A Path to Equality

(Equality: the state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.)

There is a video going around the net that emphasizes on strong women and encourages us (women) to be brave in 2014. Upon watching this video, I realized that it felt off to me. Being in a woman’s body myself, I had to wonder why such a video would feel off to me. It’s one-sided. It’s an opinion of a person or group, it’s beautifully compiled, and professionally crafted. All this is allowed of course and there shouldn’t be anything for me to find flawed, yet for me, this one-sided focus on women alone struck a chord within. Questions arose:

How can equality be reached between men and women, if we are still beating the drum of one by the exclusion of the other? How can we ever find that equilibrium if we keep emphasizing one over the other or even insinuating that one may have better attributes than the other or be more amazing?

The simple answer that stood out for me was:  “We cannot reach equality that way.”

It’s a wolf in sheeps clothing to view a video as beautiful and positively conceived as the one I’m talking about. It contains exclusion. I remember preschool and kindergarten days where my daughters were explicitly reminded to focus on inclusion of their peers. A simple lesson that actually comes naturally to the little ones, as they remember their true nature a bit better than we grown ups do.

I hear a big “but” … Yes, we do gravitate to something similar than that which we vibrate as. Yes, we prefer some things/people over others. That’s perfectly natural and should not be tampered with. Yet, in our hearts, our preference does not need to become the holy grail of choices! Let the choice be free, the attractions be natural, but allow for all components, male, female, regardless of skin, hair, eye color, sexual orientation etc etc – to be there on this planet of ours (for it is anyway!). The more choices we have available for our experiences, the greater the fun to let law of attraction sift through them and bring us in contact with exactly those folks who vibrate in our frequency. The precision of this is so uncanny, that any kind of prejudice becomes not even unnecessary, but is rather ridiculous.

Furthermore, in my personal experience, I have recall of many male incarnations of mine – good ones they were! So my own source energy stream has found it fitting to incarnate in both male and female bodies and I can only guess at the ratio, since there’s a fairly long string of lifetimes. Of course there too, law of attraction operates with its precision and brings on the body that fits the ideas and intentions for the lifetime. Of course, preference is still alive and well, but this preference needs to be standing alone and as sovereign as it actually is, for putting down one compared to the other or operating along the same energy stream in the opposite state of glorifying one over the other can only bring one experience – Division.

Division is the opposite state of who we really are and always feels bad to me. Let your emotional feedback decide what it means to you and then, as if you were back in kindergarten, perhaps the lesson of inclusion (allowing all to be part of the whole) makes sense again.


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