When we experience that someone close to us dies or otherwise leaves, we humans usually follow the belief of mass consciousness that suggests that we have experienced a heartbreaking loss. The emotional response to such a belief is infallibly grief. Grief is the signal from source that we have distanced ourselves from source frequency by quite a lot and are buying into the illusion of separation.

This whole planet seems to groan from this steady stream of grief that so many people experience world wide. When I observe this grief feedback that is ongoing on a daily basis all over the planet, for surely every day someone dies or experiences a relationship break-up, my physical body sometimes reacts with tears.

Surely, everyone has had (or will have) an experience that resulted in grief. Some people seem to never get out of that experience. In truth, and do check in emotionally as you read, there is never a separation between anyone be they dead or alive. In truth, the connection that we all share is ongoing. In truth, any thought in the direction of separation will bring negative emotional feedback. As if initial grief wasn’t enough, humans have a tendency to keep focusing on it and therefore keep experiencing it. There are grief support groups that focus on the grieving process and keep it alive and well; there are therapy forms that harp (well meaningly) on getting over someone by insisting you cut off any and all connection to that person (how is that ever going to work?) – All that is clearly just an attempt to make yourself feel better. However, feeling better never happens when you look at anything that source sees differently. Source does not see separation. Source only sees oneness and connection. Ultimately, we cannot “unknow” (the person) and we cannot “unlove”.

Here’s my take on how to deal with grief:

First, take the “hit” – feel the grief (as briefly as possible). Then identify that emotion as emotional feedback from source. Identify further that it signals you that you are thinking thoughts of loss and separation, which are in opposition to how source sees the events. Don’t ever try to “unknow” or “unlove” the departed, for that is futile and will always feel bad. Instead, find pleasing things of general nature to think about and distract yourself a bit. Be easy on yourself, you’re probably still prone to buying into the mass consciousness belief of loss and separation. Allow yourself to focus on different topics, rather than the one that screams “loss” at you. Tell yourself that the physical connection may be a thing of the past, but that the non-physical connection is alive and well and will never (NEVER!) cease to be. Take solace in the time spent together and avoid thoughts of regret (they’re a literal waste of your time). Remind yourself that all is as it is supposed to be. Remind yourself that the universe always operates in absolute perfection and that all parties involved are benefitting from the experience in some ways, even if you cannot identify what those ways are (just yet). Spend your time focusing on things that you can appreciate. Tip toe with your thoughts only sporadically into a place of remembering the times spent together in physical that were special, but always strictly pay attention to how you feel and at the first sign of “missing” the other, or renewed sorrow and grief, find those general thoughts again that pleased you earlier.

Very specifically, become conscious of your emotional cues that way and dance your way through the maze of your thoughts. (Therein lies the opportunity for expanding consciousness through this experience.) Meditation will bring relief, as it stills the mind and ceases the thought patterns that have a hold on you sometimes. Make it your intent to seek thoughts that feel good and bring relief. Allow yourself to stay connected with the “departed”, for you already are connected and know that any struggle against such a connection will result in negative emotion. Be easy and patient with yourself, kindness towards yourself goes a very long way.

On the global perspective, I find that it is time that humans slowly begin to see that there is no separation, there is never loss of another, (be they alive or dead) – EVER. In my vision, I see more and more humans beginning to react differently to “loss of another”, until eventually mass consciousness will be affected as well and with that, the wave of grief going around our mother Earth can become less and less and the cloud of this lower frequency wave can lift and be replaced by a steady stream of joy, connectedness, unity and understanding of oneness.

Personally, there are a few that I’ve seemingly “lost” through death or otherwise, but I want to let them all know that the connections are alive and well, that I feel them in my heart, each and every one of them. I am able to fully recognize them by feel according to their personal energetic signature and I cherish those contacts and their ongoing presence in my life. I am enriched by having known these people, having shared experiences with them, and I revel in the absolutely delicious appreciation that I could not be who I am today, had they not traveled with me for a bit of the way.