Victim of Circumstance (part 1)

The focus and overt attention we give to something, be it positive or negative in our experiene, creates an energetic pattern that will bring more of the same into our experience. Cool! – now I have this “thing” in my experience I don’t want. I’ve experienced it over and over and obviously, I’ve complained about it and gotten used to focusing on it, so it shows up and greets me every day anew like that old pal I would love to ditch. Oh, I’ve tried to ditch it – believe me! I’ve tried to run from it, I’ve tried to fight it, I’ve struggled against it and resisted it with all my might, yet here it is again, day after day. The habit of focusing on it has created this seemingly endless pattern. A loop, where I revisit this “thing” and therefore experience it. It seems there’s no escape from it at all. So what’s the hype with positivity ? That stuff surely can’t make that monster I apparently have created (have I?) go away! I can’t just paint a smiley face on this and pretend it’s not there, since it keeps showing up. Perhaps I have been fated to experience this ugly monster day after day, it’s must be just my burden to carry – so my thought patterns. There it is – the ultimate thought that slipped in through the back door: “I’m a victim of circumstance!” – Of course I don’t know this ultimate thought in word form, but I feel its power. I feel it, yes it is true, look around – it’s everywhere, circumstances abound and they victimize me and keep me hostage! – The cycle has found it’s low point, or has it not?

If this scenario sounds remotely familiar, I have perhaps some news for you. First off, you are correct. You are experiencing yourself as a victim of the circumstances in your life. You have proof of that. It feels real. I get it. I can easily acknowledge this and nod. Yes indeed, it is so. However, the query does not end here! “Why is this experience the way it is and repeats itself over and over in variations?” That is a question that will have undoubtedly an answer akin to: “because I believe to be a victim of circumstance”. And there you have it…

Now on to the perhaps rather unconventional part of this scenario. You’ve tried to move on from this state, I’m sure you have. You’ve tried to escape, you’ve tried to meditate perhaps, you’ve tried that darn positive affirmation thing and it failed – You want to simply give up, flop over and let it all be, yet there’s that spark in you that fights again and again. Two things happen here. The fight against this brings more focus to it and therefore elicits more confirmatory experiences and it firms up the very belief you are trying to expunge. The other thing is this – the sense of having exhausted all your fight and all possible actions and the feeling of giving up is actually your source input trying to guide you toward the one thing that will bring you the relief you are seeking. Flop over – let it all be! – that’s the call of source!

Have you tried following that call yet? – If you have, you know where I’m going with this. If not, then I feel it may be time you did. Allowing is a magical thing. Allowing can heal so much. Allow that you have this core belief. (You are not alone, it’s a core belief you share with mass consciousness). Allow that things are as they are. Allow it like a farmer who just lost his crop to bad weather would sigh and accept. Shrug and say “oh well” – just for a moment. Let the relief that follows this acceptance flood through your very being. Let go of the fight, even if it seems counter-intuitive. Let go of the struggle that only creates more focus on the undesirable thing.

Don’t try to run from that, don’t try to immediately shift away, try to fully embrace that thing that caused you to feel victimized. Get me right, it’s not about forgiveness here. It’s about acceptance and nothing more. This is the first step. Give this step enough time to feel what it means to be in a state of acceptance of what is.


(Since there is need for time between the first and the following steps, part 2 of “Victim of Circumstance” will follow a bit later – stay tuned!)


Staying in Your Vibrational Frequency

In some of my blog posts on “Epiphanies, Experiences, and Viewpoints“, I have already spoken of the necessity to maintain one’s personal vibrational frequency. It appears that this is more important now than ever before. The physical body has gone through adjustments that make any interaction where one dials into a lower frequency a very precarious exercise. The physical body reacts to this “auto-dial-down”. It doesn’t like it. The DNA has adjusted to the higher frequencies and it doesn’t want to be in a lower frequency and will throw up acute physical symptoms of malaise, irritation, or even disease. These symptoms will most likely be symptoms that have been experienced before and they represent the place of weakness in the individual body and therefore they are very personal symptoms. Usually they are not life-threatening, however they do signal very vividly that something has happened that isn’t appreciated one bit by the physical form (your body).

There are patterns that link us to people we have known in our past. These relationship patterns, whether they are ¬†positive or negative, are like fibers, threads that weave together to form bonds and chains. These bonds and chains are perhaps wanted, but most of the time, they are serving only one purpose. That of re-creating the old way of relating the way we have been. This re-creation of the old realities isn’t the only thing that is created by following the same energetic patterns that are stored in these fibers and weaves. What happens is that we create a form of dependency, either on the negative aspects of a relationship, or even the positive aspects. In this dependency, we are unable to let the other nor ourselves be who they/we truly are. We are automatically biased and since most of these fibers originated in the 3rd dimensional experience, we auto-dial into that frequency and the body is now rebelling against this frequency shift.
Since these relationship patterns are all our own creation, we have sovereign right to do with them what we please. I chose to unravel and deconstruct some of mine. The manner in which this deconstruction takes place is of course individual and based on intention and energy that follows such intention. The chained bird in me is now soaring and I realize that I had carried not only the burden of my own life, but also the expectations I had of the other person(s), be they good or bad. These preconceived ideas of how others are, should be, were, etc are energetic burdens that are now gone. The feeling upon freeing myself from these chains and bonds was a mix between grief and relief – I call that feeling “grelief”. The intensity with which this combination-feeling welled up within me was directly proportionate to the strength of the bond and the amount of prejudice and expectations. Dreams that were part of who I wanted to be had also found their way to freedom – they fizzled away. That was most painful for a brief moment, but then relief followed and the understanding that I can create new dreams in a heartbeat placed the focus elsewhere.
For a free flowing experience in my own energetic frequency, I am now able to experience interactions with the very people I have released from that old bond and I experienced that I maintained my place that I call my “vibrational homepage” (default frequency) and the old ways that used to trigger me into certain reactions are just not active anymore. Get me right, this has nothing to do with pushing anyone away, nor with saying good-bye to any relationship you might have. This is more an exercise to find our own true vibration, commit to that as the base and give up the ties that make us auto-dial into a frequency that isn’t compatible with our physical bodies any longer. This, so I feel, holds the meaning of staying in one’s true essence, one’s true vibrational frequency. This is the place of well-being.