When Judgment Strikes

It’s been quite a while since judgment showed up in my experience, but it seems that about once or twice a year, it pleases others to pass judgment on me. Judgment to me is like acid on the fabric of my creation. It feels bad. It feels bad, because I don’t wish to be judged and when I encounter judgment toward my person, my decisions, my way of life, it hurts. Plain and simple, I hear the words from others and adopt them for a brief time to be my own thoughts and they are so far removed from what my source thinks of me, that the misalignment is sudden and intense. It’s not just a wobble, no, it throws me for a loop and my heart aches.

First, I flop over and take the hit, then I have to see that the judgment is in its essence but a point of view another human being is voicing. Most certainly, that other point of view is not based on the full awareness of who I am or what I am all about. How could it be? Allowing of the different point of view seeps into my awareness and eases some of the pain. Immediately, considering the source of the words that had come into my reality, I realize that they have value. I see possible motives for their harsh judgments on me, which doesn’t make my pain less per se, but seeing possible motives helps me steer my thoughts back into the waters of my source.

Source never sees anything wrong with anybody. Source only sees different expressions of itself. Source allows. Humans don’t allow so much and they have their own way of perceiving. I could opt to fight this judgment that has come so suddenly into my awareness and I can choose to have a reality with that kind of experience or one without. For now, I realize that to have one without, it is most likely the case that the very same judgments I would attract if I feared to be judged, would be uttered without my knowing, behind my back. It remains my choice, where I put my focus. It remains my choice whether or not I allow myself to be affected by the judgments or just remember the human point of perspective from which they sprung forth. That perspective is as interesting as my own, whether I like it or not. It is however my prerogative to decide what my preference in this regard is and I opt to not judge those who judge. I opt to allow judgments to flow through me, fully knowing that although it looks like it’s the judgment that hurts, it actually is not. The judgment on its own does not hurt. It’s the web of thoughts that are triggered by it. The fact that there is something that can be triggered, means nothing other than that I have a point of attraction within me that invites this experience. Time to go within, look at what funny stuff I got going on within and focus on its improvement.

It’s good to remember that everything in my experience is my creation, even if it seems to come from the outside. It’s good to know that without a point of attraction, there could not be that experience. It’s absolutely glorious to see how the judgers have opted to be cooperative components in my reality to bring my awareness to something I can now adjust and live more aware, freer yet, and more peaceful within myself for their help. Immense appreciation to all who opt to judge me and my actions, my motives, and my expressions, for all you show me is that there are smidges of self-judgment left within that attract these scenarios. Onward to ever greater awareness, to ever expanding ability for self-love.


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