Nomen est Omen

Nomen est Omen – This Latin proverb has been with us for a long time. It means literally “Name is omen.” It implies that the name is fitting for the object or person. I want to go a step further though. The sound that is inherent when speaking the name of something holds a power. This power will bring you into the frequency of the essence of what is named. This brings a whole new understanding of how names can be used.

In some understanding, magic works like this – you will have to know the true name of the object and you gain power over it. I am no magician, but I have experienced lately, that the energy of a name when spoken aloud most certainly will propel one to the respective energetic frequency.

There are accounts that claim that the it has been written in the old testament that God said to “call upon His name” – I think that may have been meant for this very reason. Unfortunately, it has since been distorted and that name has become a “secret”. It has been covered up by replacement names like “Lord” (Adonai) or simply by saying “The Name” (HaShem) in lieu of the ONE’s name (sound, frequency)…

It is ok, I’m not going to speculate what the name of the ONE would be. That’s for each and every one to find out for themselves. I am not claiming to know it either. What I do know however, is one of the names that depict my essence. It took many decades until I was ready to face the truth of my origin. It is nothing to be curious about at this point either. Much more interesting to me is to impart the understanding I have gained while saying that name aloud. I did stand in my sacred space and spoke it aloud. It instantly propelled my energy into the state of my essence. The field of consciousness of my origin was wide open and available to me. It has to do with acknowledging and accepting that this IS indeed my essence.

I see implications and responsibility with this new found method of “naming” something and am absolutely strictly bound by the directive of free will choice. Only upon my choice will I name something that affects myself and only by the choice and request of another will I even think of doing the same for that other person.

For some people, time has come to begin learning how to direct energies and thus affect their reality consciously. It is part of the 5D way of life as I understand it and since it so presents itself to me at this time, I feel it is now my time to learn about it, remember it and speak of it. I make extra sure to tread very carefully where the gift of this knowledge is concerned and I hope you will as well.

(Original post written on 1/16/2011)


2 thoughts on “Nomen est Omen

  1. This is a very cool post, I never heard of the phrase “Nomen est Omen” until now. Only 2 days ago I read a very interesting article on Egyptian Invocations, and this very concept was part of the essence of that article. Basically, their belief was very similar to what you just said, in that sound / vibration is the language of the universe, and certain sounds invoke certain things. Makes perfect sense. So the premise was that the ancient Egyptian languages were not only considered words used to communicate in our terrestrial plane, but the god and goddess names through which they could be invoked. (I believe the same can be attained through the combination of music and focused intention too.) I really like your writing 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Chris, I appreciate it. It makes perfect sense to me that sound has been important to many wisdom traditions of old, as it is used by various branches of beliefs as in toning, chanting, praising etc. Always on the lookout for the connection with our energetic essence, as is my belief. – 🙂

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