The Stars Within



At the tremendous “risk” of going really “out there” with this blog post, bear with me, it’ll all land again on human territory.

Perhaps you have heard about, or followed some of the relevant information and/or the ramblings and guesses of those who call themselves “starseeds”. All in all, the fascination with stars may have been the only clue that you are drawn to lift your gaze from the everyday human stuff toward the heavens and wonder about other worlds. Perhaps you’ve been equally fascinated by all things sci-fi or astrology, astronomy etc, or all of the above combined. Then there’s the yet unproven but very eagerly talked about theme of “aliens”. Other people who live on other planets. To me it has been really quite a common sense assumption, while gazing upon the vastness of space, that there ought to be other beings out there, science is now catching up to saying that the probability is high or some such.

Anyway, long ago, I visioned and had received a message that had puzzled me deeply. “You are not of the Earth” it said. That was very strange, because I look very human indeed and my body is definitely a human one. That odd message was difficult to integrate, let alone believe for a very long time, especially as it was combined with many voices that urged me to finally ground. I do have a deep love for Mother Earth but also a very difficult time to fully comprehend my lack of understanding of my fellow human beings. All in all, it was a very confusing mix to say the least. I’ve learned to cope, I’ve learned to live with it, howver, I’ve never quite shaken the belief and subsequent experience of being “different”, an assessment that had come a long way from the much more potent, self-critical “attributes” of old.

These days, I see Native American tribes gather and meet peacefully after long standing rivalries. They are making peace. They come together for the common cause of saving Mother Earth and protecting her water. A noble cause indeed! In my immediate experience, I see family ties break and fizzle away, I see soul families gather, and that leads to the question I had been born with, which still resounds very deeply within me: “where do I come from?”

Sure, by now I understand that my source is energy, consciousness to be exact and has no specific location. My spark, or soul if you wish, has affinities however, and one very strong affinity is to a different star system. I’ve yearned to go “home” all my life and it has nothing to do with croaking or going back to source. It has to do with being familiar with being incarnated in a much lighter even taller body and experience the point of view of my soul family, who does not reside on Earth. I feel the connection with them today as much as I did (unknowingly then) in my youth. It has always been there. The starseed lies within, even if I spent many years trying to seek it outside of me. The starbeings we feel close to are “out there”. Our wish for them to come down to Earth may even be known, but they cannot come into an acknowledged common reality, as long as we believe that they are far, far out there on some planet that is millions of lightyears away. Instead, it took only a slight shift in consciousness, to realize that they are also in here, right in my own energetic make-up. This shift was nothing I had intended for, it happened spontaneously. I realized that my star family’s perception and abilities are encoded in my DNA, their love is in my heart, their mind and their point of perspective can merge with mine in my own field of consciousness.

Upon acknowledging the simple epiphany, that the star family isn’t “out there” but “in here”, the DNA blueprint that I call starseed began to shift. I can only describe it as an “activation” or  an “opening” – the seed had begun germinating – My perception and energetic sense has shifted ever since then. It seems to be shifting into the mindset/belief pattern and point of perception that stems from that particular star family. Where it all goes, I do not know. This is a new development that I can only allow, for stopping it is impossible. One admonishment that I received was this: the human based perception of separation, and with that the experience of aloneness, is a treat. It’s an illusion that is not part of the perception of my star family’s consciousness. I had better explicitly embrace and appreciate the very thing which irked me so for so long, for soon I feel that perception will shift. By shifting this perception and sharing this information with others who also know they are starseeds, the awakening to the call of the joining of the tribes can continue and spread. The raising of humanity’s consciousness is a very subtle and personal inside job. There is nothing one has to do other than allow the shift to the innate blueprint of that which we came to be – humans, united with their star tribes.  – We truly are the ones we have been waiting for!






The Blessing of Accepting Responsibility

As I was spiraling through my patterning, I had the opportunity to get a good look at a wonderful pattern. The pattern that keeps me in the “right” to complain, blame others for my experience, and feel victimized by circumstances and people. There I thought I had worked through that, but it appeared that there was another level of intensity that I could become clear about. Sure, I know I’m the creator of my own reality – I take full responsibility, except when I complain, or judge, or fall into these states where I feel sorry for my (perceived) bad luck and so on. Only then, I’m rather not the creator of my own reality… In those moments, I disavow my creator status. By doing that, I basically am very mean to myself. With my resistance to accepting that it is my creation, I say in energetic “words” – “I did not do that – therefore, I’m not a creator”. Strangely enough, when I last revisited this subject, it felt like I was facing a really tough decision – one that asks me to give up complaining and blaming others (more and more) and one that asks me to step into the identity as being a responsible creator. It was the moment in which I realized, that once I fully embrace this, I will no longer pretend I am something that I am not. Authenticity had just gotten more real than ever before. My perception has since shifted from seeing my experience as something I am looking at, to something I actually caused to appear. The impact of taking full responsibility for this is sobering to say the least. I am happy to be in this place, for the path that lead me here was my unique creation as well, and I am fully responsible for every bit in my reality.

A Joyride

By paying attention to your emotional state and seeking methods and ways to think of something that makes you feel happy and by doing so taking focus away from the energetic grids and constructs that pertain to your personal human belief system, you invite vibrational alignment with your source.

The experience of life on Earth then shifts from a sense of it happening to you while you are powerless and immersed within it, to understanding, that it is a mere reflection of who you are. In fact, it already is that – a reflection of who you are, of your thoughts and beliefs and emotions. The so-called negative emotions just signal that what you experience and see is the reflection of the beliefs you hold and the positive emotions signal that you are experiencing and seeing a reflection of your own source.

The choice what you wish to experience and see is always yours. To me it  takes the form of a joyride, a prospect filled with exhilarating joy to align and see and experience the source through my human eyes and body, reflected back at me through my earthly experiences.


(Original post:    Dec, 2012)



The Art of Giving … and Receiving

It is so easy to make oneself feel good. The act of giving, also called generosity, will easily propel one into an experience of joy. It doesn’t have to be a material thing that we are giving, but just to know that we’ve made an impact on someone else with that gift  makes us happy. Furthermore, if that gift is accepted and taken with gratitude, we feel something else, we feel accepted ourselves. If a gift we intend to give is not accepted, then the first impression is one of being rejected (in most cases). In this dance of giving and receiving, we can see that both ends are equally important for a “successful” transaction.

This applies not only for material gifts, it applies for emotional gifts and of course as well for the mental gifts of new ideas and the spiritual gifts our Higher Selves, the Creator, the angelic kingdom and all helpers have in store for us. There are countless gifts out there, I visualize the crystal grid hanging full of them, for each individual who cares to ask for help, their special and individual gift will activate and ease the way no matter where the ailment lies. What is most important in my view, is that if you do take advantage of that offer that is available for all of mankind, it is but a matter of courtesy to have an open heart and fully accept that gift. Receiving it is equally a conscious choice as is asking for the gift. The quality of receiving this gift will bring not only the gift, but also the quality of accepting the energy of the gift giver into your energetic frequency. Be this the energies of your Higher Self, the One, the Angels, the Archangels or your personal helpers, it will create a deeper understanding of oneness, of unity within yourself, being connected thus with all that is in a very deep and meaningful, conscious manner.

(Original post: January 25, 2011)


New Beginnings

Every moment can be a new beginning, if you decide that it be that way. Begin by looking within and by focusing on the beauty that is you, for all the light you need to illuminate your next step is in your heart. 

Through the Eyes of Source

Every time you allow yourself to see the world and everything in it through the eyes of source, know that your heart opens simultaneously to unconditional love. 

Resolving Remnants of Resistance

Ever so often, I find myself resisting. It’s human nature still to push against that which is experienced as unpleasant, in an attempt to make it go away. We are all pushers to a certain degree. I count myself easily belonging to the league of the mighty pushers actually. After many attempts of pushing away the unwanted stuff, I have to admit that no matter how strongly I have pushed against the unwanted, I have not managed to make it go away. I haven’t managed to fully forget either. Even the greatest and most noble attempts of living in a sense of active forgiveness have only produced mediocre results. I found that even in the best efforts given, there comes that moment where the old, unwanted moment, the old memory or what have you, pops back up to grin at you with that wicked smile. It’s just not gone altogether. When something is attempted a number of times in various ways and it does not produce the wanted result, it is time to shift. I have a tendency to shift 180° and try out the opposite of what I have been doing. It seems to be my nature. Hence, I’ve gone all out and decided that that which I have been trying to forget, get rid off, or simply deny, is a part of me. It’s an experience that has caused me to be the me I am today. It’s an integral part of me that I had been trying to push away just because it was unpleasant. It goes without saying that pushing away a part of who I am, just isn’t going to work. Instead, I’m finding it rather easy to view the unpleasant events as something that needs to be integrated, embraced, allowed to exist within the totality of who I have become because of it. This thought relaxes me deeply. I yield, I allow, I embrace, I accept and I become whole through it. The cramping energy of wanting something to go away can relax along with my embrace and I feel myself expand to become that which I already am. I become that which I have previously allowed plus that which I have erroneously tried to do away with. Through this act of allowing, I release remnants of resistance and embrace myself in the totality of who I am – I touch upon my true self and that always feels good.

(Original post: February 10, 2013)

Are we Going Somewhere?

I’ve used the word “journey” quite a bit and even though I’ve traveled the globe wide and far on both hemispheres, that’s not what is meant with that word. The inner journey, that’s what I refer to as “The Journey”. It could also be called “The Journey of Ascension”. As I am going along on my own personal journey of (self)-discovery, I realize that I’m not going anywhere really. How can, what appeared to be a motion from point A to point B, now have lost this perception completely?

I believe that this is what I call a threshold, like a step into a plane of existence that is different from what it was before. I understand that the perception of “going from A to B” is one of the 3rd dimension. There’s time involved for sure and there is motion involved, leaving A behind and reaching B. This means that in my old view, I left things behind (let them go) and “gained” or achieved new experiences. Recently, my focus point for the perception of things has changed. Time has fallen away, it has dissolved in my inner make-up. By dwelling in the moment every moment and only occasionally being caught in the time line, my focus point has become the heart. This has caused my perception of “me” as well of everything around me to shift quite dramatically.

Looking back, I can see a common denominator in all my experiences. It’s the “me-factor”- I was always there, just in the right place, at the right time. No matter what the experience. If I place my consciousness in that anchor point of my own heart and look around me, the view has shifted from being linear to spiral, spiraling out from my own heart center. At the center, yes, that would still be “me”. This means that the spacial perception is still there, the linearity however has dropped away. From this vantage point, I realize that my journey was never one from A to B. That was the helpful illusion that kept me going until it was no longer necessary to uphold this illusion.

What is it then, this “journey”, if not from A to B? All I see now is the totality of the things I’ve seemingly let go of, as well as those things that have come into my life – I do see beyond the horizon of what has already manifested or been experienced, the potential of things (experiences etc) which can be attracted, should I so choose. It’s all there spiraling out from the centermost point of my heart. Nothing is lost, nothing has been gained – all of me just IS. What has changed, most definitely so, is my conscious recognition of who I am and what I am doing here. Most of all – I realize that all of what I see has always been here, in the moment. It’s not that all of a sudden, I’ve “become” something that I wasn’t before. It’s more that now I see clearer what I couldn’t see before.

This tells me that the actual journey is one of looking at the very same thing from different viewpoints. There isn’t any work to be done to “become” something. There aren’t any attempts to be made to be something I am not already. All that I will ever be is already there. What this journey has brought me are ever new ways to look at it and perceive my totality. I enjoy this current view, but I have a hunch that this won’t be the last point of view I’m going to have.


(Original Post: December 30, 2010)


A Universal Truth

At some point we all face trials and tribulations that seem overwhelming to us. I have been in such places many times before and at times, it really felt like I was drowning in the situation that looked so problematic and insurmountable.

Helpers were perhaps present in those moments, people who had my best interest at heart or spiritual guides and of course source energy and the soul spark. Sometimes I had to go it alone. Each time however, I came out the other end of the tough situation richer, wiser, more conscious, and freer. Each time, without fail, in hindsight, I had to admit that I actually had had all I ever needed to make it through the situation at hand. After a great number of such moments, it dawned on me, that I had found a universal truth. It was true regardless whether I was able to believe in it or not. This universal truth can be put into simple words as follows:

No matter what circumstance or experience is present in your reality, you have what it takes to master what is asked of you. 

Today, I write this with a very dear person in mind, who is currently navigating through one such trial. I have full faith that everything will turn out alright in this person’s life. I know that it is a threshold into a greater level of consciousness. The door is ajar – a whole new world beckons – I wish you with all my heart the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other on your path that you desire and intend for so fervently! – You know who you are.

The Time for Hardship is Over


“The Time for Hardship is Over”

These words echoed through my mind the other day and although my heart began to sing immediately, I thought it was a personal message, you know that small reassurance we get sometimes when our higher self, our source flows through a bit more unhindered and we hear what that steady stream of love is telling us.

Today, I’m feeling the third push from source to blog about this statement, to tell all those who have a point of attraction within themselves to stumble upon it and are open to hear and understand what these words actually mean. They are not some soapy kindness to placate an aching heart. They are a new standard that since last week at the Fall Equinox has been established as an energetic matrix here on Earth.

Perhaps you too have felt yourself go through a transformation of late. Perhaps you have noticed that after last Sunday, the energies felt a lot like “a new beginning”. If you have, then you can add this statement above to the list and feel in your heart whether it describes what this beginning is all about – A new world, a new consensus reality without hardships.

Will there still be hardship on Earth – you betcha, for free will choice still is the prime directive here and every person can decide for themselves what they wish to observe and (re-)create for their personal reality. The matrix for a hardship-free world is installed however and if you wish to form a new basis for a hardship-free life, it is now fully supported, which means that all you have to do to experience it, is form a new belief accordingly. It will be formed very quickly now that Gaia is lending her energy matrix to such a belief. The more people begin to believe this new thought pattern, the quicker mass consciousness can follow suit and this is how you can really help change the world.

I invite my readers to take the title of this blog post, think it or say it aloud and feel their personal emotional response. I trust that most peoples’ hearts will begin to react positively to this statement. If so, the choice is yours whether or not you wish to make it your new default for life. Here’s to active co-creation!