My Will vs. Thy Will

The dichotomy of physical vs. non-physical still holds a firm grip on many a human’s perception. The desire may arise to flow more of source energy through the physical manifestation, but there is that wonderful ego that signals concern about losing the freedom to choose and the freedom to one’s own will. (Let’s call that “My Will”).  This is in stark opposition to “Thy Will”, the will of source, the god-force, or non-physical. In the polarity based perception one cannot exist when the other is active. In the higher frequencies, this perception shifts however to the understanding that both these seemingly separated types of will or desire points can and do peacefully co-exist if we let them. We cannot hope to flow a greater amount of source energy through our physical body for as long as a belief is present that there is something to give up (like “My Will”.) Truth is, we don’t have to give up a thing. But we can open ourselves up to gaining a whole lot more, not just in vibration or energy, but also expanded perception of that which we experience on a daily basis. The expansion of consciousness will lead at some point to this crossroads where seemingly a decision for physicality or then for non-physicality ought to be made.

When this point of development shows  up, many are experiencing a difficulty to decide. There is but one reason for this indecision. You are not meant to decide in an either/or kind of way. The decision is not to choose “Thy will” over “My will” – the decision is to align “My will” to “Thy will” and to know that all desires, be they born from the non-physical point of view or also from the physical point of view can and will be fulfilled, and can also be experienced in the physical form, if we line up with the energy of it. A decision between non-physical or physical would in essence mean to decide for one part of who you are and against another. That must feel off, as it is utter misalignment and cannot even be done. Sure, you can deny a part of yourself for the experience of that denial, but in the end, you will come to learn that separation is the great illusion and that the experience of it through this denial was a fun ride at best, but can never be universal truth.

If you desire to reach higher vibrational frequencies, I am pretty sure that this dichotomy will have to find some resolving before you can march on, on your own path to ascension and alignment with your source point. The joy that comes from dissolving the barriers of separation between you and you will let you know that you have found a greater degree of alignment still. Only one thing remains with unshakeable certainty: Source loves you beyond measure, regardless of where you step next – unconditionally!



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