I come from personal experience with my findings on the state of Oneness. In the past, I have intellectually pondered this state and as so many others found it to be a concept that I could possibly describe, but had no real knowledge of in this lifetime. The guesses ranged from: “One with Divinity”, “Elation – Ecstasy”, to  “Expansion” and so forth. Your guess is probably as good as mine was then. The true experience of oneness came obviously from the belief that it could be experienced here on Earth in the first place, as well as my deep desire for it. The way I entered into this state is not important. Suffice it to say, the experience trumped all previous experiences I had in that regard, however not in the linear way we think something trumping something else. It trumped because it was entirely different from any other human experience I have had so far. I feel the wish to tell how it was for me, but with that, I also fear that I would take away from the surprise effect and spoil the fun for other seekers, for it was that little surprise effect that made the whole journey worth while.

Telling exactly of my experience here isn’t what this post is about. It’s too private and also, my source wants me to shut up with all force – so, call it a cop out if you will, or not – you decide… all that remains saying on this subject is this:

A true state of Oneness with All-that-Is while embodied in a human body is possible; it is not what you think it may be; it is best experienced when all preconceived notions have been let go and most of all, it will quite possibly blow your mind with its simplicity.

I wish every earnest seeker who seeks to experience the State of Oneness the surprising epiphany it has in store, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be different, yet also similar for each individual.


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