This is the day after the election – Trump, Mr. Trump that is, is president-elect. The country reels. The country groans. Those who voted for him may gloat or simply feel satisfied for having gotten their choice of candiate. Most certainly, change is in the air.

For a long time now, I have not really understood what this over the top caricature of a man (for whom I did not cast my vote) has shown me. Today, I realize…

Today, I see just how strong a mirror he is for each and every human being who is looking in his direction, be they American citizens or not.  From my perspective, he shows us the shadows. He shows us the things we abhor. He shows us the things we try to hide within ourselves. No matter how “good” we are in our behaviors, if there are things this man says and does that irritate us, we have not integrated that we are potentially also able to be that way (bear with me please). We have not acknowledged that we too can hate and be all these things we so abhor. Only if we can look at Mr. Trump with equanimity and true compassion have we been able to fully integrate these “negative” aspects. Before we have integrated them, we cannot fully embark on a path of goodness and love. The shadow side must be acknowledged and should not simply be tucked away somewhere in a hidden part of our psyche.

We may fear that by acknowledging, that we too have the human capacity for hatred and all the other ugly things that irritate us so when we see Mr. Trump express them boldly and blatantly, we may risk being like him for good and not find our way toward the lighter side of things on our path toward becoming aware, conscious, love based individuals. The truth is however, that only by integrating, acknowledging, and owning that we too have the very same capacity for the ugly side, are we then free to truly choose. Then, the not yet integrated issues within us are not choosing for us, but instead, we are free to choose whether to be hate based or love based.

Seemingly choosing love, all the while hate is being thoroughly hated, isn’t choosing love at all. True love just loves. It simply is. It flows without finding irritation anywhere. A high and lofty goal, I give you that, but I believe it’s worth accepting my capacity for ugly in order to get there. For that clarity, I thank Mr. Trump for his role in humanity’s game of evolution.




A Universal Truth

At some point we all face trials and tribulations that seem overwhelming to us. I have been in such places many times before and at times, it really felt like I was drowning in the situation that looked so problematic and insurmountable.

Helpers were perhaps present in those moments, people who had my best interest at heart or spiritual guides and of course source energy and the soul spark. Sometimes I had to go it alone. Each time however, I came out the other end of the tough situation richer, wiser, more conscious, and freer. Each time, without fail, in hindsight, I had to admit that I actually had had all I ever needed to make it through the situation at hand. After a great number of such moments, it dawned on me, that I had found a universal truth. It was true regardless whether I was able to believe in it or not. This universal truth can be put into simple words as follows:

No matter what circumstance or experience is present in your reality, you have what it takes to master what is asked of you. 

Today, I write this with a very dear person in mind, who is currently navigating through one such trial. I have full faith that everything will turn out alright in this person’s life. I know that it is a threshold into a greater level of consciousness. The door is ajar – a whole new world beckons – I wish you with all my heart the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other on your path that you desire and intend for so fervently! – You know who you are.

Naming the Truth

A truly peaceful human being will not encounter or live through battles of the will. He or she will be centered in a state of unconditional love and not falter even when in midst of attacks and chaos. They reside in an enlightened state of clarity. Personal chaos is simply not a perception that is entering their field of vision. This does not mean however, that around them chaos does not unfold.

It’s all right and wonderful to be meek and peaceful…. wait! … what does peaceful have to do with meek ? – Where did that notion slip in? … Isn’t it so that a peaceful person is perceived as one who offers the other cheek? You know, in that 2000+ year old tradition that was once introduced? I do understand that sometimes, staying silent and offering that other cheek in full understanding that no matter how hard the “other” slaps that cheek, it will not alter who we are or what we stand for and there is actually nothing meek about this stance. It’s a powerful stance that denies the very battle that is sought by the more aggressive party.

However, after having held still and been slapped, having then turned the cheek and having been slapped again etc, things do become somewhat tedious, even if we still hold steadfast and remain centered in our midst. I ponder further, what can be done at such an impasse, when the “other” just does not seem to “get it” and cease their aggression (or passive aggression for that matter). I have found a peaceful means that will in most cases solve such an impasse. It consist of simply stating the facts that have been gleaned from unprejudiced observation. I call this “naming the truth”. By giving a voice to that which is unfolding without putting blame onto anyone in particular, without taking sides. Just like a narrative would explain what is being experienced. By naming the truth thus, a spell can be broken and the party so bent on being right, fighting for it and all of that stuff, will experience what naming the truth does.

Truth has an energetic frequency that vibrates very closely to that of unconditional love. Naming the truth will bring the energy of that which is, into alignment. Illusions pop like soap bubbles and usually, the “aggressor” will experience something that could be compared with a calm, or a lull – the wind doesn’t blow into the sails any longer, the boat is no longer sailing on its course of destruction. Sometimes naming the truth will stop someone dead in their tracks and that can sometimes restore peace quicker than turning the other cheek, which in my view at times can keep perpetuating the problem, as it gives opportunity and playing field to keep the aggression going.

Being peaceful within oneself, centered and balanced is still the most effective way to create an experience, a reality of peace, but sometimes, naming that which is occurring around us by its true name, without taking sides or judging, is necessary.