All children (they don’t have to be your own) are the evolutionary leading edge of humanity. For that reason alone, it makes perfect sense that they be a parent’s main priority in life. However, not to teach them, but to learn from them. Besides, they are mostly funny, ornery, playful, happy, joyful, challenging, revolutionary, brilliant, and definitely more resilient than we can fathom.

Furthermore, they are a perpetual, tireless, true reflection of what we have going on energetically. They are immediate cooperative components in our own dramas and mostly love us unconditionally, even if they try out hurling words at us like “hate” or similar – (mainly in their teens). They are the perfect companions and teachers, they are the ones who will bring about a new world, as we have been involved in dreaming up massive changes when we were young. Let’s enjoy them for who they really are. Let’s appreciate not only their glorious achievements, but also their everyday presence in our lives, for better or worse, because it’s actually a privilege to be around the “new ones” and by proxy get a “whiff” of what source has become while we were busy being adults, for far too quickly will they grow up and make way for the next wave of humans from the evolutionary leading edge.


2 thoughts on “Children

  1. Yes!

    “Privilege” is the perfect word for this. That’s exactly what it feels like.

    Also . . . “privilege” is a word my 4yo son is well acquainted with. He knows he has rights, which cannot be taken away, and privileges, which can. Seeing the word “privilege” in this light is a great reminder. Thank you.

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