A Joyride

By paying attention to your emotional state and seeking methods and ways to think of something that makes you feel happy and by doing so taking focus away from the energetic grids and constructs that pertain to your personal human belief system, you invite vibrational alignment with your source.

The experience of life on Earth then shifts from a sense of it happening to you while you are powerless and immersed within it, to understanding, that it is a mere reflection of who you are. In fact, it already is that – a reflection of who you are, of your thoughts and beliefs and emotions. The so-called negative emotions just signal that what you experience and see is the reflection of the beliefs you hold and the positive emotions signal that you are experiencing and seeing a reflection of your own source.

The choice what you wish to experience and see is always yours. To me it  takes the form of a joyride, a prospect filled with exhilarating joy to align and see and experience the source through my human eyes and body, reflected back at me through my earthly experiences.


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My Favorite Life


In order to experience the life you always wanted, the one you decided you could love, you must first love life itself.

Resisting Resistance

Our fantastic human brains respond very easily to the mass consciousness belief of “fighting against that which is bad”. Humanity has with loads of practice reached a place long ago, where that fighter spirit is the default and it responds to everything from the most insignificant subject to those subjects that impact nations and the earth itself. On my journey, I’ve spiraled into the experiential understanding that resistance is equal to focus (in intensity and duration). It is not only futile to resist, it’s actually counterproductive. While in the resistant state, we will never experience that which we want to experience in the amazing details we have conjured up due to the contrast we have experienced. In a state of resistance, that which has given rise to identify the preference is still being focused upon and the new cannot be experienced, as we are no vibrational match to it yet. Every process, every work plan we may have to edge away from resisting, for who wants to focus on the unwanted voluntarily, means only one thing – we have declared resistance to be the unwanted thing and are resisting it with that same fighter spirit that is humanity’s default still. It’s a double whammy at that point and it will always feel bad to be in such a state of double resistance. 

Allowing resistance to be a part of our lives’ experiences takes practice. It takes letting go. It takes allowing the “negative” emotions to be there, it takes releasing any and all pushing against feeling bad. It takes embracing the emotion as a natural reminder that there is greater well being in store and more ease still to be had. The reminder, that for now, in that negative emotion, you’re just as healthy as you are in full bliss and vibrational alignment with your source point. It is natural to resist while physically focused. It is normal to feel bad because of the resistance and it is ultimately easy to allow the natural unfolding of that process without resisting resistance so much. The following words have helped me reach levels of allowing that are greater than those I allowed before:

“There is no place to get to, there is nothing to do. I am here, now, in the state I am in anyway and since that is where I am at, I trust it to be perfect for me. I allow it to be just as it is. I pay attention to the experience and deem it right and good. I put my boat into the stream of my own creation and float towards that which source has in store for me with ease and quiet curiosity.” 

It is a calm state this state of allowing resistance to be what it is. In this calm, resistance dissolves all on its own. As my focus on it lessens, I experience more of my natural state of being, since source always allows everything unconditionally. Alignment is the inevitable consequence.



Well Being

All things, every little detail here on Earth, are a reflection of well being, for even in the contrast of seeming absence of well being resides the promise of well being, and the expansion into even greater well being.

What followed from this reminder was an intense desire to practice. Put the mental knowledge into a tangible experience. That desire felt so good, it must have been well aligned with my source point’s desire. To feel that good is to align with source. To align with source is to leave behind the dichotomies of polarity; or better said, put the notion of division a bit out of focus. The new focus is on well being. Well being is the order of the universe. Well being prevails. Consensus reality says differently. Mass consciousness is hooked on the bad news and the gory horrors of “negative” earthly experiences. That current prevails and is palpable to me, as I focus on well being. It offers itself at the core of my intentions as the one thing to practice with and so I do. Even the seemingly negative currents of mass consciousness are well being, the promise of greater well being anyway. The noticing of well being all around is becoming a fun training of the mind and it gets more playful the longer I keep at it. The physical experience and the knowledge of the non-physical well being that never wavers are beginning to get fuzzy around the edges and merge together into one big pool of wellness. All is well, this pool shouts at me whenever I steer my focus there. All is well eternally.


Working Hard

To this day, humanity holds on to the belief held by mass consciousness that promotes good work ethics. The belief holds steadfast, that only through hard work, there will be success. This belief permeates everything, even spiritual development. How often have you heard someone say: “I’m working hard on my alignment” – “if I work a bit harder at meditating, I’ll get there”…the list is endless.

The belief that there is hard work involved before we get to see results is the very thing that is experienced. In that belief structure, it is clear that only through hard work, the experience of the desired result is available. Unless you work hard, you won’t be as successful as those who do work hard, so the belief continues, and tosses out the bait of competition for those who wish to take it.

What I see when I hear the words “hard work” (yes, even when they creep into my own vocabulary from time to time) is this: We ARE the universal forces that we believe are outside of us to deliver us the realities that we experience. We all are part of that universal energy that shapes itself into everything we choose to believe. If we believe in the myth of hard work, there we have it – without hard work, no success. If we believe however in the omnipotent nature of pure positive energy, which is exactly that which we are at our core, then the idea of working hard becomes rather ridiculous (to me anyway). Really? the universe, this omnipotent force that has also been entitled “God” has to work hard ? – I don’t believe this for once second. What I do believe and with that pitch my human nature against the current of mass consciousness,is this: we are here to play, to frolic, to enjoy and to create. It’s play people! It’s nowhere near hard work, unless we decide to explore that old belief structure some more (and to do that is absolutely allowed).

Personally, I pick play over work any old day – passionate play that is. Aligned play and inspired action. With that attitude and belief, I accomplish so much more, than when I dip a toe back into the currents of old that sometimes pipe up and say: what ? you haven’t worked yet today? – When that happens, I laugh and recognize the “should” in my inner dialogue and wait until that moment passes until I find alignment, joy, and my playful nature again which is always just waiting to explore, do, accomplish, create, and enjoy – every day anew.

Immense Joy

If we align enough with source frequency (and the degree of alignment is communicated to us by how good we feel) we begin seeing the world and all experiences through the eyes of source. From that point of perspective, even the greatest follies, the most atrocious experiences, along with all the wonderful things, begin to look different. Source sees the immense creativity that goes into creating limitations as well as expansions. It sees the incredible amount of expressed diversity that goes into each and every creation and clearly forgoes any judgment, but instead keeps a steady focus on taking immense joy in the many creative processes that can be witnessed and experienced all day, every day.

Appreciating the Current Experience of Now

By gaining the perspective that the current now experience is as much a valid and perfect creation of your reality as any other of your many experiences, you will be able to treasure it much easier and can cherish it as much as the next one that will inevitably flow into your experience as your next manifestation. The current now deserves the honor, respect and recognition of being the birthplace of the new now and all subsequent nows.

(Original post: June 26, 2012)

Me, My Brother, My Sister

By Hailey Berry

For Nathan

My sister can swim laps and learn drills.
My brother does hip-hop and various sports.
They’ve both been in plays.
I am content but,
What am I missing?
Don’t be mad when I’m not a team player.
I do best in the spotlight, a star actor.

My sister can drive and create essays.
My brother makes posters for his class.
They both use cursive.
I am content but,
When can I do these things?
Don’t be mad when I refuse to sign or type.
Hand cramps are inconvenient when I need them so.

When angry, my sister writes, my brother takes deep breathes.
They’ve both yelled (often at each other) before.
I am content but,
How should I express anger?
Don’t be mad when I pull film out or tear my books.
I can’t journal; I won’t pretend I’m not angry.
I can’t even yell how I feel at you!

Don’t be mad when I don’t sit still for pictures,
or don’t give you a hug,
or become loud during a movie.
I hate the flash; I may not like your perfume; I thought you like this scene, too.

My sister goes to college, but I’ll never have a class with her.
My brother builds grand things with Legos, but I don’t have the patience.
Then again, I am not my brother or my sister.
Treat me ( and accept me) as a person, like you would anyone else.
I am mentally retarded, I have autism, but I am still human.

The Last Conversation

“A person isn’t who they are during the last conversation you had with them – they’re who they’ve been throughout your whole relationship.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

On Trust, Responsibility, and Control

Trust in another can be fleeting. It can be shattered within a very brief moment, for we have no real control over what anyone else chooses to do. There are many relationships that we forge over the span of a lifetime. All of them are eternal, for a connection that is formed cannot be broken, even if all energy is put forth to control outward manifestations of that connection. Most likely, such a connection has been in existence for eons before it vibrationally aligned to attract the involved players in this lifetime, as it most likely has done so in many lifetimes before.

We may have objections to that which others in our life are doing. Their actions may erode trust that was there beforehand and the pain that follows the betrayal of trust is keen and strong in most peoples’ hearts, as it signals the degree of misalignment from source energy in a most intense manner. For me there is only one way to avoid betrayed trust in my experience and that is to trust in myself and my source completely. When I place trust into the hands/hearts of another, I will be disappointed, for nobody can control another to the point of ensuring fully that trust will not ever be betrayed.

Similarly, healing that which already is experienced as betrayal may take time, however control has no place at the core of the healing process, for it only highlights and perpetuates the energy pattern of: “I cannot trust you to comply with my wishes (or the standards that society expects of you).” That kind of distrust will most likely manifest again, regardless of how much control over the other is exercised. (It is a universe of attraction and not assertion after all). It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that will result in further experiences of betrayal of trust. Besides, control may briefly bring relief, but in essence it violates free will choice in the other person’s life and that is never in alignment with source energy and will eventually receive a negative emotional feedback of some sort.

The path to healing betrayal leads to taking control over trust rather than over the other person. When I decide to relieve anyone from the burden of my trust and instead place trust solely in myself and with that in my own source; when I trust that I will be fine regardless of the actions, thoughts, omitted actions etc. of another, then I can rest easy that betrayal will not be in my experience. With the shift of the projection of trust onto myself and away from the other person, I am taking full responsibility of myself in my relationship. I take responsibility for my own experience in that relationship. When I am able to do that, the need for control over the other falls away and with it any fear of betrayal. Once those two are no longer active in my energies, my experiences in relationships will also shift and reflect back to me the trust that I hold energetically by trusting myself above all.