About Failure

The emotional feedback of feeling like a failure, or that you have failed at something is a direct response to thoughts that are in contrast to how your inner being, your source point thinks of you or about the situation you have judged or assessed to be negative.

What we humans tend to determine to be a failure is often just a turning point in our lives; or the new point of departure for a journey into a different direction. By looking at our “failures” as just that, a point of clarification perhaps, or at the very least as just the point of departure for the journey to the next point, then we can ease up on experiencing our creations as failures. Instead, we can adopt the perspective that they are mere springboards for more exciting stuff. Nothing in life is a failure, for everything, even that which we deem very negative, is merely the type of contrast that brings about new desires and preferences, which our source point immediately and steadily holds in focus, waiting for the human part to catch up. What we experience as failures are in fact the birthplaces for so much more. In that light, nothing is ever a true failure and nothing is ever really done, as our experience keeps expanding, growing, and increasing in many more interesting points that give rise to more of creation and experiences and so forth.

To look at oneself, one’s life, or certain experiences therein as failures, indicates that there is a general distrust or disbelief in the positivity of Creation itself and although that only leads to negative emotional feedback, that too is of course allowed as a filter through which to experience one of life’s many flavors. The joy of it all lies in allowing even that which we call failure to be in our experience, in the full understanding that ultimately, everything is as it is created,  it is as it has been conjured up into our realities and therefore, by the sheer nature of its presence in our lives, it is good and cannot ever be a true failure.


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