By embracing the actual importance of one’s most intimate essence through one’s own heart, the need for seeking approval, confirmation of importance, or exaggerated (dis)plays of personal importance that demonstrates greater or smaller importance than that of another, will cease instantly. 

5 thoughts on “Importance

  1. Or more simply put, the next time you need it, you will become aware of the fact you are feeling emotional or threatened on a second by second basis. That will last as long as the feeling lasts. Then will cease.

    The rising emotion is “I”-fed (Freudian “ego”). The above second-by-second awareness of that feeling is the ‘self’. The bit that got pushed back by ‘others’ so long ago. The awareness of the emotion with this perspective negates its cause.

    This awareness is bigger than the emotion itself. Because it is the ego itself which craves a different outcome it is that which also suffers. It creates suffering over time. If time is involved, it is the ego involved in the psychological awareness and creation of that personal reality. I can experience that from a different perspective. An unbiased one. Untainted by language and thought-time.

    • I appreciate your point of view here and thank you for connecting and sharing it. However, I am not sure that it is in fact more simply put than what I said above.

      Suffering to me isn’t caused by ego, it is simply a state of misalignment – most often ego is involved in making us believe that the suffering comes from outside. From my personal experience, I can say that suffering is the ever louder emotional alarm from my source/essence calling me into alignment and prolonged suffering would indicate that I am in a state of perpetual misalignment. In any case, I am in full power to change that at any time I choose, for I am capable of deliberate thought.

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