Our Natural State of Being

So many voices have said the same thing over the past few thousand years. You just got to love yourself. Easily said, yet so difficult to accomplish, isn’t it? Or is it?

I believe that we have received many conditioning instructions over the stretch of time we have incarnated in these physical bodies here on Earth. Among them are instructions to be humble and discrete and all that nice manner stuff etc. Frankly, I find that manners are well and wonderful, but they do keep us from the audacity to be bold enough to extend the love to our Selves. It is through self-love that we can enter a state of liberation that allows us to function compassionately within the societies that we call our own. Manners are then a matter of awakened consciousness and not “training”.  Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult to reach this place of self-love? I would say we ALL are very loveable beings. What’s so loveable about us, us humans who are doing such unloveable deeds at times? It is our essence, our souls that are made of unconditional love that are so infinitely loveable.

There are ways to reach a place of activating the heart to experience true unconditional love, away from any condition, purpose, intent or desire – there are these souls who come in cuddly, cute infant bodies you know, they are so easily loved. The wee ones, yes the babies (of all species) have this uncanny knack of opening our hearts and love them no matter how loud their cry or soiled their diaper. Other things make us love unconditionally too. Encountering soul-companions or members of our soul groups for sure will trigger this uncanny emotion of “just love”. All we have to do is pay attention to when this sensation pops up. We can also remember when it did pop up some time in the past and go back in time to re-experience that rush. Then, (I dare you to try it) experience that love for yourself – give it to your soul, to your physical body, to the lower self, to every little bit that is YOU. Just because – You deserve it – Period.

If you exercise and practice this state of self-love, more and more (make sure it’s not attached to any condition or desired outcome – remember, “just because”)…. it becomes the natural state of being. In this natural state of being, something rather natural happens. The experience of passing time falls away – which means nothing other than that you’ve found the NOW. To top that, you’re most certainly “Here”, wherever that is. To be in this state of unconditional love, here and now is exactly our natural state of being and we don’t really have to practice that at all. We just have to remember how it feels and how to get there should we (by silly chance ?) have found ourselves to be not exactly there.

From this focal point, this natural state of being, there is no halting the wave of love, there is no dimming the light that we are.


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