Love is the Answer

So many times have I heard the cries for “Love” – there are countless songs, poems, books written on the topic of love, written by all sorts of people, including myself. We must love each other, we must send love here or there, especially to all those who seemingly are in the darkness, to them, we must open our hearts and love them into the light.

Yes, love is great. Of course it is. Love makes us feel amazing when we are held as the object of loving attention. Yet, what is love really? I cannot speak for anyone else. I can only share my own experience of love. Love is… – yes, Love IS. Love IS the state of being when I am in full alignment with my own essence, when that which is termed “physical” lines up in the same frequency as that which is termed “non-physical”. That’s when the two frequencies merge and vibrate as one. That is when love is experienced, for my essence (and everyone else’s for that matter) IS love and it is up to me how much I allow my own point of perception to align with that of my essence that holds this love steadily, forevermore. It IS love, and it will always remain love as it is unchangeable in essence. Any experience outside of love is an experience of contrast that sends the signals of yearning to be back in the state of love. Source will never come and meet the frequency of contrast. It will hold the frequency of love steadily until my human excursions are done and I return to the vibration that I call “home”.

It’s therefore never up to anyone else to give me love, nor is it up to me to give them love. It’s always a matter of full vibrational alignment with my source essence that brings waves upon waves of love to flow through my physical body, my emotions and my mental faculties. Only from such a point of alignment can I BE love and emanate love to everyone around me, regardless of their choices, for that kind of “being love” is nothing other than to love unconditionally.

Love IS the answer, for Love IS alignment with source, and alignment with source (your inner being, your non-physical self, or whatever else you wish to call that energy) is the basis of who I am, who everyone is and it is Love.


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