Source always adores. Source adores all of creation perpetually. Adoration of something or someone always connects us with that source point of perspective and initially always makes us feel good. I imagine that it is perhaps this idea that propels so many humans into a state of adoring something or someone, alive or dead. The issue isn’t with adoration per se, as it is pure in and of itself. The issue lies more in forgetting to adore oneself (seeing oneself through the eyes of source). Or forgetting to adore another and only adore oneself (as it would be in the opposite state of it.) These two extremes are not source perspectives, as source does not distinguish or measure out adoration. It gives it freely to all that is, including itself. Adoration is very much akin to unconditional love. I experience it as having a more active, a more outgoing energy current than unconditional love, which in my perception flows more passively, as it just is.

I perceive adoration as an avenue toward unconditional love. While meditating on adoration, I find that when I hold someone specific as the object of adoration, source shares that point of view and my emotional feedback is positive, as I am more and more vibrating in the frequency of adoration itself. I can easily say – pick something/someone – anything/anyone that you can adore and adore! Just for the sake of adoring. Then know however, that you are adorable as well. Do not separate yourself from being adorable, just because you are the adorer. Know that as much adoration that you are able to send forth comes back to seek you as the object of adoration, until the energy cycle completes onto itself and adoration just IS.

During such an exercise, always remember that true adoration is not the kind of worship that puts a worshipper in a lesser place than the worshipped. The balance of equality must be maintained for adoration to flow healthily and of course to avoid any kind of state of emotional dependency. Know at all times that whilst you may be projecting adoration out onto another, that this other is a cooperative component in your creation and represents a reflection of yourself and that ultimately, what you experience is the beauty of a joyful reunion of you with source essence, within yourself.

Adoration is as much a valid path toward alignment with source frequency as are appreciation, positive thoughts, and simply just anything that brings about joyful emotions. There are plenty of suitable, adorable objects/subjects that can serve as a “target” for adoration. Give yourself leave to pick the one that makes you the happiest!