Owing and Being Owed

Human interaction happens every single day a myriad of times over in all directions of the emotional scale. It single handedly gives us the all-important glimpses as to who we are, for we can only see in others what we can see within ourselves. Relating to other human beings may be superficially easy in our daily encounters, but when it comes to more personal relationships, the plethora of hangups that come with certain (by society) defined types of relationships are usually the very thing that causes them to be only partially successful, or after a certain amount of time, not at all sustainable.

One of the main reasons for the inability to live and act peacefully in personal relationships is the sense of owing or being owed something. Giving and receiving are names that have been used to describe this sense of owing or being owed, but I wish to make the distinction here for a very specific purpose. It is my understanding that both owing and being owed stem from a lack of responsibility for one’s own creations, one’s own creative powers that are always in play. We cannot experience a physical reality without constantly being creatively active, i.e. without having an active energy current that reflects our beliefs back at us in form of the physical life we experience.

It is a good idea to take responsibility for this creator status, as it only allows us to step further into our own alignment (power) with source energy. By taking responsibiltiy for this creator status in my own personal reality, I acknowledge that nobody owes me anything, nor do I owe anything to anyone. I take responsibility for all the parts of my reality, the wanted and the unwanted. It’s all mine. I move into all of my relationships, be they personal or more general in nature with the understanding that I am sovereign unto myself and that unconditional love becomes the base for all my actions and non-actions. It is the the kind of love that owes nothing, nor is it demanding (owed) anything. When I am anchored in my heart, in the alignment with source, in the essence of what this source energy is (unconditional love), receiving and giving become sacred expressions of source and they are always free from owing or being owed.


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