Tuning into Love

Everything is made from the same original energetic essence, that is termed unconditional love. Everything that is you, in physical or non-physical form, is made from that same essence. Everything you are observing and experiencing is made of that essence. It surrounds you and flows through you at all times.

There are many ways to tap into the alignment with that essential energy and allow the feeling of that unconditional love running through you. There is a moment while tuning in and experiencing alignment, where the universal truth of these statements becomes who you are in your mind and body (you already are that in non-physical consciousness). While in that full alignment, you are being that essence in an unadultered way while in human form and you then cannot help seeing that everything is love, everything around you, everything you observe, everything within you. You are then, while in physical form, being as authentically that source essence of unconditional love that you can possibly be. Anything less than experiencing and also being this full bliss is just the illusion of a deviation from your true self.


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