life and that is ultimately where we are at our best for feeling alive and vibrant.

In conclusion, I believe the old pathways of fear and drama will be chosen for as long as a person hasn’t connected with their passion in life yet. I cannot imagine someone who is love based and experiences their passion on a daily basis to be lured in by fear again for the sole purpose to feel alive. In fact, I believe that the lure of drama becomes very ineffective and pales when compared to the power and enticing energy one’s personal passion in life holds. I can also assume that for as long as a person returns to the old focal point of fear, they have not found their passion in life yet, or if they know what it might be, they haven’t found a way to actively express themselves within their field of passion. Once they do, the lure of drama will become non-effective.


2 thoughts on “Lured by Drama and Fear

  1. This really hits the mark with me.

    I feel that there is something attractive about the intensity; the intensity of those feelings invoked by fear etc. – as in my case being someone who has been emotionally cut off for so long, as you say, the feelings associated with love are more – subtle?

    So yes such feelings are certainly more likely to make one feel “alive” – particularly if one’s normal state is one which is bereft of feelings (in other words – not feeling very alive).

    This also reminds me of something which I think is related. The need for “excitement”. I am thinking about things like going on the scariest roller coaster ride or similar. Not something that I would ever do because I really don’t want to frighten myself to that degree but I find it curious observing others who seem to gain some kind of pleasure from basically scaring themselves shitless.
    I wonder why anyone would feel the need for such a thing.
    IN fact for me I would say the notion of scaring myself in such a way is something I would never entertain. Yet – I probably do (and have done in the past) caused something akin to fear – perhaps in other ways – probably just so I could feel alive.

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