On Trust, Responsibility, and Control

Trust in another can be fleeting. It can be shattered within a very brief moment, for we have no real control over what anyone else chooses to do. There are many relationships that we forge over the span of a lifetime. All of them are eternal, for a connection that is formed cannot be broken, even if all energy is put forth to control outward manifestations of that connection. Most likely, such a connection has been in existence for eons before it vibrationally aligned to attract the involved players in this lifetime, as it most likely has done so in many lifetimes before.

We may have objections to that which others in our life are doing. Their actions may erode trust that was there beforehand and the pain that follows the betrayal of trust is keen and strong in most peoples’ hearts, as it signals the degree of misalignment from source energy in a most intense manner. For me there is only one way to avoid betrayed trust in my experience and that is to trust in myself and my source completely. When I place trust into the hands/hearts of another, I will be disappointed, for nobody can control another to the point of ensuring fully that trust will not ever be betrayed.

Similarly, healing that which already is experienced as betrayal may take time, however control has no place at the core of the healing process, for it only highlights and perpetuates the energy pattern of: “I cannot trust you to comply with my wishes (or the standards that society expects of you).” That kind of distrust will most likely manifest again, regardless of how much control over the other is exercised. (It is a universe of attraction and not assertion after all). It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that will result in further experiences of betrayal of trust. Besides, control may briefly bring relief, but in essence it violates free will choice in the other person’s life and that is never in alignment with source energy and will eventually receive a negative emotional feedback of some sort.

The path to healing betrayal leads to taking control over trust rather than over the other person. When I decide to relieve anyone from the burden of my trust and instead place trust solely in myself and with that in my own source; when I trust that I will be fine regardless of the actions, thoughts, omitted actions etc. of another, then I can rest easy that betrayal will not be in my experience. With the shift of the projection of trust onto myself and away from the other person, I am taking full responsibility of myself in my relationship. I take responsibility for my own experience in that relationship. When I am able to do that, the need for control over the other falls away and with it any fear of betrayal. Once those two are no longer active in my energies, my experiences in relationships will also shift and reflect back to me the trust that I hold energetically by trusting myself above all.


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