The Importance of Ego

Let’s face it, ego has a pretty bad rep these days. There are countless opinions that strive towards doing away with it altogether. There are methods praised for eliminating the ego and laments criss cross the vast (spiritual?) blogosphere of the internet commenting on how we need to battle the ego, fight it, crush it perhaps, and so on.

From my experience, and I have tried the above as well during my meandering journey through the different stages and opinions, ego hasn’t left me yet. Ego is here to stay. I would have possibly been even able to deny its existence altogether (or thought that I did), but it has that uncanny knack of popping up when you least expect it and if it’s been suppressed long and hard enough, it will wreck havoc upon return. I say this, because I have lived it, experienced it and know it to be so – for myself anyway. (and that’s ego speaking right here).

Ego is brilliant. Ego pulls us out of the depth of despair, helps us survive the most atrocious events and relentlessly puts us out there onto the stage of life time after time. I have gone through many stages regarding ego and found one place, where I am truly at peace and happy with it. That is in full acceptance of my ego’s worth. Ego too wants to be loved, like everything else. Ego is not just some silly, useless thing that we bring along into our incarnation and that needs to be removed like an ugly wart or something.

Ego is our helper. Ego allows contrast to be fully believed and completes the illusion of duality in the most precise and perfect manner. How else would we, limitless energetic consciousness or pure positive energy incarnated, be able to fully believe that we are limited? How else could we buy into the illusion that somebody is doing something to us? How else would we navigate here on Earth and be practical duality focused human beings having an amazing contrasting experience that gives rise to brilliant and marvellous expansion in non-physical? Ego makes all this possible and it is time in my opinion to debunk the belief that ego is something to be feared, something to be eliminated or something to wish away.

I embrace my ego in full awareness of its amazing service to my source. Every person has an ego and every person has that ego for a reason, or it would not be there. Non-physical’s creations are always precise, necessary and perfect for the intention at the basis of that creation. That is of course only a belief I hold, and you may not hold that same belief, but since I have come to hold this belief, my ego has calmed itself down to a level of companionable friendship, which works very well for me and my journey.

There are moments, when it tries to puff up and rear its head. That’s the moment when I feel prideful beyond that which is necessary. When I sense the twinge of “off” as my source’s feedback to such a moment of self-aggrandizement, I grin in appreciation for the emotional guidance and send my ego off to a beautiful island, complete with hammock and umbrella-drink, to take a vacation, to go rest a bit; but I allow it to check back in later. Ego is usually very happy to go there, for after taking on the whole navigation and management of my incarnation in the early years of my life, it is pretty tired of it and mighty glad not to have to do that anymore.

I guess what I am saying is this: ego is an integral part of you in human form, love it, accept it, treat it well, as that is always a gesture towards alignment and self-love, which in turn, will always feel good.


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