Looking toward Change

So many highly inspirational paths have been offered to folks in the past few decades. Things have certainly sped up a great deal. Yet we can look at our world and still wonder why we’re not able to pull any real change into our reality. Surely, small changes are always part of life, but what of the massive changes?

As a young child, I was shown a possible future. It held so much promise. Yet here I am in roughly the time frame I had visioned in that beech tree, back in the late 60s and when I look around me, the world I see is not nearly that of the vision. True, one could say that that vision was a child’s imagination and not real. To me it was so real that to this day, 50 years later I’ve not been able to let the vision fade in my memory. It is as clear and as strong as it ever was, imprinted on my mind.

So here I sit in a situation that brings with it the question of how can I change this world (or at least my experience of it) to match the vision, the promise that kept me going for so many years? The answer to this question may not be the final one, but certainly feels like it is one that is worth sharing here. It is perhaps just a stepping stone along the way. It turns out, I feel I had gotten it all wrong. We experience change daily, in a small measure. The larger structures of our lives are usually the same or very similar from day to day. Try as I might, I have not been able to draw any large scale major change into my life. The reason being from what I can see is that it’s not possible to change the current reality in major ways by drawing in new things. Wait what? – Yes, because there is not one reality we experience and into which we draw changes.

Instead, we exist embodied in a myriad of realities (timelines) and our consciousness will experience the one we focus on. That changes the game for me. The playing field, the movement as it were is not with the changes that need to join a reality, but my conscious focus that can look upon different things and join different already existing realities and live those instead of the one that wasn’t preferred. Instead of trying to coax largely unmoveable “things” into a different space, I can simply go where I want to go. That, dear friends, is how we learn to travel consciously through time and space.

Let’s get practical – the premise of that which we focus on is what we experience is actually correct. The idea that we draw what we focus on into our lives (in that one set playground/reality) is however flawed. To correct this, imagine that your consciousness decides to join a different reality and focus on that reality (or simply on how you’d feel if you were in that reality) in order to join it. Take this information in perhaps for a while and feel your way through this different way of imagining the shift. If it feels good and resonates with you, then have at it – join different realities (timelines) as you see fit, because you’ve already done this (are doing it) numerous times a day, literally every time you make a choice. It’s not something unnatural and new, it’s actually something that we all know how to do, but to navigate it and exercise this free will consciously is the “new” part for many.

Sudden big jumps into completely different experiences will be more difficult to do, as our minds are a bit sluggish and there can be quite a bit of fear of “going crazy” involved when suddenly a lifetime of memories start shifting and although you still remember the “original” memories of your childhood/your past, they begin to fade as the new memories of the new timeline begin to replace them. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, but nobody is pushing you to start with huge jumps. I recommend to start simply by normalizing the idea of shifting realities deliberately and seeing each choice you make as such a shift,  so that it becomes normal for your mind that this is what you are doing. Then once this has become a normal conscious everyday thing, you can attempt to seek timelines in which certain experiences are already unfolding more deliberately. Join your body there and experience with greater freedom that which you wish to experience. Welcome to exploring and pioneering in the 5th Dimension!


In the Eye of the Beholder

(or… Musings on the nature of Realities)




Reality and with it everything we experience is in the eye of the beholder. We as individuals are the observers, yet the collective of humanity is equally an observing group. In my experience of reality (realities actually), I am observing a framework that seems to echo the collective belief system. Within that framework, I can experience my own creations according to my personal beliefs, even if they differ vastly from the framework created by mass consicousness belief systems. For instance, when humanity collectively believed the earth to be flat, had they had instruments to prove it, I am pretty sure that it would have been proven correct. Then, over time, the collective belief changed and it was widely agreed upon that the earth is a ball at the center of the solar system and the sun was revolving around it. Again, if there had been instruments precise enough to prove this, it would have been proven. Then came the revolutionary thought that the earth is indeed a sphere, but that it is revolving around the sun and lo and behold, today, we have instruments and mathematics that prove this to be true.

The question is this – how could it not be proven to be true if so many folks believe it? How could we come up with mathematical and scientific proof, if it weren’t manifested? I would even go as far as to hypothesize that if it hadn’t been called into physicality by the belief of mass consciousness, nobody would have found the math or the instruments to measure it. The belief creates and calls into physicality the things that are believed by the collective, as well as by the individual within the framework of the collective, as we are always proven to be right.

It gets more complicated than this, and again it’s just my own belief, therefore I am finding it to be confirmed and true in the experiences I have. I fully agree, that there are other fine creators out there creating different things and finding them to be absolutely true – but I find that therein lies the beauty of all of the musings on the nature of reality.

We live in what is called “duality” – A polarity based environment, which is symbolized by the yin/yang principle, that is holding two opposite energies in balance. Each side contains a bit of its opposite side. There are realities within which we can experience a predominantly negative essential expression, like, war, hierarchies, poverty, hunger, oppression, you name it. Contained within are the currents of goodness, sharing, compassion, peace etc. (the dot in the greater field) – these essential experiences that are offered in this current reality of earth have been experienced for a very long time here. All shades of rulers, underlings, wars, atrocities etc have merely been shades of the same essence and nothing has really changed fundamentally. This is because the reality is what it is, it is what the collective believes it to be. However, do not despair at these words… there is an incredibly positive counter part to this reality, as there is the yin/yang principle that applies to everything. So if there is this not so pleasant reality framework on earth in which we currently experience ourselves, there must be its counterpart. In a system of polarity, it is impossible that this one reality exists in an isolated state, even if we can create the illusion that it is so.

In my experience there have been countless realities of earth experiences with varying details. Shifting from, as I call it, one timeline to another is something that happens automatically and effortlessly at every decision we make, be it ever so small a choice. Making choices creates new timelines or propels us into one that is matching the experience of the choice. As polarity has it – the choice we did not consciously make – the “non-choice” is also either finding an appropriate timeline to be experienced by source or it creates a new one. It’s that simple. Everything we think, consciously or subconsciously creates something. Something that is either completely new or something that is found in an already created timeline to which we can shift effortlessly, as easily as we leave our bodies while we sleep. To shift consicously from one timeline that irks us into one that is more pleasant to experience is a different story, but I believe it to be one of the logical next steps in the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness.

How do we get to this point? – In my personal experience with this subject, I found that it is important to mind what questions we ask of ourselves and the world. For instance, the complaint of “why does this happen to me?” is merely focusing more energy of that which we complain about and therefore keeps us locked into experiencing this thing we don’t like. I experimented with the simple changing of this (or similar) questions and found a replacement question for moments that I do not enjoy: “In what environment, in what circumstances would I prefer to experience myself instead?” With this new question I immediately accept that there was a circumstance that was not quite to my liking and instead of fighting it, I simply accept it as if it were a dish on a buffet I happen to try but not like so much. Then as I would in the buffet analogy, I would not go back for more, but instead seek out and project my conscious thoughts toward that which I would prefer. I do this for as long as it takes until I am proven right in my own belief again, i.e. I will find the timeline in which the preferred situation is unfolding in physical and I experience myself in a different manner. Sometimes, this is an easy shift. Other times, it seems to take a bit longer, but my new question always feels better than the old complaints that kept me locked in a reality that in essence was not really enjoyable. So instead of wanting to change the reality, I project my consciousness into one that is different. What we observe we experience!