We are in perpetual communication with everyone and everything in this world. Every thought is a vibration that is being transmitted and it is being attracted by a receiver who resides in a similar enough frequency. Mostly people are not aware of what all is really buzzing to and fro and that’s probably a good thing. The idea of telepathy has been in the air for me for a while now. It’s a reprise from ideas that I had dreamt up on my tree as a pre-teen back in Europe. Then, the thoughts of telepathic communication were driven by the sheer terror of having to use my words with – what? – people!  It was so easy to wish for telepathic communication and in my later teens, I’ve had a good friend with whom I could practice. One of us would think of numbers, colors, easy things, whereas the other was intent on receiving what the other was thinking. Sometimes we were in the same room. At other times, we were far apart. Our efforts were soon thwarted by the lack of tangible evidence that telepathy was even possible. Mind you, that was back in the 1970s and Earth’s frequencies were still deeply vibrating in the third dimensional experience.

Old desires have a habit of coming around, if they haven’t manifested yet, even if they were forgotten for decades. Source never forgets and still holds that desire as reality in non-physical. Today, much more able to present a stilled mind to the fields of thoughts and emotional currents out there, I understand that merely forcing thoughts out and/or intently listening inside for a thought from outside of myself isn’t the way to go about it. I also understand that some people are incredible beacons – prime senders of energy. Others have a knack for receiving – they perceive energetic patterns and interpret them into words and emotions. Feeling is always part of the communication, which makes it a very truthful event.

The only thing that may cause wobbles in this kind of  wifi communication without equipment is the doubtful thoughts. Doubts in the authenticity of the experiences, may render these communications wobbly at best. However, I hold steadfast that if I have experienced it, it is at the very least an experience of mine and that makes it valid to me. Ultimately, there is nothing to prove to anyone and communciation whether conscious or unconscious is ongoing between all of us in non-physical, as well as in physical. I for one opt to just know what kinds of information I receive and feel where it is originating from – and then decide as with anything I hear or read whether it feels “on” or “off” to me. One thing seems very certain to me, humans are going to have to learn or remember how to consciously think or not think before too long.


2 thoughts on “Communication

  1. “I understand that merely forcing thoughts out and/or intently listening inside for a thought from outside of myself isn’t the way to go about it.”

    Beautifully stated. In my experiences, I find the more I think, the less I hear; thinking is pretty much the same as talking, in that whilst your brain is busy constructing, you’re distracted and not listening to anything. But when you meditate and actively stop thinking, only allowing silence in, then you hear whatever is on the airwaves at the time. And if you want to interact with (whatever is there), IT can only hear you if you silence all the background noise first too. Attempting this communication in any other climate than silence is something like trying to have a whispered conversation at a rock concert.

    • I concur with a chuckle, as I remember vividly having shouted a whisper at rock concerts. If both receiver and sender are incarnated, then I absolutely agree. However, non-physical always knows/hears regardless of your rock concert’s volume.

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