Crystal Grid of Consciousness

Having observed my source work for many years on the implementation and anchoring the Crystal Grid of Consciousness that spans the energetic body of planet Earth and has been fully functional for a good decade now, I could not help but also witness that over time, many of my personal epiphanies and experiences flowed directly into that grid’s “memory banks” and were made fully available for humanity at large to draw the inspiration from the grid in their own time, for their own personal journeys of ascension and enlightenment.

Usually, after having had a particularly poignant epiphany or change of belief structure within me, I would read shortly after one “report” or another in which the words would echo quite fittingly the very process I had the blessing to experience.  Of course I have no way of knowing if Gaia facilitated the process and this was channeled and it affected me, or if my personal process and moment of expanding consciousness allowed Gaia to facilitate her changes. Ultimately, it matters very little. This time, I am allowed to write up at the evening after a spectacular day of epiphanies and very high vibrations that a new belief structure has been triggered within the crystal grid. It marks the beginning of the dissolution of the perception of polarity itself. I shall no longer distinguish between  physical and non-physical. I shall henceforth see all of it simply as Creation and no longer put my focus on the old distinctions that separate one from the other. All who wish to tap into that new belief and strengthen humanity’s evolution from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional perceptions are most certainly invited to join me in this new focus on Creation at large.


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