The Art of Knitting

(Today, I am reminded of this blog that I wrote back in May 2011.)

Well, I’ve been given certain gifts. One of course, would be the gift of gab. I just seem to always have to attempt to put things into words. Another gift is the understanding or the art of knitting. I’m taking this as a metaphor, since actual knitting has been taught in home-ed classes at the time, back in Switzerland and many girls were way better than I at this patience fostering pass-time. However, these early explorations into the world of knitting have given me something to compare my spiritual development with. To me, for quite a while now, dealing with energies, putting up grids and the like, has always carried the connotation of “knitting”. Isn’t it so very similar to any creation? There is a base material, then some skill and tools and an item is created.
I’ve created many items from energies. I’ve created and manifested whole worlds, internal worlds that is. Belief systems that suited me perfectly well. Some of them were “en vogue”, others were just my own creations. Some of them, I was so fond of, that I kept bringing them with me from incarnation to incarnation. A while back I’ve come past one of those “old sweaters”. Let me tell you, that thing is at least 2000 Earth years old and I’ve shlepped it from life time to life time… Talking attachment!!… It served me well in my beliefs of the time. It took on the role of keeping me “in line” as to “never again do this”… you know that kind of self-imposed sweater-wearing.

As I have grown over this life time, it appears that today, this sweater is no longer fitting me. It actually hurts my heart to wear it. It really doesn’t feel that comfortable anymore. Besides, fashion from 2000 years ago ? Really?…. scratchy wool that was too!!

For a good number of years, I’ve put that old sweater into a secret drawer – you know that one way low down that nobody opens for long stretches of time. Indeed, that sweater had almost been forgotten, stowed away like this. Ever so often, I would take a peak at it, but quickly stow it away again. It worked that way for me.

The beauty of knitting is the option to unravel a knitted creation and end up with the initial yarn again. Since everything created is made from unconditional love, I am able to consciously unravel this old unsightly, itchy, painful sweater and end up with the initial yarn (unconditional love). Thus I just pull out this sweater and after wearing it for a brief moment, one last time, I know that its moment has come to surrender to the unraveling. I pull on the thread and see it unravel before my inner eyes. As I am doing that, I am showered with the unconditional love, the base energy of all creation. I am soaking up all this unconditional love energy with all my energy bodies, my physical cells and expand. After all, the initial energy was mine in the first place. There are a number of beings I feel the need to ask for forgiveness. So I do that. All is well, the sweater is no more, all wounds and scratched open places, all the imprints and ripples it had caused can now be healed for real.

The Ho’oponopono prayer fits here perfectly:

Please Forgive me – I am Sorry – I Love You – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!


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