Appreciation vs. Gratitude

Thankfulness. Today is the holiday on which we remember to be thankful. Thankful for friends, family, all the good that is in our lives. Yes, today we (in the USA) are officially grateful for all these things and also much more.

However, I’m a stickler for energetic patterns in words. When I say the word “gratitude”, its energy presupposes something that has been overcome. At some point, it was bad, now it’s good again and I’m grateful for the improvement. This may well be the case for many people when they practice gratitude on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

When I look for a word that does not include that which I have overcome, for that which was overcome happened in the past and I don’t want to invite it back into today’s creation of my reality, I must seek out a word that stands on its own, regardless of what was or what will be. That word, for me, is “appreciation”.

I can appreciate anything I choose without giving energetic reference to anything that may have been before or anything that perhaps will be. Appreciation happens in the Now-moment and while practicing thoughts of appreciation, it propels me through its innate qualities into the now-moment. I appreciate appreciation for that very reason as one of the single most important keys for alignment. Today, I appreciate the holiday that reminds me that I can choose appreciation over gratitude whenever I choose and know that it will always make my heart sing when I appreciate.


One thought on “Appreciation vs. Gratitude

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