It’s been a really long stretch of exercising my patience. I have been waiting for a very long time. The cocoon that was so visible, where people kept to themselves, where suspicion and fear won out over trust and love. That cocoon has kept people from recognizing each other on the soul level. The veil of forgetfulness that had such a Divine purpose in the old paradigm has thinned out a great deal. It’s beginning to be quite see-through.

As I was walking along the river, my mind on its water and the waters in all things, it was very noticeable how people recognized each other, how the greeting was sincere. In that moment of walking past one another, time seemed to expand, the whole image of who that soul is was clearly visible, while walking on that same path along the river. That expanded moment was all that needed to exist for a bit, there was no need to follow-up, there was no need to attach anything to that moment either. These were special little moments of absolute perfection, where the eye contact was made, the other’s presence here on Earth honored and recognized and that was good enough to stand in it’s own beauty.

After many of these brief encounters of recognition, the question came forth: “What do we have here?” and the answer was available right there as well: “Metamorphosis!”

It became clear in an instant that what I had witnessed today was the emergence of humanity in its new consciousness. Gone were the fear and suspicion, replaced by love and trust filled recognition of our true selves respectively. It is truly a form of metamorphosis that humanity is going through and the first ones are emerging now. It all culminated when at a grocery store after the walk, a clerk got a bar of chocolate and began offering it to everyone around. He was young, very handsome, tall, his eyes sparkled and his heart was wide open. He said very fittingly: “That’s how I make friends – Hello Friends!” Some were happy to share in the offered chocolate, others were more reluctant, but their choice of “no thanks” was respected with a smile.
We all had a great time and left each other with the ease that only absence of fear and attachment can bring – we left with our hearts wide open. The unspoken understanding was, that should there be need and like energy patterns, we will most certainly meet again.

(Original Post, 31st March, 2011)


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