War or Peace…


… it’s a personal choice!

This world has seen many wars. Too many perhaps. Humans have not stopped warring yet. Peace is a word that currently, in this holiday season especially, shows up in many ways and in many different places. However, war still prevails. It is part of the human memory to be at war and so it is manifesting still. It is part of the history that repeats itself, until such time that we humans decide to do something about it individually.

There is not much any one individual can do, or is there? I think there is the only thing any one human being can actually do that would most definitely have an impact on creation and that is to stop ALL wars within. The moment enough people have come to a sense of inner peace, critical mass will affect mass consciousness, and peace will flood the awareness of the masses. It appears that the desire for peace is great, but it seems to me that not many people actually know how to go about creating peace purposefully.

It is quite simple really. There is an inner war going on. We judge. We mostly judge ourselves by judging others. We judge and complain about the things we do not like, without understanding that we are at war with it all. (Pushing against anything is a state of war, a fight.) What exactly are we at war with? What are we resisting? The bad stuff, surely.  But that bad stuff we experience is only the reproduction, the movie-like response of our individually perceived reality. It is a direct 1:1 reflection of the energy that we bring to the world. It is a reflection of what we got going on within, a direct reflection of who we are and what we are projecting to the world. It is a reflection of us, each individual experience reflects the energies of the experiencer. So it can be said that by loving each little experience in our lives, past and present, regardless whether we liked it or not, by embracing it and loving each little bit, simply because it is a part of who we are, we end up loving ourselves. By loving each little bit, we stop fighting against it, resisting it, judging it (harshly), critiquing ourselves for the very experiences we have, as well as judging others for playing a part in the reflection of our own energies…

When we are brave enough to embrace all this, bit by bit, ugly and beautiful alike,  we cease the inner war. Eventually, the result must be inner peace and self-love. In that state, war in an outer expression ceases to be, for it cannot be reflected as it is no longer within. When critical mass is reached in the consciousness of humanity, peace will be stronger than war and the resulting world wide experience will finally be peace.

No matter whether you are called to protest against something because that is your “job” in this life, or not. Make sure the inner war stops first. Then go about what you are drawn to do in the outer, physical life. There cannot be judgment on who does what in this life. The task is a simple one, but it requires inner reflection, courage to face the uglier bits and a big enough heart to embrace them despite their not so pleasant appearance. I believe that more and more people are ready and willing to do whatever it takes. It is my firm belief that it takes self-love to achieve peace, that is a work that nobody can do for another.






We are All Here

A Parable by Alaniya Patton (written in 2007)

There was a time long, long ago when the people of this earth were awake. They saw the world around them with their real eyes. They saw the world around them with their inner eyes too. They were very gifted and saw many different worlds at once. This did not confuse them, as they saw it as natural, because everyone could see what they saw. They busied themselves with their regular lives and talked and played with the many other species that they saw. It was quite normal for a young one to play with an elfin child, or a gnome kid. In fact, they played many games, because the kids of each different race brought their own games to the playground. During those old times, the playgrounds were the meadows, the forests, and the wide open spaces; in short, nature itself.

Each race had a different way of knowing nature and they shared that knowledge freely and peacefully with the human children, who in turn shared their knowledge of cultivating the earth, of farming, and growing things in a garden. That was something the others did not usually do and they were very curious to know more about it. How lovely it was when the human kids shared their crops of berries, nuts, and tree fruit, freshly pulled carrots and beautiful bunches of grapes. The elfin children know so much about the bees, the butterflies, the dragonflies and all the other insects, for their race are the guardians of the insect world. They take care of plants as well, especially the many flowers and of course the plain grasses too.

The gnomes know a lot about the crystals and the other precious stones of the earth. There is nothing they cared about more. To an outsider that may look as if gnomes are greedy for gemstones, but that isn’t really so. Their cousins, the leprechauns have lots of knowledge about metals and minerals too. There were centaurs, running free and frolicking in the sunlight during the wonderful summers without a care. They ran wildly across the large meadows and rested peacefully under big shady groves of trees. The centaurs are a bridge between the realms of humans and animals and still guard the gates between these two kingdoms. Today, we only remember centaurs from fairy tales and legends, but back then, everyone knew them. Although they tend to keep to themselves within their herds, they are a very noble race; they are kind and caring. They are keepers of important knowledge, which serves to keep peace between the kingdoms.

Many more species were living all peacefully together in one world until the humans grew ever more skeptical. Over the course of some thousands of years, the humans started to deny that these other beings were real. Since their world is their creation, they were allowed to do that.  They said,“There is only one human race, and that is us.” Since every word that is thought, every word that is spoken, every belief that is strongly held, creates the world we see, it was natural, that with the repetition of these words, there had to be the creation of a veil between the worlds. A veil that separated the world of the humans and that of the “others”. At first, this veil was very thin, but the people insisted and said, “There is only one human race, and that is us.”

So it came that the veil increased in thickness until the grown-up humans could not see the elves, the gnomes, the leprechauns and the centaurs and many other races anymore. Then they grew quite content by being the only human race on earth. However, the human children saw right through the veil and until about age 7, each child was still seeing the fairies, the elves, the gnomes and whomever they chose to play with. One could see many a child sitting seemingly alone, but playing intensively with unseen people. To this day, children can do this, but they have also learned not to talk about it to anyone, because talking about it may sometimes lead to their parents saying, “No, no, we are the only human race on earth” and these children after hearing this over and over would also only see their own people. It came that children all over the world, just choose to enjoy playing with the “others” and they choose not to tell anyone about it. Thanks to the human children who are still seeing the “others”, the veil never grew dense enough that the worlds separated completely; and for this we are all grateful to this very day.

The years passed by and the human beings made many choices and created their world according to their thoughts and beliefs. The earth herself had her own plans and over these many, many years, she grew in awareness and beauty.The earth had a big goal. There was a time when the spirits governing the earth made a decision. In a time far into the future, another far away millennium, the earth herself would travel into a higher energetic vibration. The sound of the melody of the earth’s vibration would grow to higher tones, everything would vibrate much faster, and even the feeling of time passing would be faster. The most exciting thing would be the point where the earth would actually travel from one level of lower sound to the level of higher sound. That would be the greatest celebration the earth had ever seen.The original plan was that all races would celebrate this together, but the humans had decided so long ago, that “they are the only human race on earth,” that what they see today is only one human race on earth, because this is what they had created their world to be. How is it possible then, for all the human races on earth to celebrate the big moment when this beautiful planet would graduate to her new melody? The elves with their eternal wisdom came up with the answer.

The Elfin Queen was very wise, because elves live much longer lives than humans do. She is still very beautiful, ageless almost, but her eyes have seen so many things and her heart has grown to be the most compassionate heart one could imagine. In her wisdom, she decided for the elfin people that it was allowed for elfin spirits to embody a human body. She warned her people that such a lifetime would be very, very difficult, as the way of life for the elves is so different from that of the human people and their own lifespan so much longer. However, some very brave and extremely curious and excited elves decided to jump into human form and be born as human babies. Soon, the many other races had very brave souls who also decided to take on human form. This is how it came that human babies were born who faintly displayed the features of the other races. There are humans now, who look like humans of course, but with a trace of elfin faces, others with traces of gnome, ogre, troll, centaur, fairy faces, body structures and character traits. They also came with memories from their past existence among their own peoples, for surely they did not wish to forget everything they know.

Among themselves, these people were drawn to each other whenever they met, at school, at work, at the movies or even at the grocery store. It was something in their eyes that made them recognize each other and made their hearts glow with love for one another.

As Mother Earth is about to celebrate her new vibration, her new melody, it is obvious that nobody wants to miss that party. We move along with the song of the earth, as time passes quicker and quicker, as worlds create themselves faster and faster, we experience that there are very many people on the planet today, all have come to witness the great event, we are ALL here to see and celebrate the excitement. Look around you, among your friends. You can tell whether they have a wee bit of elf in them, a little gnome, or even troll. The noble centaurs have a very hard time in a fully human body, for they miss frolicking and running over the meadows very much.

If we all embrace who we are inside, let go of the belief that “There is only ONE human race on earth”, the veil can thin out again and thanks to all the children, the veil never fully closed and thus, the work of children worldwide over many thousands of years time has shown its importance. If we truly believe that these “others” are just as much part of the many human races, then the veil can thin once more and over time, we can all live peacefully together again, sharing all knowledge and wisdom, as we used to do so long ago. All we have to do is remember who we are. It is this time on earth that we all came here to see.