I have spoken of alignment with source in my book and througout my blog posts before – to the extent of becoming repetitive even.

Recent events in my personal life have renewed my alignment, brought me to new heights of resistance free experiences and in a very short amount of time, I am now seeing the manifestations of my wishes beginning to show themselves. Among them this new 5-star review of my book. The reader entitled it:  Ready for what’s next in the Law of Attraction?

My heart is filled with appreciation for the person who took the time to read the book and write such a splendid review. (Whoever you are, you are a pivotal part in my life’s journey and I thank you.)


One thought on “Alignment

  1. Well deserved I would say.
    I ordered my copy a couple of weeks ago and received it this week (takes a little time for international post) and am currently in the middle of it and finding it fabulous.
    I have never written a book review before but no doubt this will be my first.

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