Nothing is Ever Lost

Time is ripe for sharing my experience of reality threads, also called “parallel realities”, although I do not perceive them to be parallel at all. There are an infinite number of realities altogether and each source point (the term “source point” means to describe a specific frequency point within the totality of source energy) creates new reality threads with every single decision, thought, desire. What we attract and experience as human beings in what we call “reality” depends entirely on what we focus on. Most people focus on that which they are observing around them and therefore the reality they experience looks very smooth and linear, giving the illusion of a continuum out of which there is no “escape”.

For a number of years now, I have had experiences that are somewhat different and at first, they were very difficult to identify and navigate through. These experiences consisted of what for me looked like almost abrupt changes in conversation topics, behaviors of those around me and myself, all within the framework of what I was used to, i.e. my home, my family, the same people, the same location and so on. At first, these shifts in reality threads were random, they appeared to happen “to me” and I had no idea on how to navigate within them or how to shift back to the one I had been in at the start of the conversation, nor how to find my way into a new thread. What I did notice was that true to my human nature, the first instinctive reaction was to push it all aside, not take responsibility for it, and deny the existence of these many threads and with that negate my shifting from one to the other. Then came the phase where I did take responsibility for them, but used them a bit as an excuse for my own behaviors, still feeling a bit at their mercy. After a few years of such roller coaster experiences, things calmed down for me and today, I understand that wherever I place my focus and intentions, that’s the thread I attract into my immediate physical experience.

Reality threads don’t happen to us. As beings with creator status, we are the creators of them. Each decision, major or minor looks to me like a fork in the ongoing reality thread. That does not imply that the other thread isn’t experienced. We are multidimensional beings of pure positive energy and have far more power than we can fathom. Just like anyone else, I have made many decisions and have been at the receiving end of decisions made by others that involved me as well. To this day I continue to still get impressions and understanding from the “other” reality thread that seemingly stops to exist once the decision has been made to move into a different direction.

Once, someone told me that I had evidently trouble with “closure” and I wholeheartedly agree. I do have trouble with closure, as I have trouble buying into the finality of anything. I understand too well that all of this creation is ongoing and nothing ever really demands closure, even if sometimes, I still have moments when I wish for my perceptions to be a bit less “leaky”.

Perceiving more than one reality thread at any given time can be very confusing, but I dare say, it happens every day to all of us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. In physical, there are experiences that can be very scary, such as near misses in traffic. Quite often, I observe cars coming seemingly out of nowhere, materializing before my eyes in an instant, when they weren’t there before or the other way around in perfect “now you see me, now you don’t”- style. At first I thought to pay better attention to the road and the cars, but soon enough, after paying really good attention to traffic, I kept experiencing more and more of such near misses. All I can do today is fully trust the forces that be to keep me safe throughout my travels, and they do.

Other experiences consist of shifting reality mid-sentence in a conversation, which results in communication that suddenly takes on a very weird twist and doesn’t make sense anymore. Again, at first, I doubted my concentration, language ability even, but I can’t possibly claim any longer that German is my mother tongue and that my English isn’t as good as that of the native speakers. More extended experiences of parallel realities consist of alternate scenarios of my life in the reality thread that had forked at the decision point. Those experiences are comforting and unsettling at the same time.

I had for example made the big decision to move away from Switzerland to the US nearly 20 years ago and sometimes wondered what my life would have been like had I stayed in Europe. In the very broad sense of “ask and it is given”, I became aware of what it had been like for my alternate self in the alternate reality, for whenever we make such major decisions, the “other choice” is also being experienced by source and keeps on existing and unfolding. Again, we are multidimensional beings and to me that is an experienced fact.

The soothing part in this is that no decision will ever snuff out that which we have decided against and therefore I can wholeheartedly say “nothing is ever lost” and know that it is really so.


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