A Universal Truth

At some point we all face trials and tribulations that seem overwhelming to us. I have been in such places many times before and at times, it really felt like I was drowning in the situation that looked so problematic and insurmountable.

Helpers were perhaps present in those moments, people who had my best interest at heart or spiritual guides and of course source energy and the soul spark. Sometimes I had to go it alone. Each time however, I came out the other end of the tough situation richer, wiser, more conscious, and freer. Each time, without fail, in hindsight, I had to admit that I actually had had all I ever needed to make it through the situation at hand. After a great number of such moments, it dawned on me, that I had found a universal truth. It was true regardless whether I was able to believe in it or not. This universal truth can be put into simple words as follows:

No matter what circumstance or experience is present in your reality, you have what it takes to master what is asked of you. 

Today, I write this with a very dear person in mind, who is currently navigating through one such trial. I have full faith that everything will turn out alright in this person’s life. I know that it is a threshold into a greater level of consciousness. The door is ajar – a whole new world beckons – I wish you with all my heart the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other on your path that you desire and intend for so fervently! – You know who you are.


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