The Divine Feminine and Masculine – What it Really Means

Ancient pasts that we may not be able to access through today’s history books have been read and interpreted by those able to tune into the Akasha Records. These records reveal that on Earth, humanity has lived through a number of cycles. I do not know for sure when the split into feminine vs masculine began, I reckon it was before paradise and the story of Eden if we follow the timeline of human history to go beyond that point in time. The energetic flow from patriarchial societal structures to matriarchial explorations and back to patriarchy and so forth has been a pendulum motion back and forth into the depths of either masculine or feminine dominance alternatively.

I am called to look upon this subject today in a slightly different manner. True, there are feminist voices out there who claim that it’s better to move more into a matriarchial society and so on. This has never resonated with me, despite being female and very often feeling the sting of that expression in the male dominated society I am living in. Universal truth is, as depicted in the yin/yang symbol, that there is a drop of masculine in a female and that drop feminine in a male – we all carry the potential for both sides.

Today’s tendencies of the young ones who come to show us this are those we call “transgender” or “gender fluid”. They very clearly demonstrate (even drastically so at times) that they can feel like one gender, yet be embodied in the other and feel very much out of place in the physical body and the physical world for that very reason. I recall personally, having wanted to be a boy for many years while growing up. Hell, I was one of the tallest people in my class as a teenager with 5’10” and dwarfed quite a few boys along the way. I didn’t only dwarf them with my physical stature, but noticeably with my sense of independency, clear aversion to anything that would tell me to submit to any authority, male or female, but especially male. This was matched with an intellect that helped me navigate the world successfully, despite the challenges I chose to be born into.

The result of such a “glorious” female incarnation could have easily lead to a feminist attitude and conviction, but it did not. I ended up suffering from being feared by both men and women and this trend seems to be ongoing. This alone is a sign that I myself have not managed yet to make peace with the tug-of-war that exists within me having chosen to send forth a predominantly male energy (power) to express it in a female body. In ancient times, I would probably have embodied this in the role of “warrior princess”, “amazone”, “shaman” or some such. Today, I have chosen to become a mother. A role that has challenged every little bit of me from the first breath of my firstborn. To complete the picture, I have two daughters and although my deep desire would have been to raise a male child due to a clearer understanding of what it means to be male, I know also full well, that these two children of mine have been the most challenging but deepest blessings at the same time, assisting me on my journey to not fall into the mistaken draw of feminism (male expression of the feminine side), but to begin a far more difficult journey. It is the journey to find balance between the predominantly male energies in this physical female form and mellow that power out with the more feminine attributes of nurturing, love, care, sympathy, and empathy.

This journey is of course ongoing and I have not a clue whether I will reach a point of balance in this lifetime. However, I do know that feminism in its true sense is nothing other than masculine energy attributed to females, by disavowing the feminine parts and becoming more masculine in the process and with that power bash masculinity in turn. (To each their own, this blog post is not about feminism in the first place.) It is my sincere desire that everyone find their journey’s meandering pathways in their own manner. To me, it has become very clear, that society’s development in principle is not about flip-flopping from patriarchy to matriarchy and back again to patriarchy and so on. Times for these extremes in duality have passed. It is time to find the commonality, the congruence and the beauty in the merger of these two energetic forces that seem to oppose each other yet complement each other beautifully and powerfully, when given the chance.

In order to see humanity develop into such a sense of equality of female and male energies and expressions requires individual journeys in which many individuals explore this subject within and find that (near) perfect balance in their own lives. It is no longer about “either/or” but rather about inclusion, integration, and about allowing that these energies complement each other in the most harmonious way possible within each individual, giving rise to the understanding of the inherent value of both sides and the even greater value of the combination of male and female energies. Those who resonate with these words have their work cut out for them and my heartfelt sympathy goes to all those with extreme courage to step onto this unchartered territory to carve out a new, peaceful path for equality within humanity. Thank you!


A Path to Equality

(Equality: the state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.)

There is a video going around the net that emphasizes on strong women and encourages us (women) to be brave in 2014. Upon watching this video, I realized that it felt off to me. Being in a woman’s body myself, I had to wonder why such a video would feel off to me. It’s one-sided. It’s an opinion of a person or group, it’s beautifully compiled, and professionally crafted. All this is allowed of course and there shouldn’t be anything for me to find flawed, yet for me, this one-sided focus on women alone struck a chord within. Questions arose:

How can equality be reached between men and women, if we are still beating the drum of one by the exclusion of the other? How can we ever find that equilibrium if we keep emphasizing one over the other or even insinuating that one may have better attributes than the other or be more amazing?

The simple answer that stood out for me was:  “We cannot reach equality that way.”

It’s a wolf in sheeps clothing to view a video as beautiful and positively conceived as the one I’m talking about. It contains exclusion. I remember preschool and kindergarten days where my daughters were explicitly reminded to focus on inclusion of their peers. A simple lesson that actually comes naturally to the little ones, as they remember their true nature a bit better than we grown ups do.

I hear a big “but” … Yes, we do gravitate to something similar than that which we vibrate as. Yes, we prefer some things/people over others. That’s perfectly natural and should not be tampered with. Yet, in our hearts, our preference does not need to become the holy grail of choices! Let the choice be free, the attractions be natural, but allow for all components, male, female, regardless of skin, hair, eye color, sexual orientation etc etc – to be there on this planet of ours (for it is anyway!). The more choices we have available for our experiences, the greater the fun to let law of attraction sift through them and bring us in contact with exactly those folks who vibrate in our frequency. The precision of this is so uncanny, that any kind of prejudice becomes not even unnecessary, but is rather ridiculous.

Furthermore, in my personal experience, I have recall of many male incarnations of mine – good ones they were! So my own source energy stream has found it fitting to incarnate in both male and female bodies and I can only guess at the ratio, since there’s a fairly long string of lifetimes. Of course there too, law of attraction operates with its precision and brings on the body that fits the ideas and intentions for the lifetime. Of course, preference is still alive and well, but this preference needs to be standing alone and as sovereign as it actually is, for putting down one compared to the other or operating along the same energy stream in the opposite state of glorifying one over the other can only bring one experience – Division.

Division is the opposite state of who we really are and always feels bad to me. Let your emotional feedback decide what it means to you and then, as if you were back in kindergarten, perhaps the lesson of inclusion (allowing all to be part of the whole) makes sense again.