The Art of Being

When I contemplate the art of being, in my perception, it encompasses the allowing of every single viewpoint, every single creation, be that my creation or that of someone else. Allowing everything to be just because it already is as it is, brings a very deep sense of completeness. This focus can be reached by deciding to allow every observation to be the way it is. It can be maintained on a moment by moment basis by concentrating and practicing to never interfere (unless truly inspired to do so in certain moments)* and thereby joining source’s viewpoint of allowing for free will choice. This kind of allowing of all things, all decisions, all creations, all opinions, all paths, etc, is ultimately very freeing. I find myself rewarded with a very deep sense of inner and outer peace. The decision to view everything as something that is allowed creates an intense opening for source energy to flow greater amounts of its life giving, positive energy into my physical being and the first emotional response is a combination of relief, deep relaxation, and a sense of beingness that is beyond reproach.


*) Source inspired action feels like an incredible urge to go forth and do the action; not acting in that moment will feel “off” and acting on that urge will feel very “on”.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Being

  1. O I love this. Just reading it, I feel more open and calm. Or maybe I’m just already tuned into it! Anyway, thanks.

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