Full Acceptance

It is a misperception that we are to strive for alignment with our source in order to maintain full alignment at all times, for if it were so, we would not have chosen to incarnate as human beings. Only the full acceptance and rejoicing in the wobbles of misalignment to the same degree as we can enjoy regaining full alignment, will propel us onto the path to true joy, truth, and meaning of life. 


4 thoughts on “Full Acceptance

  1. For me I am noticing how my “wobbles” are less “frightening” or perhaps that they bother me less, as time goes on. Early on, with each wobble came something like a sense of dread which, if it could speak might have said “Oh shit! What if I never get back!”
    But now – I am learning to be much more accepting of them (the wobbles) AND confident in knowing that well – it simply is only a matter of time before I am back.
    And that feels pretty wonderful.

    • That is truly lovely 🙂 and yes, the dread to loose that which we have fought perhaps so hard to achieve is a natural reaction, which over time with practice will cease to happen, for it is only the response of source to our thought of: “what if I can’t get back”, which is of course not the opinion of source in the first place 🙂

  2. THANKS for the reminder!! I for one tend to lapse into making it all into ‘work’ that I must accomplish and strive for. That becomes tiresome!

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