Well Being

All things, every little detail here on Earth, are a reflection of well being, for even in the contrast of seeming absence of well being resides the promise of well being, and the expansion into even greater well being.

What followed from this reminder was an intense desire to practice. Put the mental knowledge into a tangible experience. That desire felt so good, it must have been well aligned with my source point’s desire. To feel that good is to align with source. To align with source is to leave behind the dichotomies of polarity; or better said, put the notion of division a bit out of focus. The new focus is on well being. Well being is the order of the universe. Well being prevails. Consensus reality says differently. Mass consciousness is hooked on the bad news and the gory horrors of “negative” earthly experiences. That current prevails and is palpable to me, as I focus on well being. It offers itself at the core of my intentions as the one thing to practice with and so I do. Even the seemingly negative currents of mass consciousness are well being, the promise of greater well being anyway. The noticing of well being all around is becoming a fun training of the mind and it gets more playful the longer I keep at it. The physical experience and the knowledge of the non-physical well being that never wavers are beginning to get fuzzy around the edges and merge together into one big pool of wellness. All is well, this pool shouts at me whenever I steer my focus there. All is well eternally.



Life Experiences

Not many are able to buck a current, nobody is really supposed to buck a current. All people you interact with are cooperative components in your reality behaving the way your current dictates – the type of current you are offering can be witnessed in your life experiences… if you don’t like it, just change the current by choosing that which you actually prefer … make that choice over and over again until it becomes a new belief, a new current; until it can be seen played out in different life experiences.

Raising Vibration

The terms “happiness” and “high vibration” are interchangeable. Every single person has the power to find happiness in life in many different ways, or by simply thinking of pleasing things. 

A Different Kind of Light

The journey through the energetic vibration frequencies continues and as we are finding ourselves in ever higher frequencies, we experience that the veil of forgetfulness, that is one of the most amazing creations by the way, is thinning more and more. This thinning of the veil has the effect that the illusion of duality and the forgetting of the true light, is beginning to drift apart and dissipate, just like smoke would dissipate in the air after a while. The truth of our light, that which we are, is beginning to show more and more.

I’m so very happy to be a witness to this process. To observe the thinning of the veil is indeed a clear sign that the Earth’s vibration is rising.  For a long time, it was up in the air, whether humanity would be able to travel along with the Earth and for this journey to be successful. For quite a while now, deep in the innermost corners of my intuition are feelings of celebration that I’m still holding back. They are projecting the following: “we’re going to make it!” and there is a happy dance that wants to be danced. However, I’m waiting still. One cannot be certain yet, but the signs are such that it really does look like we are going to make it in one piece, bodies, Earth and all.

There is one other thing that has crept into my awareness patterns and that is the notion that as long as we are still pointing towards the light, the good, etc. then we authorize (and create) the notion that there is darkness and evil… This notion alone keeps the duality in us and around us alive. I do know how hard it is to step outside of duality. It is easier and easier however, the closer Earth gets to the 5th dimensional vibration. It takes stubbornness and some sense of rebellious defiance to deny that which for thousands of years has been our experience and “reality”, our modus operandi. I am making a choice, I wholeheartedly deny the illusion of duality on the basis that there is only one light, one different kind of light that does not require nor call into being its opposite, “darkness”. This different, true and divine light is the light of unity, the light of all that is- the light of all encompassing and unifying unconditional love. That is the place I step into whenever I am stumbling back into the old ways of thinking along the patterns of duality. I just do this as a practice run for myself. The more I focus on this one light of unity, the less any duality patterns are visible in my own reality. Thus I’m dreaming on, dreaming into reality a new way of thinking, a new way of experiencing and a new way of creating my every day experience. All lit up in a different kind of light!

Here and Now

Most people experience the “moment” of here and now to be that which they declare as their experience of the present, their reality. However, the true “here and now” is found in the perfect alignment with our non-physical self, where all our creations have already been made. Stepping into this alignment, into the energy flux of well being, where we can feel the creations born from our desires to be real, even if they are not yet manifested in the physical, that is where “here and now” is. Our reality that we call “the present” is  not actually here and now. It can easily be labelled “the past” or the “Over there and Back when”, for it is indeed a different vibrational frequency than the actual “here and now”.