Path of Least Resistance

The universe knows only one path for its energy currents and that is the path of least resistance. This goes for personal development as much as for creating consciously or unconsciouly the realities we are experiencing, as it does for the larger creations in this universe, like our Mother Earth. For mass consciousness it would mean that the more people open up to the essence of their source energy, which is unconditional love, the less resistance is present for the universal forces to manfiest that which is already created in energy form. The less resistance we as humanity offer the universe, the smoother we are going to ride the waves into the next dimension, a frequency which has already been attained by our planet and can be reached simply by filtering all experiences through the heart instead of the solar plexus. In practical terms, that means to look upon that which we experience with love and all-inclusiveness, rather than through the lens of power struggles and polarity.

As always, free will choice reigns and no judgment is made as to what humanity’s choices are. Looking back over the last decade, the potential for less and less resistance has manifested beautifully and countless destruction scenarios that were prophecied as potential outcomes have not happened. This fills me with joy.


Embrace the Inevitable

In the ascension process, there is a phase that each person on the conscious trail will encounter at some point. The moment I’m talking about is when it becomes obvious, that the faith that was propelling one along the path takes on a new meaning.

Usually, albeit not in all cases, there is a notion that the Divine energies are separate from the human experience and that in order to ascend we have to become really good humans. Of course I don’t want to step on anyone’s faithful toes here, but at some point comes the time, when a realization will occur, that divinity exists everywhere we turn our eyes to.

No, I’m not an atheist. Let me explain! – The notion that divinity resides outside the human experience is a notion that belongs into the experience of duality. There is the divine and then the not-so-divine – there is God and then there is the human being. Things are separated and understood by contemplation of one thing vs. the other. Such is the very nature of polarity and it is naturally so in the 3rd dimension. It isn’t bad, nor is it it good – it just is.

When one steps from the 3rd dimensional experience into the higher levels of consciousness, there comes a moment, when the 3rd dimensional understanding of the experience begins to morph. The experience of seeing divine beings, or God outside oneself begins to lose its fascination. There is finally the moment, when the epiphany will hit, that there is no separation, that we mere mortals are all (very divine) sparks of this One big (divine) entity. If we are faithful people, believing in divinity, we begin to realize that we can just as easily place faith in ourselves and that we are fully empowered to have this faith placed in us (by us). The notion of a deity that resides outside of our selves, our hearts, becomes almost unfathomable. When this happens, we can observe, that the acceptance of our own divinity is growing more and more, until we embrace the inevitable truth¬† fully. When we enter this moment, we are able to transcend the illusion that there was an “out there” in the first place. It’s all inside and we are “IT”.

(Original post written 8/27/2011)

New Creation

When events unfold, perhaps in a surprising manner, most likely at a speed that blows my mind, I know that the Universe is in motion to serve my most active desires which will result in a splendid new creation that in turn enriches the totality of All-That-Is.


The feeling of impatience is nothing other than our emotional guidance that tells us that we have thought ourselves into a place of misalignment with source frequency. That much can be easily said, it can be quite easily corrected by thinking thoughts of general nature and by appreciating little things in life that are in our perception NOW.

Yet, what exactly does source communicate to me with this emotion? – In the basic understanding of my own patterning, my source conveys to me with this emotion not only the degree of misalignment I am in whilst feeling impatient, but also that I am in this instance distrusting of the universal forces that be. I am not only distrusting them to be exact and perfect, but I also have energy patterns that tell of “not having yet”, of “not being there yet” etc. These patterns are strong energy currents that delay the universe’s deliveries of my desires’ manifestations. As always, I find myself at the center of my creation, the creation or the lack thereof actually. It is always my own energy currents that are being displayed before me – it cannot be otherwise.

By contemplating this universal truth, my smile comes back to me and the alarm of “impatience” subsides. Certainty that all is well returns with full force and I can almost hear the energies of the universe rushing in (almost) unhindered, delivering manifestation after manifestation of the reflection of myself into my daily unfolding life, proving as always its magnificent precision to me.