Transcending the Illusion of Separation

A belief is a thought I keep thinking, reading, speaking of. I have spoken of oneness before; I have spoken of separation being an illusion. Evidently, my thought has ingrained itself into my belief structure, as time has come for me to experience it as my reality.

It required of me to fully give myself, my totality, over into the world at large. Existential fears popped up, as I felt my previous identity annihilate in a flash of love, just to find myself awash with a much greater sensation of bliss than I had ever before experienced. By giving myself fully to the whole, I had found a truer version of who I am and I am still amazed and filled with a sense of eternity that I had known only in special sneak preview moments in the past.I have since then been able to recapture this new identity consciously every day and I return to it as my new default after moments of misalignment.

This morning, to sum it up, I woke with these words echoing through my being: “I AM the world that I experience” and although that may not be news as a thought per se, it certainly is news to me to actually live it and actively participate in life from this new point of perspective.


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