There is no Way…

Life is expansive, there are no conflicts in nature. It is only the illusion of separation that brings the contrast of conflict… We keep seeking for a solution to find the way, but there is no real way, because we already are what we are seeking to become!


The Veil

There are many reports from fabulous points of perspectives, that speak of many a change on Earth. Especially changes in the universal energies, astrological placements, and so on. They are all fantastic markers on our individual journeys and usually find us just at the right time, when we’re ready to read the amazingly accurate wayshowers’ treatises. This is why occasionally, I feel drawn to participate and put my perception out there. The reason for doing so is always based on a nudge I receive from my source point. This nudge indicates that it is the right point in time to write it all up, even if there’s just one other person ready to read it. That means, someone must have asked for clarity about this subject I am about to share here today, and this asking has caused the information to flow into this more public space, ready to be found.

The veil of forgetfulness was (yes was!) a thing that was “mandatory” and in place for most incarnations before 2012. It activated at the moment of birth into physical and the veil usually closed all the way by about age 7. Some kids were able to keep it open through a few more years, but usually around puberty, it shut completely and erased all memory of non-physical. Occasionally, there was a child born without the veil, or only a slight veil. Those incarnations weren’t special or meant to be lifted out of the ordinary, although they were certainly not the norm.

This  veil had a purpose and it still does. It is part of the Law of Grace, which shields the human mind from overload and being overwhelmed with input. (The Law of Grace speaks of never getting more than one can handle.) However, the human mind, along with the human DNA is expanding, as is everything else in this universe and in the physical as well as non-physical experience. The human mind can comprehend and compute so much more today than it was able to just 50 years ago, for example, and certainly a huge amount more than 200 – 1000 years ago, and so on.

This natural evolutionary expansion has become the catalyst that has slowly begun thinning the veil. It is with utter joy and exaltation that humanity has reached a point where the veil is becoming optional. This means that those who are experiencing the desire to know their source point will experience the thinning of this veil. It also follows that the decision as to whether to incarnate with the veil in place, thinner, or not at all present, is now available as a choice prior to incarnating into a new body.

In the spirit of free will choice, individuals can stay in their vibrational frequency they are used to with the veil fully in place, the law of grace shielding them from too much information at all times, so that they can go about their lives as they have intended and are used to. However, if the desire is reached to know non-physical self (source) better, the veil will begin to thin out gradually. This means, information has a chance to penetrate your mind that previously may not have found an avenue or your comprehension. This can range from perceiving every day experiences more fully, colors more vividly, sounds more precisely to gleaning information about past lives, source intentions, “missions” and goals that are relevant to you at this point in time. It can also lead to gradual opening of extra-sensory perception channels that have until now been more or less dormant.  These are but a few of the potential results you may experience while your veil thins more and more. All in all, a thinning veil will certainly expand your range of perception and intensify your human experience while bringing exquisite clarity to you.

More and more of the newly incarnated young ones may prove to you that they know far more than you can imagine. They may eventually begin using words that express that expanded knowledge and it would then be easy to see that they have chosen to come with a thin veil or none at all. This is how humanity will evolve from being closed off from the awareness of non-physical to gain fully integrated awareness over time from one generation to the next.

The excitement that I feel while bringing this information into the language form is incredibly beautiful. Personally, having lived all along without the veil in place, I rejoice in seeing more and more of my fellow humans reach for non-physical in ways that are so beautiful. I happily offer to engage in conversation about this process.


The reason we are growing and expanding in our essence is not because we aren’t big enough or not good enough, not smart enough or still too ignorant, but because it simply is our true nature of being in a state of perpetual expansion. By embracing our own true state of expansiveness, without attributing to it the assumption that we were less than perfect at any time before now, we can reach a state of allowing self-love to flow. 

Well Being

All things, every little detail here on Earth, are a reflection of well being, for even in the contrast of seeming absence of well being resides the promise of well being, and the expansion into even greater well being.

What followed from this reminder was an intense desire to practice. Put the mental knowledge into a tangible experience. That desire felt so good, it must have been well aligned with my source point’s desire. To feel that good is to align with source. To align with source is to leave behind the dichotomies of polarity; or better said, put the notion of division a bit out of focus. The new focus is on well being. Well being is the order of the universe. Well being prevails. Consensus reality says differently. Mass consciousness is hooked on the bad news and the gory horrors of “negative” earthly experiences. That current prevails and is palpable to me, as I focus on well being. It offers itself at the core of my intentions as the one thing to practice with and so I do. Even the seemingly negative currents of mass consciousness are well being, the promise of greater well being anyway. The noticing of well being all around is becoming a fun training of the mind and it gets more playful the longer I keep at it. The physical experience and the knowledge of the non-physical well being that never wavers are beginning to get fuzzy around the edges and merge together into one big pool of wellness. All is well, this pool shouts at me whenever I steer my focus there. All is well eternally.


Work Becomes Play


When love is part of everything you do, work becomes play and the moment expands to include time for each and every little thing that needs to be done.

The New Josh

Often, it seems we are held in a box. It is possibly the realities of those around us that keep us there. At least they believe that which they always have of us. Since changes happen rather frequently and lately at the lightning speed of “near instant”, it can absolutely happen, that the rest of the world (i.e. our friends and family) have a hard time catching up and sorting us into new boxes within their realities.

This goes of course both ways as we ourselves often hold a view or an opinion of “Josh is just like this… (fill in the blank)”. I believe in giving first before asking from the outside to deliver, hence, I see it as my own responsibility to be as open minded to the changes another may have gone through, even if I don’t know exactly what they might be. Frankly, during the increase in speed of time and energetic frequency, we have to pretty much assume, that Josh from a week ago, isn’t the same Josh today. We ourselves are continuously changing, growing in awareness and refining on an energetic level. It goes without saying that this is true for all people on Earth, even those who themselves are not avid seekers of consciousness expansion processes. Consciousness is expanding everywhere automatically, due to the fact that the Earth’s energies are increasing in frequency and peoples’ personal choices, desires and observations. What is nice is that we can help that process along, by not hindering it.

We are hindering it, by re-creating the same reality matrices that we have held in our minds, by not even giving a thought to the possibilities of everlasting, frequent, and as I said, near instant change that can occur within anyone at any time. We keep Josh in the box that Josh has been put in 30 yrs ago. That isn’t fair to Josh, nor to the state of mass consciousness, to which Josh most certainly belongs along with everyone else. Ideally, we can gear up and contribute to a more advanced consciousness on Earth by allowing Josh to be who Josh is at any given moment in time. By not deciding to know who Josh is, what he’s up to, how aware he is etc. By being curious like a little child who discovers the wonders and miracles that Josh will possibly present when we meet him again. Curiosity is the key word here. Isn’t it boring to expect Josh to be like he always was, the same as when we first assessed him? I think so. It’s much less boring and most certainly quite exhilarating to be able to discover a fresh new Josh every time we encounter him.

We owe our “Joshes” this kind of courtesy, for wouldn’t we want Josh to see us fresh and new every time he sees us?


(Original post August 6, 2011)