The Time for Hardship is Over


“The Time for Hardship is Over”

These words echoed through my mind the other day and although my heart began to sing immediately, I thought it was a personal message, you know that small reassurance we get sometimes when our higher self, our source flows through a bit more unhindered and we hear what that steady stream of love is telling us.

Today, I’m feeling the third push from source to blog about this statement, to tell all those who have a point of attraction within themselves to stumble upon it and are open to hear and understand what these words actually mean. They are not some soapy kindness to placate an aching heart. They are a new standard that since last week at the Fall Equinox has been established as an energetic matrix here on Earth.

Perhaps you too have felt yourself go through a transformation of late. Perhaps you have noticed that after last Sunday, the energies felt a lot like “a new beginning”. If you have, then you can add this statement above to the list and feel in your heart whether it describes what this beginning is all about – A new world, a new consensus reality without hardships.

Will there still be hardship on Earth – you betcha, for free will choice still is the prime directive here and every person can decide for themselves what they wish to observe and (re-)create for their personal reality. The matrix for a hardship-free world is installed however and if you wish to form a new basis for a hardship-free life, it is now fully supported, which means that all you have to do to experience it, is form a new belief accordingly. It will be formed very quickly now that Gaia is lending her energy matrix to such a belief. The more people begin to believe this new thought pattern, the quicker mass consciousness can follow suit and this is how you can really help change the world.

I invite my readers to take the title of this blog post, think it or say it aloud and feel their personal emotional response. I trust that most peoples’ hearts will begin to react positively to this statement. If so, the choice is yours whether or not you wish to make it your new default for life. Here’s to active co-creation!









3 thoughts on “The Time for Hardship is Over

  1. Hardship is only ‘on’ because people decide it is ‘on.’ Therefore, there is no need to declare a time for hardship to be ‘over.’ We attract what we focus on. Instead of focusing on ‘hardship,’ may I suggest focusing on what one desires. I am focusing on all aspects of my life to be in harmony to flow smoothly and effortlessly.

    • Hi Dorothy, Thanks for taking time to read my blog and also for sharing your perspective. It is of course so, that at any time any one individual can focus on ease and create a reality of ease. What my blog post speaks of is more on the general energetic levels of Earth’s development in the energetic frequency that pertains to our planet, which in turn is accessible to facilitate the individual processes like it has not been seen before in this era. Therefore the statement from my source is in essence nothing other than an appeal for humanity to notice that indeed, the time for hardship is over and that shifting beliefs is now easier than ever. If you are already consicously creating your reality of ease, then I understand your point of view completely.

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