Resisting Resistance

Our fantastic human brains respond very easily to the mass consciousness belief of “fighting against that which is bad”. Humanity has with loads of practice reached a place long ago, where that fighter spirit is the default and it responds to everything from the most insignificant subject to those subjects that impact nations and the earth itself. On my journey, I’ve spiraled into the experiential understanding that resistance is equal to focus (in intensity and duration). It is not only futile to resist, it’s actually counterproductive. While in the resistant state, we will never experience that which we want to experience in the amazing details we have conjured up due to the contrast we have experienced. In a state of resistance, that which has given rise to identify the preference is still being focused upon and the new cannot be experienced, as we are no vibrational match to it yet. Every process, every work plan we may have to edge away from resisting, for who wants to focus on the unwanted voluntarily, means only one thing – we have declared resistance to be the unwanted thing and are resisting it with that same fighter spirit that is humanity’s default still. It’s a double whammy at that point and it will always feel bad to be in such a state of double resistance. 

Allowing resistance to be a part of our lives’ experiences takes practice. It takes letting go. It takes allowing the “negative” emotions to be there, it takes releasing any and all pushing against feeling bad. It takes embracing the emotion as a natural reminder that there is greater well being in store and more ease still to be had. The reminder, that for now, in that negative emotion, you’re just as healthy as you are in full bliss and vibrational alignment with your source point. It is natural to resist while physically focused. It is normal to feel bad because of the resistance and it is ultimately easy to allow the natural unfolding of that process without resisting resistance so much. The following words have helped me reach levels of allowing that are greater than those I allowed before:

“There is no place to get to, there is nothing to do. I am here, now, in the state I am in anyway and since that is where I am at, I trust it to be perfect for me. I allow it to be just as it is. I pay attention to the experience and deem it right and good. I put my boat into the stream of my own creation and float towards that which source has in store for me with ease and quiet curiosity.” 

It is a calm state this state of allowing resistance to be what it is. In this calm, resistance dissolves all on its own. As my focus on it lessens, I experience more of my natural state of being, since source always allows everything unconditionally. Alignment is the inevitable consequence.




Well Being

All things, every little detail here on Earth, are a reflection of well being, for even in the contrast of seeming absence of well being resides the promise of well being, and the expansion into even greater well being.

What followed from this reminder was an intense desire to practice. Put the mental knowledge into a tangible experience. That desire felt so good, it must have been well aligned with my source point’s desire. To feel that good is to align with source. To align with source is to leave behind the dichotomies of polarity; or better said, put the notion of division a bit out of focus. The new focus is on well being. Well being is the order of the universe. Well being prevails. Consensus reality says differently. Mass consciousness is hooked on the bad news and the gory horrors of “negative” earthly experiences. That current prevails and is palpable to me, as I focus on well being. It offers itself at the core of my intentions as the one thing to practice with and so I do. Even the seemingly negative currents of mass consciousness are well being, the promise of greater well being anyway. The noticing of well being all around is becoming a fun training of the mind and it gets more playful the longer I keep at it. The physical experience and the knowledge of the non-physical well being that never wavers are beginning to get fuzzy around the edges and merge together into one big pool of wellness. All is well, this pool shouts at me whenever I steer my focus there. All is well eternally.



For years now I have kept my blog posts free of politics. Do not fear, this one will also be kept free of politics, even if the title potentially suggests otherwise. It seems to me that humanity has a chance these days to look at some core beliefs about race. From my point of view, these core beliefs about race are not only intimately linked to the color of one’s skin, or other physical features, but have a distinct patterning that affects an individual’s identity.

The reasons why any point of source would choose to incarnate in one particular physical expression over another are many. In essence it is always this: The chosen physical “look” matches 100% that which a source point has intended to experience. Period. It’s that simple. It’s perfection.

Racism is this trend that has been going on within humanity for a great number of years, thousands of years actually. There have been many cries for it to stop. The creation of a humanity who can peacefully co-exist in all facets of diversity has already happened in non-physical. It is possible to attract the changes that will ultimately allow this magnificent creation of such a humanity into physical expression. Any form of outward action (unless that makes you deliriously happy, then it’s your calling to jump into action) will only fuel racism, for racism begins within.

I am sorely aware, that this lifetime in this caucasian body doesn’t really give me much entitlement to even speak about racism, since it’s the white folks who have perpetrated so many racial “no-no-s”. It is interesting to note that my cell information of “caucasian” tells me that I am guilty of said perpetrated atrocities, even if my personal beliefs only speak of humans, regardless of skin color or otherwise distinguishing features. Yes, being in a caucasian body brings the filter of being guilty. That’s the moment where racism starts – right there. That’s where I am noticing a difference between those who are not of caucasian cell information vs. myself. This negative emotional feedback (in my case guilt) is a clear indication that the identification with “caucasian” holds a belief pattern that is a misalignment with source frequency. Source does not identify with skin color but only rejoices in diversity.

I look at racial patterning as something we come into an incarnation with. It doesn’t matter what our personal beliefs are, the cells hold a racial pattern that speaks of ancient experiences that have been going on for thousands of years. Depending on the diversity of your ancestry, there are numerous patterns that overlay and form a specific racial filter through which you can either simply experience your life (like a preset), or you can choose to evolve beyond it by consciously changing your own racial beliefs and implement those to form a different filter through which you experience your life.

You may wonder whether it is possible to affect the cellular memory by changing a belief pattern and I can easily confirm that you can. A belief is a thought you keep thinking. That which you look at is what registers as a thought. If you look at the racial issues that are being experienced in any part of the world, you will look at racism. If you look at racism, your own pattern of racism (yes we all have them still) will come to the fore. When that happens, and you become conscious of your racial patterning, relax for a moment. Relax into the presence of those patterns. They are an information on the cellular level that you have come into this body with. There is no need to fight them. In fact, if you want to see racism gone from humanity, start by focusing on loving acceptance of your own inner racial patterning. No matter whether that has the information of “victim” or “perpetrator” – it really doesn’t matter what the race is, or how you experience the patterning. What really matters is that you can find acceptance, and then self-love of that racial patterning by looking at yourself in a loving and accepting manner often (very often)…

If you do this practice often enough, and moving into acceptance rather than staying in racism seems to be a worthy cause to me, such acceptance becomes a pattern of its own. Then you are indeed a (r)evolutionary genius who is contributing to general acceptance of any race. I see the potential that if many many (did I say many!) people would busy themselves with such acceptance, racism will cease to be an experience on this planet. A goal that fills me with such joy that I cannot help but ask you all to give this some thought, and perhaps find acceptance of your own racial self, no matter the color, no matter the many ancestral points of origin. Ultimately, it’s all the same, just in many different facets that bring such diverse experiences. A joy to look at really!


We are in perpetual communication with everyone and everything in this world. Every thought is a vibration that is being transmitted and it is being attracted by a receiver who resides in a similar enough frequency. Mostly people are not aware of what all is really buzzing to and fro and that’s probably a good thing. The idea of telepathy has been in the air for me for a while now. It’s a reprise from ideas that I had dreamt up on my tree as a pre-teen back in Europe. Then, the thoughts of telepathic communication were driven by the sheer terror of having to use my words with – what? – people!  It was so easy to wish for telepathic communication and in my later teens, I’ve had a good friend with whom I could practice. One of us would think of numbers, colors, easy things, whereas the other was intent on receiving what the other was thinking. Sometimes we were in the same room. At other times, we were far apart. Our efforts were soon thwarted by the lack of tangible evidence that telepathy was even possible. Mind you, that was back in the 1970s and Earth’s frequencies were still deeply vibrating in the third dimensional experience.

Old desires have a habit of coming around, if they haven’t manifested yet, even if they were forgotten for decades. Source never forgets and still holds that desire as reality in non-physical. Today, much more able to present a stilled mind to the fields of thoughts and emotional currents out there, I understand that merely forcing thoughts out and/or intently listening inside for a thought from outside of myself isn’t the way to go about it. I also understand that some people are incredible beacons – prime senders of energy. Others have a knack for receiving – they perceive energetic patterns and interpret them into words and emotions. Feeling is always part of the communication, which makes it a very truthful event.

The only thing that may cause wobbles in this kind of  wifi communication without equipment is the doubtful thoughts. Doubts in the authenticity of the experiences, may render these communications wobbly at best. However, I hold steadfast that if I have experienced it, it is at the very least an experience of mine and that makes it valid to me. Ultimately, there is nothing to prove to anyone and communciation whether conscious or unconscious is ongoing between all of us in non-physical, as well as in physical. I for one opt to just know what kinds of information I receive and feel where it is originating from – and then decide as with anything I hear or read whether it feels “on” or “off” to me. One thing seems very certain to me, humans are going to have to learn or remember how to consciously think or not think before too long.

Transcending the Illusion of Separation

A belief is a thought I keep thinking, reading, speaking of. I have spoken of oneness before; I have spoken of separation being an illusion. Evidently, my thought has ingrained itself into my belief structure, as time has come for me to experience it as my reality.

It required of me to fully give myself, my totality, over into the world at large. Existential fears popped up, as I felt my previous identity annihilate in a flash of love, just to find myself awash with a much greater sensation of bliss than I had ever before experienced. By giving myself fully to the whole, I had found a truer version of who I am and I am still amazed and filled with a sense of eternity that I had known only in special sneak preview moments in the past.I have since then been able to recapture this new identity consciously every day and I return to it as my new default after moments of misalignment.

This morning, to sum it up, I woke with these words echoing through my being: “I AM the world that I experience” and although that may not be news as a thought per se, it certainly is news to me to actually live it and actively participate in life from this new point of perspective.


The feeling of impatience is nothing other than our emotional guidance that tells us that we have thought ourselves into a place of misalignment with source frequency. That much can be easily said, it can be quite easily corrected by thinking thoughts of general nature and by appreciating little things in life that are in our perception NOW.

Yet, what exactly does source communicate to me with this emotion? – In the basic understanding of my own patterning, my source conveys to me with this emotion not only the degree of misalignment I am in whilst feeling impatient, but also that I am in this instance distrusting of the universal forces that be. I am not only distrusting them to be exact and perfect, but I also have energy patterns that tell of “not having yet”, of “not being there yet” etc. These patterns are strong energy currents that delay the universe’s deliveries of my desires’ manifestations. As always, I find myself at the center of my creation, the creation or the lack thereof actually. It is always my own energy currents that are being displayed before me – it cannot be otherwise.

By contemplating this universal truth, my smile comes back to me and the alarm of “impatience” subsides. Certainty that all is well returns with full force and I can almost hear the energies of the universe rushing in (almost) unhindered, delivering manifestation after manifestation of the reflection of myself into my daily unfolding life, proving as always its magnificent precision to me.